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The carriage came to a halt in front of a massive black gate, and Dogo hopped out almost immediately.

“Are we there?” came a voice from within the carriage. Dogo shook his head.

“Nay, we are not yet arrived. I merely wished to take a stroll,” Dogo replied as he advanced toward the gigantic black gate. He wondered why the carriage had not conveyed them inside the school’s compound.

Dogo stood tall and lean, with an athletic build. His dark hair was messy and unkempt, and his piercing green eyes gleamed with a sense of adventure and curiosity. He wore a long, black coat with silver trim, adorned with intricate embroidery hinting at his magical prowess. The coat covered a white shirt with billowy sleeves, and his dark trousers were tucked into knee-high leather boots that had a subtle sheen.

A mere glance would suffice to recognize him as a noble—after all, he was the son of the High Chancellor of the Armed Nation of Dwargon.

“Knave, you have deceived me!” Kael shouted from behind as he ran after Dogo.

Kael wore a sleek black leather jacket with the Dwargon symbol emblazoned on the back, the silver threads gleaming like molten lava. His red hair was messy and wild, framing sharp features and piercing black eyes that burned with an inner intensity.

A black shirt with a high collar and silver accents complemented his jacket, while his dark trousers were tucked into heavy combat boots adorned with intricate buckles shaped like miniature dragons. A wide leather belt cinched at his waist, showcasing a silver buckle in the shape of a snarling beast’s head.

Kael’s outfit exuded a sense of rebelliousness and power, as if he were ready to take on the world at a moment’s notice. His attire, chosen by both Mira and Kara, made Dogo envious.

One might mistake him for Kael’s bodyguard.

“Is that the gate to Hell?” Kael asked, staring at the massive gate that seemed to stretch to the sky, casting a long, ominous shadow on the ground.

Before Dogo could reply, they both felt a presence behind them and turned instantly. They were unarmed, as they were heading to a secured environment. Not that Kael needed a weapon.

Their gaze fell upon a stern-looking man clad in a black cloak, his hands behind his back as he gazed at them.

“How did you do that?” Kael and Dogo asked in unison, staring at the man whose lips curled into a smile. Dogo thought it was some kind of technique he was eager to learn, while Kael considered it a ski|| he wished to master.

“It is one of the special devices of Nevermore Academy. It can transport you anywhere within this serene realm,” the man said, showing them a silver bracelet on his wrist.

“Marvelous! I should like to have one,” they said again in unison, causing Dogo to frown.

“Why must you request the same thing as I?”

“I did not. It was you who copied me,” Kael retorted.

“Calm yourselves, young men. It is for everyone.” They turned to the man who was presenting them with a bracelet each. They took the bracelets and put them on, Kael on his left wrist and Dogo on his right.

“Welcome to Nevermore Academy. You may call me Master Kieran,” the man said, and they nodded. He clicked his bracelet and teleported away from their presence.

“Are you ready for this?” Dogo asked, stealing a glance at Kael, who pressed his button without hesitation and teleported away.

“Fool,” Dogo muttered and pressed his own button.

He appeared behind Master Kieran and nearly lost his balance, but the man quickly caught his hand.

“That was extraordinary,” Dogo muttered as Master Kieran pulled him up.

“This is Nevermore Academy, the most esteemed school in all of Aetheria. It is a place for all races, filled with ancient texts and knowledge,” Master Kieran explained as they walked through the labyrinthine corridors. Dogo could not help but admire the buildings adorned with ancient runes.

“Nevermore Academy is divided into four departments. I presume you know your department, young man?”

“Yes… no… I do not know my department yet. I have never been here before—how should I be aware?” Dogo retorted, Master Kieran’s question confusing him. He then realized that Kael was not with them.

“The Armed Nation of Dwargon is renowned for its mastery in swordsmanship. You are undoubtedly fit for my department, the Military Department,” Master Kieran replied with a smile.

“The Military Department… that is splendid,” Dogo said, bumping his fist in joy. He was pleased to be in the Military Department, where he could perfect his sword technique, and glad to be under Master Kieran, whom he assumed to be a cool-headed figure.

“I am glad you are pleased. Come with me to my office, where I shall provide you with all the necessary materials.”

“How about Kael? I have not seen him anywhere,” Dogo asked, unaware of Master Kieran’s grin.

“He could be anywhere within the academy. The teleportation wristlet will lead him to his instructor,” Master Kieran replied as they headed to his office.

“Ah, so you are not his instructor,” Dogo mumbled, and Master Kieran shook his head.

“That lad cannot be in my department,” he mumbled inwardly. He had already discerned the difference between the two. While Dogo was at Level B of Rank B Swordsman, Kael was at Level C of Rank C Swordsman. Dogo had won the golden ticket, but Kael’s entry into Nevermore Academy was a mystery to Master Kieran and the other department heads.

Kael materialized suddenly, his teleport wristband glowing bright blue as he took in his surroundings. He found himself in a small, dimly lit restroom, the air thick with the scent of disinfectant and something else… unsettling.

As his eyes adjusted, he spotted two girls, their lips locked in a passionate kiss, their hands tangled in each other’s hair. They were oblivious to his presence, lost in their intimate moment.

Kael’s eyes widened in surprise, and he froze, unsure what to do. He had not meant to intrude on such a private moment, especially in a place like a restroom. He considered teleporting away, but his curiosity got the better of him.

