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❃ You must love me, husband ❃

“Arghh!! Arggggh!! It stings! It stings!!!” He cried out getting away from the bed. With his palms on his stinging eyes, he made his way hastily to the bathroom, bumping into different things on the way.

Lottie drops the pepper spray and also get away from the bed, but instead she went out of the room.

Getting to the living room, she went to the fridge and took a bottle filled with milk inside then she went back up to the room.

Getting to the bathroom, she could see Rooney at the faucet, the water running down his head, he was busy rubbing his stinging eyes with the water also.

“Move” She turned off the faucet and instead pours the milk on his head, washing his eyes with it.

After doing this, he calmed down a little. Then she got a towel, soaked it with the milk then fold it and place it on his eyes.

“Hold it” She said to him and he obeyed.

“Leave it like that for a while and the stinging will reduce” She says and steps back.

“Don’t even think of trying such $h|t with me again, the next time you do it won’t just end with your eyes, I’ll go for that little thing under your pants understand!” She declared, then walks away from the bathroom. Rooney sat on the floor with heavy breathes, his anger fueling more but no word coming out of his seething mouth.

For the whole night, Lottie waited for him to come out of the bathroom to at least come give her his own pieces but strangely he didn’t. She waited until she finds herself falling asleep.

Next morning on waking up, she looks to her side on the bed but couldn’t find him there.

“Is he dead in the bathroom?” A thought n_gg@rd at her and quickly, she rushed over to the bathroom. Opening the door there she was met with emptiness.

He wasn’t there.

She left the bathroom and rushes over to the living room also, instead she met her Mom with Rooney’s parents having their dinner.

“Oh dear you’re finally awake, you were sleeping in so we assumed you guys must be really tired. We decided not to perturb you and eat first. How was your night?” Mrs Ruth smiles at her.

“Mother, where is .. Rooney?” She asked rather.

“Isn’t he in the room?”

“No, have you seen him this morning?” She asked again.

“No…we assumed you two were still in bed together” Mrs Ruth replied.

“Why dear, you can’t find him?” Her mother asks.

“Um…” She trails.

“Did something happened again between you two?” Mr Isaac asked this time around.

“No. Nothing did. We’re good…he must have had something important to do so I guess he left first… thinking back he did mentioned meeting up with a new client for a project. It must be that!” She lied.

“A client? Is he resuming back to work now?” Mrs Ruth asks.

“Uh?” Lottie raised a brow.

“But how? He was so adamant about not painting again and even threw a huge fit when his father tried to force him to go back into it. I thought he would never do it again so how come he’s meeting up a client for a project, Lottie what really happened?” Mrs Ruth questioned.

“Who is this client of his for him to agree so easily?” Mr Isaac chipped in also.

“Um…that.. actually the client is a friend of mine. I pleaded with him to take the offer, he doesn’t want to initially but I… convinced him to” She lied smoothly again.

“You did good. I’m glad you’re able to bring him back to his senses. I was deliberating on how to make him resume painting but you made the job easier for me. Thank you Lottie and please tell him when he’s done with the project i want to see it first” Mr Isaac says, Lottie itches the back of her head.

“Uh…unnn sure. I will” She forced out a smile.

“You should join us for breakfast dear, come on” Her mother urge.

“Um Mama, did my luggage perhaps got delivered home?” She asker rather.

“Ah right. I forgot about that. It did. I’ll have it deliver over when I get back home”

“Thanks Mama, I’m gonna be leaving first” She turns.

“Won’t you have breakfast?” Her mother asked after her.

“I’ll have it at home. Later Mama!” She replied running up the stairs.

Getting back into the room, she took her phone and calls Rooney’s number.

First trial, second, seventh.

He didn’t pick up.

“Urgh!” She sighs out frustrated.

“Did he leave cause of last night? He must have gone home right?” She mumbles to herself.


On the bed, kneels a lady nakedly with Rooney behind her, slamming roughly into her @zz from behind.

The maid’s resonating Mõ@ɲs so as his loud groans and the sounding of him slapping her @zz could be heard in the room nonstop.

He has been on this for over an hour now ever since he returned home, finding no other way to let out the immense anger clouding his mind, the only thing he could do is pours it out by doing what he’s best at.

f-__-king a Pů$$¥ hard.

As he pounds roughly into the lady, he kept thinking of million ways to get back at Lottie for what she did to him but he just can’t think of anything whereas getting him more pissed and frustrated.

“Arrhh… please… please slowly…go slowly…” The maid cried but he wasn’t giving a listening ear to that. He flips her over rather and spread out her legs, once again, he penetrates into her wildly and started banging her as hard as he could, almost tearing her walls apart, the maid could do nothing but just cry out not in pleasure but in pains.

Lottie had to halt on her tracks when she heard some strange sounds coming out of the room.

She knows quite well what that sounds connote, but she doubt it could be what she’s thinking of.

