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❃ You are a f-__-king lesbian ❃

Maybe due to the shock, he remained stagnant not reacting in any way. Few seconds later, his eyes blinks and he closes his eyes, opening his mouth to respond to the kiss, she pulled away getting him to crave a frown.

“What are you_”

“Shut up, it’s a dream. Now go back to sleep” Lottie cut him short and slap his forehead hardly. His head went back and like that his back fall back on the stairs with his eyes closing, he passed out.

Lottie looks at him and sighs.

“What a weakling…” She mutters walking past him.


Tossing on the stairs, he finds himself rolling down to the floor.

“Arrhh…” He wince holding his waist, he sat up slowly with his body sore all over, his hair disheveled and sticking out due to incessant itching, and his mouth opens loudly as he yawns also.

His eyes slowly opens also and he frowns on realizing where he had slept overnight.

“What the f*”k…” He mutters standing up, still holding his waist.

“Why am I sleeping here?” He thought trying to recall what happened the other night.

“Arrgh, i can’t remember…my head hurts like mad…” He looks around trying to find any maid in sight but couldn’t find any.

“Where the hell are they…”He thought walking to the fridge, he opens it and brought out a bottle of water, then a memory flashed through his mind.

He could see a flash memory of him slapping away a bottle of water from Lottie’s hand.

“Umm…did something happened last night with her?” He thought itching his hair again, but he just can’t remember the details fully.

“Ah, wh@ťěver…” He drank the water then drops the bottle.

“Why is the house so silent, where are the maids, how could they just left me on the floor overnight…” He mutters a bit annoyed.

Then he walks away from the fridge to the stairs ascending it.

“My head hurts, my body hurts… just the f-__-k…” He grumbles as he makes his way to the room.

Opening the door, he was welcomed with a segzy view of a long milky leg sticking out with a hand rubbing it.

He swallowed nothing as he traces his eyes up to the fresh thigh, just d@mn! The sight of it alone has already turned him on but before he could get the full view, the hand pulled down the cloth, covering it.

He rolled his eyes coming in fully. Lottie stood also from the chair she was sitting, applying lotion on her body. She was in a bathrobe and it’s obvious she had just taken her bath.

“You’re awake, I was planning on waking you up when I’m done here” She says walking closer to him.

“Where are the maids?” He asked rather.

“The maids…I sent them away” She replied simply, getting him to snap his head towards her.

“What? You…what??” He asked again to be sure of what he had just heard.

“I heard what happened yesterday wasn’t your first. Apparently you’ve turned the house into a brothel and the maids into prostitutes you screw everytime you feel like” She accused folding her arms.

“This is my house and they’re my maids, I do as I deem fit!” He grits.

“Well it’s ours now and I’m not comfortable sharing my husband with other ladies, you should screw only me, isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?” She asked getting him to scoff.

Isn’t she the same lady who spray pepper spray on him when he tried touching her?

“Oh really?” He took steps closer to her.

“I’m madly turned on now, how about I screw you my wife, right here at this moment?” He said to her, tracing his eyes down her exposed cleverage.

“Touch me and I break your balls…this time I won’t just bite it, I’ll cut it into two. You can try me” She says getting him to step back shaking his head.

“I’m getting my maids back” He said dipping his hands into his pocket to get his phone.

“No. You’re not doing that” She frowns.

“You’re a psycho, you won’t let me touch you and you don’t want me touching other ladies? Do I look like a f-__-king doll to you? f_ck off, I’m getting back my babies, they know how to handle me”

“They’re not your babies! I’m your only baby and I’ll be the only one to handle you” She retorts with all seriousness.

Rooney gave her a confused look.

Is she being serious right now?

“Okay then, why don’t you prove yourself. Prove you can really handle me!” He spread his arms wide signaling for her to get down and suck him but she remained unmoved.

“Why? You can’t do it?” He scoffs.

“You’re crazy…” He walks away from her taking a sit on the bed.

“The maids…they can’t come back. At least not now”

“Who are you to decide that?”

“Your wife. I’m not going to share you with them. Never” She declared.

“Yes..yes…I know too… you’re crazy” He said sarcastically.

“Let’s make a deal” She suddenly proposed.