One of the girls suddenly broke away, her eyes locking onto Kael’s, and she let out a startled yelp. The other girl turned, her face flushing bright red as they both stared at Kael, their eyes wide with shock and embarrassment. Their clothes were unbuttoned, and Kael’s gaze was fixed on their exposed Břě@šťs.

Kael’s face mirrored theirs, his cheeks burning with awkwardness. “Ah, sorry… I did not mean to… uh… teleport in on… this,” he stuttered, gesturing awkwardly.

The girls quickly scrambled to compose themselves, their faces still flushed, as Kael realized he needed to make a quick exit.

“I shall just use the door,” he said and scurried off, trying hard not to look at the girls until he finally exited the restroom.

“Aargh, that was quite the sight,” Kael muttered as he adjusted his black leather jacket and started heading down the corridor.

“Where are Master Kieran and Dogo?” Kael asked himself, not sensing any presence. Dogo was supposed to materialize behind him, as he was sure he would press the teleport wristband.

[System Notice: Subject Dogo and Master Kieran are 1000 meters away from your current location.]

Kael sighed upon hearing Alexa’s voice. It had been long since he last heard from the system, almost as if it had abandoned him.

“Something must be wrong with this wristband. How could it warp me into a restroom?” Kael muttered as he tapped the wristband repeatedly until suddenly a hologram popped out.

It was a blue hologram of a lady with blue hair, twirling on the wristband.

“Kael Stoneforge,” a systematic voice spoke, and his eyes widened. Alexa did not address him by name, so he knew the voice came from the wristband.

“Who are you, and what are you doing in my teleportation bracelet?” Kael stuttered. Despite his many ski||s, he could not overcome his fear of strange things.

“I am Miss Zara, and I am your instructor. The map of Nevermore Academy is in your wristband. It will lead you to my office.”

The hologram vanished as suddenly as it had appeared, and Kael frowned. He could not believe he had acted so foolishly because of a hologram, especially in front of his instructor.

“What will she think of me? A coward?” he wondered as the map of Nevermore Academy appeared, showing his location and the location of Miss Zara’s office.

He followed the map and soon found himself before a brown door with the name ‘Miss Zara’ inscribed upon it. He stood there for almost five minutes, then took a deep breath. Kael raised his hand to knock when he heard a voice from inside.

“Come in, the door is always open,” her soft voice called, and his frown deepened. He realized she had been watching him all this while, and he had the urge to strangle her for making a fool of him.

He opened the door and walked inside with his hands tucked in his pockets, his gaze lowered. He approached the brown table and stood there as the door shut behind him.

“Take a seat,” she said again, her voice soothing and piercing his heart. He could not let her make a fool of him once more.

“I am fine as I am,” he replied, his ears catching her soft chuckle. This only served to infuriate him further, and he was compelled to look up. That was when their eyes met.

Miss Zara, Kael’s instructor, sat behind the brown table. Her piercing green eyes gleamed with a hint of amusement and understanding. Her long, curly green hair cascaded down her back like a waterfall, framing her heart-shaped face and highlighting her sharp jawline. Her full lips curved into a subtle smile, revealing a hint of mischief, as though she knew a secret Kael did not.

Her slender fingers drummed a slow rhythm on the table, the only indication of her suppressed laughter. Her gaze held a deep wisdom, as though she could see right through Kael’s façade. Yet her eyes sparkled with a playful glint, suggesting she enjoyed the cat-and-mouse game they were playing.

Miss Zara’s presence exuded an aura of calm authority. Her gentle voice and soothing tone stood in stark contrast to the turmoil brewing inside Kael. Her gaze held him captive, making him feel like an insect under a microscope, yet he couldn’t help but be drawn to her enigmatic presence.

“You are quite beautiful,” he screamed inwardly, trying to focus.

“Welcome to Nevermore Academy, Kael Stoneforge,” Miss Zara began, her voice steady and clear. “A place where we will bring out the best in you, where you can learn about the history of this world. This is the most outstanding school in Aetheria, founded by the Holy Court.”

Kael nodded, though he hardly heard her words, overwhelmed as he was by her beauty. He couldn’t help but stare into her face.

“The academy is divided into four departments. We have the Military Department, where you will receive the finest training and military techniques that could elevate you to an S-rank swordsman,” she continued.

“S-rank swordsman… what of the Swordmaster?” Kael asked, his curiosity getting the better of him as he arched a brow.

“Huh? Swordmaster? What are you speaking of?” Miss Zara asked, her confusion evident. Kael realized too late that he had let slip a confidential conversation between himself and Alexa.

Miss Zara was known for her ability to detect lies easily, and Kael had already fallen into her trap. How could he share his dream of becoming a Swordmaster with a total stranger? He had to find a way out. After all, he was the King of Theft, and one of the qualities of a thief was the ability to lie convincingly.

“I believe I asked you a question,” Miss Zara prompted, her tone now carrying a hint of sternness.

Kael took a deep breath, preparing to weave a believable story. “I heard tales of Swordmasters in ancient texts. They spoke of warriors whose ski||s surpassed even the highest ranks, and I wondered if such legends held any truth,” he explained, hoping to divert her suspicion.

Miss Zara regarded him for a moment, her piercing gaze seeming to weigh his words. “Legends indeed. But our focus here is to hone your ski||s to their fullest potential, Kael. Let us not be distracted by myths and fantasies,” she said, her tone softening once more.

Kael nodded, relieved that she had accepted his explanation. “Of course, Miss Zara. I am here to learn and grow.”

“You lie.. You know I can detect lie right?” she said, her eyes locking onto his with an intensity that made his heart race.