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❃ Do we have a deal? ❃

Maybe she would have succumbed to the kiss if it were to be a normal affectionate kiss, but no, it was rather a deadly ferocious one set out to damage her lips probably. She struggled vehemently to unlock from the captive her lips is at the mercy of his deadly teeth literally gnashing on it.

With all the strength in her, she fought and push him away but his body remained glued to hers since his arm was tightly around her waist, firmly holding her hostage there.

All her strength were no match to his.

But even if she can’t overpower him, there can always be an alternative.

She brought her leg forward and gave his leg a hard sudden kick.

“Ah!” With immediate effect, he released her crouching and holding his hurting leg.

Her fingers instantaneously went to her ips touching it as she felt a slight sting there.

“What the fudge do you think you’re doing!” She growls at him breathlessly, who stood straight to look at her.

Her brows furrowed, as she saw blood soiled his lips even though it’s not much.

“I’m only playing along with the game… can’t you tell?” He deadpan, her frown deepen.

“You can’t just come unto me like that without a warning!” She remarked angrily.

“When you started it first, I don’t remember you giving me a warning either. I thought this is a game without any warnings…or rules. Is it not…wife?” He wiggle his brow, with a slight smirk.

She could only release rapid breathes, a word not coming from her gob.

He took few steps closer to her, his face leans down to her fuming face.

“The game has begun wife, what you did today, watch me how I pay you back in your own coin” An annoyingly smirk spread on his lips, but she uttered nothing.

He pulled away, and take a walk past her to the bathroom.

The door jamming close seems to bring her back to her normal self, she looks back to the door and ball her fists.

“Sure husband… let’s see who wins” She mumbles deadly to herself.

Getting inside the bathroom, he went straight to the faucet, dampening his face with water. As he did this once, his eyes caught his lips stained with little blood from the mirror.

“Watch Lottie, I’ll make sure to f_ck you. Whether you like it or not, I’ll f_ck you so hard till you bleed, till you pass out, till I get tired of your d@mn Pů$$¥… just watch!” He grits, wiping the blood from his lips.

Then he look down his pants which his rod is still standing pointed underneath and sighs.

“I’m so f_cking hard”


“Hmm…”Lottie’s hand went to her hair, grabbing a handful of it.

“Hmmm…” She Mõ@ɲs out sleepily, taking in her lower lip and wiggling her body on the bed.

Wave of pleasure flood through her veins, and she could feel her body on fire already.

“Yeah… hmmm..” She continued Mõ@ɲing out, smiling as well enjoying the insane pleasure she’s feeling from her sleep.

She is having a wet dream…at least that could be the only thing to explain her current actions right now.

Her chest heaves up and down simultaneously with her toes curling and hardening on the bed.

She traces her hand down from her hair to her chest, she fondles with her B-__-b for a while before tracing her hand down to her bellybutton then down to her main part where she met something else instead.

A silky soft hair was what her hand got into.

Her brow raised in confusion and slightly she opens her eyes, moving it down but then she saw him.

She saw the devil himself, doing the unthinkable to her.

She wasn’t having a wet dream after all, it was all Rooney, f_cking eating her up.

He was eating her up.

“You crazy!” Her hand went beside her by the bed and the first thing it caught, she didn’t hesitate to hit it on his head.

A slight gasp was what left his mouth, before he passed out under her legs.

She quickly sat up closing her widening legs back.

“Goodness…when did he…how could he…” With her breath coming out in heaves, she looks at the unconscious Rooney and scoffs.

“He really would go to any length, wouldn’t he? What a crazy man I married!” She exclaimed and got away from the bed to the bathroom.

She stands in front of the mirror watching her reflection, her mind went back to the overwhelming pleasure surging through her earlier. How warm and good his mouth felt on her honeypot, just how much she had loved and wanted more of it.

“Ahnnn….” A Mõ@ɲ came out from her mouth before she could stop herself, her fingers already dipping inside her hole.

“Ahnnn…ahnnn…hmmm…” She began Mõ@ɲing as she fingers herself, imagining it to be Rooney doing it.

“$h|t… Rooney f_ck you! F*….hmmm…” Her Mõ@ɲs intensifies as she increases her pace, fínģƐŕing herself hard.




“Ahh…” Rooney held his hurting head as he sat up slowly on the bed. The room was silent and Lottie was no where to be found.