He crooks a brow.

“What are you saying now?”

She brought out her phone and showed him the video of him f-__-king the maid.

“I’ll delete this, but on a condition…”

“Which is?”

“Make a painting” She said getting him to look away.

“I don’t paint anymore” He replied flatly.

“But I already told your father you’re painting for a client and he wants to see it when you’re done”

“Then do the painting yourself and show him. Read my lips, I’m ain’t painting any $h|t!” He stood up walk to the bathroom.

She follows suit.

“Why don’t you wanna paint anymore? Is there a reason to it, uh? Uh?” She pester as he got into the bathroom. He ignored her.

“Come on just one uh? I already told your father you’re doing it… please uh?” She held his arm back. He stops and looks at her.

“I promise I’ll delete the video how about that?” She appeals. He looks at her for a while as if he’s contemplating.

“I don’t want to” He whisk her hand away and began unbuttoning his shirt.

“Rooney come on” She held his arm again.

“Husband… Husband do this for me uh?” She began acting cutely blinking her eyes.

“Keep acting cute and I’m gonna smack your head on the bathtub” He says and she let go of him with a pout.

“Get out” He added.

“I’m sending the video to not only your father but your Mother and the Media too!!” She fired then walk out angrily from the bathroom slamming the door behind her.

“She’s a freak” He tug off his shirt and pulled off his pants, then he got under the shower taking a cool bath.

*. *. *.

Sitting in the dining with a pot of noodles in front of her, she was about digging in when her phone began ringing, interrupting her.

She drops the fork and pick up the phone, it was Pamela calling.

“Why is she calling…” She mumbles picking up the call.

“Hey Pammie baby…” She smiles as she pick up.

“You didn’t call, you didn’t reply any of my texts, you totally abandoned me now that you’re married, this isn’t our promise Lott” Pamela’s voice says from the other end. Lottie rolls her eyes.

“Come on don’t be upset. I’ve been busy with stuff here. I didn’t forget you. I just wanna settle down first. How are things with you?” She asked back.

“I miss f-__-king you, no other f-__-king lady tastes like you do. I shouldn’t have let you go Lot” Pamela replied.

“Search better you’ll find someone else that tastes better than I do. You know it’s over between us right?” Lottie said rather calmly though she’s seething inwardly.

“Well that I thought but I don’t think I can let go. I’ve grown on you. Lottie I miss you badly”

“Sorry to burst your bubbles but I don’t. I’m married now and I’d like to focus on my marriage alone. Don’t bring this up again…I need to go” She says and end the call.

“f_cking Ɓîtçh” She drops the phone and pick up the fork taking a forklift of the hot noodles into her mouth, just then her phone beeps.

“Umm…” She rushed in the noodles then pick the phone checking the message that came in.

It was a video, she clicked on it and was rather surprised to see Pamela naked in the video, fínģƐŕing herself and Mõ@ɲing out Lottie’s name.

“Hey” She suddenly heard and quickly turn off the phone jerking up.

Rooney frowns at her.

“Why are you so shocked? Wait… don’t tell me you actually sent the video?”


“Give me the phone!” He made to collect it from her but she quickly moves away.

“Mother?” He says looking at the entrance to distract her, falling into the trap, Rooney used the opportunity to snatch the phone away from her.

“Hey!!!” She yelled trying to get it back from him but he ran away. She chased after him.

“Give me back my phone!!!” She yelled as she runs after him to the living room.

“Not until I delete the f-__-king video!!” He said back trying to unlock the phone.

“Give it back you freak!!” She barked chasing him around the living room now.

He climbed on couches and she climbs after him.

“What’s your f-__-king password!” He groans frustrated trying different words on the keypad.

“Like I would f-__-king tell you! Just give it back!!” She jumps on him from behind pulling his hair back.

“Arrrghhh!!!” He yelled out in pains.

“f-__-king let go!”

“Give my phone back first!!”

“It hurts Lottie! You’re gonna pull my hair off!!”

“I don’t mind making you bald, give back my phone right now Rooney!!” She pulled it more and instantly, he drops the phone. It fell to the floor and she immediately jumped down from his back picking it up with heavy breathes.

