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***The Armed Nation of Dwargon***

Instructor Valerie and the members of the High Council gathered before the Valley of the Shadows, waiting impatiently for the outcome of the events. The news about the death of a member had reached their ears, and as they gathered among themselves, the life stone of another member shattered.

“What is happening? Is the Golden Ticket in a dangerous place?” asked Sir Dwarki, fearing for his niece, Thalie.

Fortunately, the life stones that broke belonged to Darius and Liam Firebrand. Sir Giyu started panicking, his heart racing, but Sir Geld signaled him to stay calm.

Rustling in the bushes diverted their attention. Two figures emerged from the dense forest, heading toward the High Council members. Sir Giyu’s eyes widened immediately—Mira and Kara were the figures. He had ordered Darius to execute Mira, but now Mira stood alive, while Darius’s life stone had shattered, indicating his death.

“Do you have the Golden Ticket?” Instructor Valerie asked, and the two girls shook their heads.

“We couldn’t get it. We couldn’t reach the cave,” Mira said as she walked up to her father, Mr. Stoneforge.

“What happened? Your life stones cracked, including yours, Kara?” Mr. Stoneforge asked, and the two girls exchanged glances.

Everyone knew there was something behind their return, a reason unknown to them but revealed to the girls, and it was as if they were afraid of something.

“Speak up. Don’t be afraid,” said Emperor Dougor. “You have my backing. No need to fear.”

“Mira and I were heading toward the cave after cutting corners. We were a mile from the location when we sensed a presence behind us. We turned to see Darius and then Liam. They engaged us in a fierce battle, almost ki||ing us, and that’s the reason for the cracks on our life stones.”

“But you look well and healthy to me,” Sir Balmoral arched a brow.

“That’s true because Brother healed us,” Kara answered, causing a gasp to escape from their mouths. “He saved us from Darius and Liam Firebrand.”

“He was responsible for their deaths?” Instructor Valerie asked, shock evident in her voice.

“Those two were sent to eliminate us. Darius confirmed it himself. He stabbed me with a poisonous dagger, and I’m only alive because of Brother’s effective healing potion.”

“That means his life is in danger,” Sir Stoneforge stated when the life stone of Thalie cracked heavily.

“What’s going on? My niece,” Sir Dwarki stuttered.

“What’s your adopted son doing?” Sir Balmoral directed his speech to Sir Stoneforge.

A heated argument erupted among the High Council members when suddenly Lyria’s life stone shattered.

“If Mira won’t speak, I’ll speak. Sir Giyu of the High Council sent Darius to eliminate the Stoneforge family in the Valley of the Shadows. He confessed it himself,” Kara cried out.

“Huh!” Lord Dougor was confused, not knowing what to say.

“My Lord, she’s lying. I would never do such a thing,” Sir Giyu protested.

“She’s not lying but not telling the whole truth,” Instructor Valerie spoke out, her gaze fixed on the Valley of the Shadows.

“My son, my son, this whole matter is getting confusing,” Balmoral cried out as the life stone of his son cracked.

The life stone of Dogo glowed brightly, and a slight smile appeared on Lord Dougor’s face. This meant only one thing: Dogo had retrieved the Golden Ticket.

“The winner of the competition has been decided. Let’s send the elites to help locate our sons,” Balmoral cried out.

“The winner has not been decided yet,” Instructor Valerie said calmly as Gareth and Eldric’s life stones glowed.

“What’s your son up to, Geld?” Lord Dougor groaned, fearing for his son.

Just as he thought, Dogo’s life stone cracked, and he pulled out his sword along with the others. The group was now divided into two, with Instructor Valerie in the middle.

Sir Stoneforge stood behind Lord Dougor, who was beside Sir Balmoral with Mira and Kara. Sir Geld stood with his partner Giyu and the leader of the House Firebrand.

The tension in the air was palpable, even Instructor Valerie could feel it.