Opening the door slowly to see what’s happening, her eyes widen, to see as she had suspected, her husband was busy f-__-king the hell out of a lady on their new matrimonial bed.

“That f-__-ker…” She gritted bringing out her phone from her bag, then she put it in video record and start recording everything.

Not only that, she pushes the door open silently and went in, he was too immensed in what he’s doing to even notice her, then she turns the video camera to front and record herself with Rooney banging the lady behind her making sure to get a clear view of his face.

The maid was the first to see her and when she did, she jerk up with a scream.

Rooney turning was surprised to see her also with her phone taking a video coverage of them.

“$h|t!” He quickly gets away from the bed covering himself with the duvet.

“What the f-__-k are you doing!” He growled with a deep frown.

Lottie stops the recording and faces him.

“Continue what you’re doing, I got what I wanted” She said simply and head out of the room.

“$h|t that Ɓîtçh!” He quickly got away from the bed and pick up his pants and shirt, he wore it hastily and went after her.

“Hey!!” He pulled her back as he got to the living room, holding her wrist.

“Delete that” He seethes.

“Why should i? I’m planning on showing this to your father and perhaps the whole world. They have to know the kind of a man you are. Sleeping with another lady just a day after your wedding on your supposed matrimonial bed” She swing his hand away, grabbed the car keys on the table and began leaving, he ran after her holding her back again.

“If you had let me touched you i wouldn’t had done that in the first place, so now delete it before you see my wrath” He thr_@tens.

“I don’t want to. You can explain wh@ťěver reasons you have to your father and to the media I’m sure they’ll understand you. Now let go of me!” She kicked his knee getting him to release her immediately.

“Ahh” He grunts rubbing his knee.

“That….that…ughh”He groans in pains.

“Lottie stop right there!!!” He limp after her fastly.

Just as she was about getting into the car, he was quick to stop her.

“What do you want?” He breathes out, his teeth clenching.

“For the whole world to see your dirty side” She replied. He scoffs.

“Are you kidding me right now? Why, you’re gonna tell the whole world, and what? Do you think I’ll be the only one affected? If you don’t care about how affected you’ll be at least care about your Mother. Do you think her business will remain the same if such news were to get out about how her daughter is being cheated on just a day after her wedding uh? Think will you?”

“Don’t think you can get me change my mind using my mother’s business as an excuse. It won’t work on me”

“Sure. I guess that’s who you are. An unfeeling arrogant Ɓîtçh who only cares about herself. You did it once right so it must really be nothing to you. I almost forgot for a minute, how despicable and evil you can be. You wanna reveal it? Go ahead, do wh@ťěver you want!” He snatch the car keys from her and got into the car, driving out in a rough speed, Lottie just watch him leave, without uttering a word.


“It’s barely been a day and your wife is already making you drink this much?” Louis teases Rooney who wouldn’t stop drinking ever since he arrived.

“Should I get you a lady to screw, maybe you’ll feel much better?” He added.

“I’m not in the mood” Rooney deadpan shocking him.

“What? The great Rooney isn’t in the mood for banging. That’s a first. I must say marriage is a bastard dude” Louis nudges him playfully.

“You won’t understand” He only mutters.

“What’s the matter? Why are you such in a bad mood uh? I know for sure it’s about your wife”

“Don’t call her that! That title disgust me” He grits.

“Until when are you gonna keep hating her unnecessary, it’s time you let go dude”

“Let go?” He scoffs.

“Did you forget what that Ɓîtçh did to me? Sure, it must be easy for you to say because you weren’t the victim…” Rooney retorts.

“So, it’s already in the past dude. Sure I know how much you suffered because of it but, you’re okay now aren’t you?”

“And the scars? The pains…the bad memories…will all that disappear overnight?”

“You’re the one holding unto them, if you let it go…if you stop holding unto the past, everything would be alright”

“Will letting go of the past, bring her back also?” He asked, his eyes growing misty.


“Tell me Louis, will it bring Zee back to me?”

“You… still haven’t gotten over her?” Louis asks, but Rooney only gulped down his drink, thinking back to what happened in the past.

After what happened in the room and he had fainted, waking up he found himself in the hospital.

It was when his misery apparently began.

His father was so angry at him, that he automatically developed this nasty hatred for him.

Apparently to them as Lottie narrated, he had tried to force her way with her.

He tried taking advantage of the poor girl and she defended herself by doing that to him.

His mother was beyond disappointed, so does his father loathes him for that.

No matter how much he tried explaining, none was ready to believe…he wasn’t trying to rape her.

His few seconds pleasure, became a torment to him.

After he was discharged, his father had to send him to a juvenile prison, for him to receive proper discipline.

He spent six months there, being treated like a trash. And when he came back, life become worse.

The news had spread all over the school, and everyone literally turned against him.

They see him as nothing but a fifthly rapist.

He even became a victim of bully, he never had a day of rest.