Rooney gave her a hard glare.

“You want a deal right, no problem” He says breathing hard also.

“But I also have my conditions”

“Conditions?” She asked back.

“You’ll delete the f-__-king video…and you’ll let me f-__-k you!” He demanded.


He steps closer to her.

“If you let me f-__-k you, then I might consider the painting” He smirks down at her.

“What do you say?” He asked.

“I’ll say…go to hell hubby” She brought her leg forward and gave him a kick on the knee.

“Arrgh!” He groans holding his knee.

“Hey are you crazy!!” He howled at her.

“You’re the crazy one!!” She fired back.

“You’re my wife I have the f-__-king right to f-__-k you!” He shots.

“I’m ain’t one of your sluts! I won’t let you tramp on me like that!!” She barked at him.

“What the hell are you saying! We’re f_cking married! You’re my wife not a slut!!”

“But you don’t see me as one!”


“You don’t accept me as your wife, do you? You don’t want me as your wife, you’re only after my f_cking Pů$$¥!! I won’t give myself to under that mentality Rooney, I won’t!” She shook her head and march upstairs.

“What the f-__-k is wrong with her…” He slumps on the couch.

Getting to the room, the first thing Lottie did was to delete the video Pamela sent.

Then she slumps on the bed with a loud sigh.

“@$$h0le….” She mumbles.

“He’s a total @$$h0le…”

*. *. *.

In his Atelier, Rooney sat in front of a painting board, a brush in his hand.

He kept staring at the board but nothing could come to his mind to paint down. That’s how it has been for him for the past two months.

Strangely he couldn’t paint anything down even when he tries to.

No inspiration or idea coming to him.

He’s just blank.

“Ugh!” He drops the brush frustrated, rubbing his temple.

His stomach grumbles and he realizes he hasn’t eaten anything for the day.

He checks the time on his wrist watch, it’s already one in the afternoon.

“The heck…” He stood and went out of the Atelier.

He went to the fridge and opens it, his eyes scrutinizes everything in it and a loud sigh left his mouth. He closes it back.

Just on the dining table he could see the pot placed there, the noodles in it already soggy.

“She ate and doesn’t even care if I would…” He grumbles and walks away, heading upstairs to the room.

“Hey is this how you treat your_” His words got stuck in his mouth when he opens the door to find Lottie on the bed, crumble on it like a new born baby.

“She’s sleeping?? She dares sleep??” He scoffs going closer to the bed she is.

He was about waking her up but then stops on seeing her phone.

“With the video gone, she won’t have anything to thr_@ten me with right?” He took the phone and sat gently on the bed.

He began trying different words again to unlock it, but all proves abortive.

It wasn’t any of her names he knows or her parents names.

“Could it be her boyfriend’s name?” He thought.

“No, I don’t think she has any”

“Or maybe she does?” He kept pondering until an idea n_gg@rd at him.

“No, I doubt so…” He drops the phone.

“But then again, I could try…” He pick up the phone and type in his name and then shockingly, it unlocked.

He looks at her in shock.

“Why would she use my name as her password?” He utter in utmost confusion.

She stirs in her sleep and he quickly took his attention back to his phone, going to her text messages straight to check if she truly had sent it to his father or anyone else.

A sigh of relief left his mouth when he didn’t see any signs of that. Then he went to her gallery, he found the video there and deleted it immediately.

A victorious smile left his mouth the moment he did.

“Now you have nothing to thr_@ten me with dear wife…” Out of curiosity, he scroll down the videos there but then stops on seeing a particular video.

He click on it playing it, but his eyes grew big on what he saw there.

The f-__-k!!

Lottie tossed on the bed but felt a figure beside her. She opens her eyes and was surprised to see Rooney sitting beside her. She sat up immediately.

“What…are you doing?” She asked but he ignores her, his eyes fixated on her phone which was on his hand.

Her eyes darted to the phone which she recognized to be hers.

“What are you doing with my_”

“Is this why?” His voice rather interrupted hers.

“What?” She asked.

“The reason you won’t let me touch you, was it all because of this?” He showed her what he saw on the phone which got her eyes widening immediately.

“You…are a f-__-king Lesbian!” He spat disdainfully.