“This is a competition. A fight is likely to break out,” Sir Giyu retorted.

“You used this opportunity to form a conspiracy,” Sir Balmoral fired back when Dogo’s life stone cracked once again.

“They’re going to ki|| him. He’s going to die,” Sir Stoneforge muttered in fear.

“Two against one for the Golden Ticket. I personally trained my sons; either Gareth or Eldric must be fighting with ki||ing intent. I won’t spare their lives if something happens to Dogo.”

“Dogo will only die in the name of the competition. My house won’t be involved. Once he gets the Golden Ticket, we will strip you of power. The House Goldvein will rule,” Sir Geld announced greedily.

“So this was your plan all along. You’ve been conspiring against me,” Lord Dougor cried out.

“Your house has ruled the Armed Nation of Dwargon for the past fifty years. It’s time for a change,” Sir Giyu added, a tear escaping Lord Dougor’s eyes. The weight of knowing that his son might die and there was nothing he could do about it shook him vigorously.

A final crack was heard, and at any moment, the life stone would break. Everyone wore pitiful expressions.

No one knew there would be a conspiracy in the competition. Not even Instructor Valerie was aware of that fact.

“It’s over, Lord Dougor. You’ve lost. The countdown begins,” Sir Geld said, raising his hand in the air.

“Five, four, three, two, one.”

The moment he called out “one,” two life stones burst immediately. They were the life stones of Gareth and Eldric.

“What? What happened?” Sir Geld stuttered in shock.

“Brother,” Mira muttered as Kael’s life stone began to glow brightly.

The aura in the air changed immediately, thickening with a dominating force that almost forced everyone to their knees, except Instructor Valerie, who stood with her hands behind her, waiting for whoever was emerging from the valley.

It turned out to be Kael, carrying the unconscious Dogo Dougor of the Armed Nation of Dwargon on his shoulder. The Golden Ticket was with Dogo, proving that he was the winner of the competition. Kael dropped Dogo on the ground and gazed directly at Sir Geld, a smirk curling on his lips.

He released more of his magical essence, forcing the middle-aged men to their knees. His aura was overwhelming. Even the instructor was shocked but kept her cool. She never imagined a Nexus Mage would be in the Armed Nation of Dwargon.

Such a talented kid, she couldn’t let him slip through her fingers.

“Dogo Dougor of the Armed Nation of Dwargon and Kael Stoneforge of the Armed Nation of Dwargon,” she called out, and Kael directed his attention toward her.

“Welcome to the Nevermore Academy,” she said, and vanished from their presence.

“Wow, I also got admitted,” Kael exclaimed loudly, raising his arms into the air.

***Three Days Later – The Dougor Mansion***

Two glasses filled with red wine sat on a small table before Mr. Stoneforge and Lord Dougor of the Armed Nation of Dwargon. They picked up their glasses, smiling heartily at each other.

“Cheers to life,” said Sir Stoneforge, and they clinked their glasses together before consuming the contents.

“Were you aware of the conspiracy?” asked Lord Dougor, and Mr. Stoneforge shook his head.

“I had my doubts. I’m sure Geld dragged Giyu into this. He has been trying to take my life since the House Stoneforge started prospering.”

“Those men will rot in jail. Thanks to Kael, my son could have been dead. I’ll come to thank him in person later.”

“Oh, my Lord, there’s no need for that, and besides, Kael is not that type of person,” Mr. Stoneforge replied, and Lord Dougor arched an eyebrow.

“His dreams are far more ambitious than to fight for the seat of the High Chancellor now or in the future,” Mr. Stoneforge added.

“I see… But you knew he was a Nexus Mage, right?” asked Lord Dougor, and the old man shook his head.

“I never knew. He concealed all his magical essence so perfectly that he seemed like an ordinary person. And now he’s at the late stage of being a Rank C swordsman.”