He could remember waking up early and sneakily going under her legs eating her up to pay her back for the other night.

He could remember clearly how she was enjoying it and encouraging him to do more.

Her Mõ@ɲs.

Her sweet Mõ@ɲs which strangely sounded so good to his hearing.

He could remember all until…

“Ahh…” He groans out lowly his eyes catching the alarm on the bed beside him.

He took it and peered at it for a while.

“Lottie that brat…” He seethes dropping the alarm angrily.

How dare she hit him on the head with that?

What if he had died, or had a concussion?

She even left him alone like that.

“Lottie!!!” He called out getting down from the bed, he checks the bathroom but she wasn’t there.

“Lottie! Lottie!!” He keeps calling, going out of the room.

From the living room to the kitchen, garden and some other vacant rooms, he literally search everywhere for her but couldn’t catch even a shadow of her anywhere.

“Did she went out?” He thought, looking around.

He went back to the living room and slumps on one of the chairs there.

He took the remote control and turn on the TV, it was a commercial showing.

He pressed on a button changing the channel, from a news, to a football to a series to a program.

He kept changing absentmindedly, his mind wandering off.

“Where the hell did she go without telling me…?” He mumbles, staring blankly at the channel he had finally left on. It was a documentary showing, about fishes.

Then something struck his mind, he drops the remote instantly and sprang up from the couch, running off to God’s knows where.

Opening the door, he walks in hastily and looks around till his eyes landed on the pool. He stared at it keenly for a while, hoping his guess is right.

If she isn’t here then, it means she must have really gone out.

However, a sly smile welcomed his lips when he spot some bubbles in the water.

“Found you!” He walks towards the pool then stops at the center, tucking in his hands. He peers at the water without saying anything. Few moments later, her head slowly emerges from the water, his eyes remained glued to hers.

“You are awake” She grinned at him on seeing her and he could swear for a moment, that smile of hers loosen a bolt from his head.

And as if that wasn’t enough, before he could compose himself, she came out fully from the water and the remaining wh@ťěver bolts he may have came flying out.

His eyes couldn’t help but gawk at the sense taking sight standing right in front of him.

She was only in her pantie and bra.

Her big B-__-bies were puffed together by the bra which seems small on her showcasing her bouncing cleaverages. He gulps down nothing, his eyes tracing down to her flat bellybutton, her curvy waist then those fresh breathtaking thighs, taking his senses away completely.

“You look completely smitten…” She brought her hand to his shoulder stepping closer.

“Wake up husband… you’re breathing out lust” She said to him.

“Isn’t that what you wanted…no matter what Lottie, I must f_ck you…and I will”

“Why do you seem so obsessed with f_cking me? Do I… drive you crazy?” She asked seductively.

“You merely drive me horny and until I f_ck that Pů$$¥ of yours till my satisfaction, I wouldn’t let you go. I wouldn’t let you be” He replied rather lustfully.

She smirks.

“I’ll let you f_ck me then” His brow raises as he hears this.

“Of course with a condition” She added.

“Just make a painting…” She took his hand and brings it to her @zz.

“And I’ll be yours to deal with….” She added, and he squeeze her @zz cheek.

“What do you say?” She asks, he smirks squeezing her @zz more hard.

“Don’t regret this later…when I screw you badly”

“You can always make me regret it husband”

“Would love to that…wife”

“But I have a rule…till you finish the painting, you’re not to f_ck any other ladies or even make out with them. If you can do that till you finish the painting, then you can do wh@ťěver it is… you want with me…and my body…” She leans closer and whispers to his ear.

“Do we have a deal?” Her voice sent shivers down his spine turning him on the more.

“We have a deal…Wife” He replied back almost immediately like someone hypnotized.

“Good” She bit his earlobe getting him close his eyes.

“Then it’s a deal….dear husband”

“Since it’s a deal, how about we sign it off” He says.

“Uh?” She asked confused but instead of replying he suddenly carried her up, her legs instinctively tangling around his torso.

“What are you doing?” She asked with light gasp, as he carried her back to the living room, dropping her on the couch.

He widen her legs before she could resist and got in-between it, his hard on poking her thigh hardly.

“Rooney what are_”

“We have to sigh it off, and a little make out will do just that” He smirks and the next thing, his lips attack her neck and his finger shifted her pantie in a swift, dipping into her honeypot.

“Roo…Rooney!” She gasps out.