He had learned Lottie had left for another country to complete her education.

He has no friends, no one on his side and to make matter worse, a cousin of hers named Zee in which he has held a silly crush on back then also see him as nothing but a fifthly pervert.

It’s all because of her and he can’t forgive her for making everyone turn against him and making his life a living hell.

“But dude, wasn’t that just a crush, are you still hung up on that?” Louis asked surprised but Rooney only rolled his eyes.

Yes, it was just crush then, he thought the feelings of his then will actually got away with time but it did not.

His feelings grew stronger when he met her again in college, he confessed to her but she rejected him coldly, not without humiliating him also by bringing back the past, in front of many.

“I swear I’m gonna make her pay for everything thing she made me passed through… just wait” He stood up, his feet unbalanced.

“Where are you going, you’re drunk” Louis stood also holding him.

“I’m going home”

“I’ll take you”

“Forget it… I’ll go by myself… just leave me alone” He pushes him aside, and began tottering out of the bar.

“Argh! That guy” Louis sighs.

“At least let me call you a chauffeur” He goes after him.

*. *. *.

Lottie sighs for the umpteen time checking the time, it’s already past 11 and he’s not back yet. He won’t pick up her calls either.

“Where the hell is he?” She rubs her forehead worriedly.

Just few minutes later, the door opens and he staggers in drunk.

“Rooney!” She ran over to him quickly, holding him.

“What’s wrong, are you okay?” She asked worried but he fling her hand away.

“Don’t touch me” He glared at her and stagger over to the dining room, she follows suit.

“Rooney!” She calls again but he continued ignoring her.

“Where have you been since morning, you didn’t pick up my calls!”

“Why? Were you worried?” He finally spoke out.

“Have you been drinking?” She went over to the fridge and took a bottle of chilled water pouring it in a glass cup.

“Have some” She extends it to him but to her surprise, he slaps it away making the glass cup shatter to pieces on the floor.

“Listen good, to me, this is nothing but a marriage of frustration, so don’t even act like you’re a real wife or anything. It’s annoying and it pisses me off” He glared hard at her.

“You’re only saying that because you’re prolly still angry with me, that makes you a little uncomfortable I get. But as time goes by… you’ll come to accept it. We’re married now, and there’s no turning back” She said firmly but he sneered.

“No. You’re wrong. I can never get comfortable living in the same house with you, and this marriage of a thing, it’s just for a while, it’ll never last, I’ll make sure to end it by all means alright?”

“But what if you come to love it, what if we fall along the way, would you still wanna end everything?”She asked softly, her hazel eyes staring longingly at his.

He steps closer to her, caging her at the dining table, his face leans closer to hers, her breath hitched as his breathes fans her face sending shivers down her system.

His lips brushes hers and she closes her eyes, expecting a kiss maybe from him. However, his lips brushes her cheeks, and whispers to her ear.

“Wake up Wifey, just because I’m bounded with you, doesn’t mean I’ll do some stupid love thing with you as well…” Her eyes flew wide open, and he also moves away from her. His eyes went down her body, and a sly smirk occur on his lips.

“And Yes! I may lust after your body but that’s it. That’s only it Lottie, don’t ever expect anything else from me… whether it’s love or any bullshit!” He declared then staggered away from her.

Lottie held unto the dining table firmly, tears thr_@tening to fall from her eyes.

She knew he had ill feelings towards her.

She knew he was angry at her for what her childish self did to him back then, but she just didn’t knew it was to this extent.

He might not be happy with their marriage, but she is.

Even though after she left the country, he has never once contacted her or anything, she has always missed him.

She has always missed her best friend.

As the years goes by, the feelings she had for him grew stronger, she totally got smitten by him.

She would stalk his social media, and even hire someone to monitor him and report to her everything he does.

Yes, she is in love with him.

She’s literally obsessed with him, but he feels the opposite towards her, so her plan was to get him change his feeling towards her through the marriage.

Her plan was to get him love her also.

But, will that really be possible when he despise her this much?

A tear escapes her eyes and she wipes it away immediately.

“Wh@ťěver you say Rooney, I’m not giving up on this marriage, neither on you. You’re finally mine now and I’ll do all I can to keep you” She went after him and held him back, he was just about climbing up the stairs.

“What now!” He gave her an annoyed look, but she steps closer to him making him steps back. She continued stepping closer with him stepping back until he lost his balance and fell back on the stairs. His butt landing on it.

“Hey you!” His words got cuts short when she suddenly leans her face down to his.

“Listen and listen good cause I’m only going to say this once. I don’t care about what you think of me or this marriage. You’re already in it anyway and as long as you’re bounded with me, you’ll have no choice but to dance to my tune and which is for you to love me at all cost” She said getting him raise a brow in confusion.

“By wh@ťěver means, you must love me husband, cause I already do” She says then slam her lips on his immediately before he could utter a word back, getting his eyes widen than the normal size.