“Wow, he’s progressing so fast. In two days, the journey to Nevermore Academy will begin. My son and your son will face a new world. Cheers to new life.”

“Cheers to new life.”

“Kael,” Mr. Stoneforge muttered inwardly as he sipped his wine. “In a week, you solved the problems of House Stoneforge and exposed the evildoers. Now, I can finally walk freely in the city. Thank you, Kael.”

***House Stoneforge***

The fact that Kael was a Nexus Mage was known only to the members of the High Council. His essence had been concealed again, and he resumed training with Zoboda, of course, not revealing the techniques he had stolen.

In his room, Kael was trying to refine the amulet but had failed for the umpteenth time. Angrily, he devoured it whole, and his body began to shake.

“What’s happening to me?” he cried out, trying to suppress his essence, which had started leaking out.


“Find a way to conceal my essence,” he snapped when he heard a knock on his door. He staggered toward the door and opened it. His gaze met Kara’s. He failed to recognize her at first, his face drenched in sweat, but after a moment, he realized who she was.

“I heard you scream and came to check on you,” Kara said, concern etched on her face.

Kael stepped aside to let her in. It was already nightfall, and Kara was in her nightgown. Kael, in nothing but shorts, tried not to look at her, while she did her best to avoid gazing at his bare chest.

“I’m fine. I’m totally fine,” he sniffed, attempting to steady himself. Kara looked around his room, sensing something was off. Then, a sharp pain crossed Kael’s heart, and he cried out in agony.

“Aargh!” He screamed, and Kara rushed to him, trying to hold him. The force emanating from his body was too much, and they both fell onto the bed, Kael landing on top of her.

“You’re so d@mn hot,” he murmured, his cheeks flushed instantly. He claimed her lips, kissing her as if his life depended on it. To his surprise, she reciprocated, kissing him back with equal fervor.

His left hand wandered to her hip while the other trailed to the lamp, and he switched off the light.

Their shadows reflected on the curtains as they Mõ@ɲed into each other’s mouths. Clothes flew to the ground as Kael raised one of her hips and penetrated deep into her without warning.

“Ouch,” she gasped, digging her fingers into his back as he pushed deeper into her. A sharp pain hit him again, causing Kara to scream loudly. It felt like an electric shock inside her.

Kael, driven by the intense sensations, continued without giving a second thought. He started pulling in and out, resuming his passionate kisses while his hand fondled her Břě@šť.

“Ouch… Kael… I’m dying,” Kara gasped, but her protests only fueled his determination.

The room filled with their combined gasps and Mõ@ɲs, each moment growing more intense. The power radiating from Kael’s body mingled with his raw emotions, creating an atmosphere of chaotic energy.


Kael’s essence began to stabilize, his body gradually calming down. His movements became more controlled, more synchronized with Kara’s responses. Their frantic pace slowed to a rhythm that was both passionate and tender, a dance of intimacy that consumed them both entirely.

After what felt like an eternity, the energy in the room finally settled. Kael collapsed beside Kara, both of them breathing heavily, their bodies entwined. The raw power that had surged through Kael moments ago was now a quiet hum within him.

“I’m sorry,” Kael whispered, brushing a strand of hair from Kara’s face. She looked at him with a mix of exhaustion and relief, a faint smile forming on her lips.

“It’s okay,” she replied softly, resting her head on his chest. “Just… next time, a little warning would be nice.”

Kael chuckled weakly, wrapping his arms around her. “Next time,” he promised, closing his eyes as they both drifted into an exhausted but contented sleep.

The morning light streamed through the curtains, waking Kael. He lay still, not wanting to disturb Kara, who was still asleep beside him. His mind replayed the events of the previous night, the intense emotions and the uncontrollable power surge.

He knew he had to gain better control over his abilities. The competition at Nevermore Academy would be fierce, and he couldn’t afford any lapses in control. As he watched Kara sleep, his mind drifted to Rose and what transpired between him and her maid.