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Marble hill elementary school was bubbling with activities as usual. Parents were dropping off their wards in school and some were crying as their parents parted ways with them.

Angel stood infront of the school contemplating on how to vet inside and what awaits her in there.

By mere looking at the school, you can easily tell its for the rich.

They were the only ones that came in a taxi, others came in expensive cars, some even came with bodyguards.

Mom can we go in already? Beauty whined

She insisted on attending the same school with Melissa and Angel has no choice than to come check out the school.

They finally walked into the school compound, luckily they met someone who directed them to the principals office.

Some of the kids kept casting weird glances at Beauty and her mom.

Ρhey are obviously poor, look how they are dressed.

I hope she doesnt find herself in my class.

Beauty smiled at the last statement.

Youll be lucky if i’m not in your class she said in her head

They arrived at the office and entered after being ushered in.

The principal looked at them up and down and twisted her face in disgust.

We dont offer scholarship here, you can leave she said and took her attention back to the file she was working on.

We are not here for scholarship, I want to register her into grade 2 Angel said and the lady burst into laughter.

Look around, do you think you can afford this school? Paupers like you are not needed here, leave before I call the security on you The lady said and Angel bit her lips trying to hold back her tears.

Maam at least tell me how much it cost, my daughter really like this school. Even if I have to work day and night to send her here, then I will do it Angel pleaded

Get out or should I call security ? The lady said sternly picking up her phone.

Please ma give us a chance. I’m sure my mom will work hard to send me here. And I know that best dad will be willing to help if I tell him Beauty pleaded with tears in her eyes.

Since the first time she followed Miles to drop Melissa at school, she fell in love with the school and now this lady wants to be an obstacle to achieving her dreams.

The lady placed a call and soon the security came in, they started dragging Angel out.

Whats going on here? A deep voice asked by the door and they stopped to see Miles who was looking at them with anger visible in his eyes.

Best dad Beauty rushed to hug him.

I asked a question Miles said hugging Beauty back and Angel rolled her tongue in her mouth.

This poor thing wants to register her child here as if she can afford it The principal said and the anger Miles was feeling doubled.

You, you, and you, Come here he gestured to the lady alongside the two security men and they came forward with the lady adjusting her already short skirt making it shorter.

Lie down with your faces to the ground Miles said

What! They choroused

You are not deaf Miles said bringing out his phone from his pocket and they immediately fell face down.

Beauty, you can walk on your red carpet Miles said and Beauty smiled stepping on them immediately.

Good job. Now get the necessary documents ready including her uniforms and complete books. She starts school immediately and next time you cross her path, you kiss your job goodbye Miles said and turned around to walk out of the office.

Thank you best dad Beauty said hugging Miles again and he stroked her hair fondly.

I’ll be here by 5 to pick u and Melissa he said and walked after a quick glance at Angel who wasnt even looking his way.

The security men scurried away and the principal got to work immediately.

Angel pressed her lips together to hold in her laughter.


Olivia walked in carefully looking around to make sure she is at the right place. It has been years since she left this place, a lot changed.

Grandma? she called and Grandma Rose came out from the house.

She blinked repeatedly to make sure she wasnt dreaming or hallucinating.

Olivia? Is this really you? Grandma Rose asked and Olivia nodded hugging the elderly woman.

They sat down after breaking the hug.

Olivia what happened to you and where is your daughter? She must have grown by now Grandma Rose said and Olivia looked down

What is the matter, where is Beauty? Grandma Rose asked again

she is fine grandma, but she doesnt wanna see me. She is mad at me for abandoning her Olivia explained

Good for you. Why would you disappear just like that? With who did you leave Beauty? grandma Rose asked

With her father Olivia said

Keep trying, she will come around. Just know that you didnt do well, Olivia Grandma Rose said

The door opened and Nyssa came in with Angel. They were laughing as Angel explained what happened at the school to her.

What are you doing here mom? Angel asked

I should be asking you that? Olivia asked

Are you stalking me? Angel asked

I came to see Grandma Rose. I’m surprised I I met you here Olivia said

Nice one. You can leave when you are done. Pretend you didnt see me here Angel said

Baby please hear me out Olivia said

Wait! Is she Beauty? Grandma Rose asked and Olivia nodded

Now I notice the resemblance grandma Rose said

What is going on? Angel asked

I named you Beauty when you were small, you were so cute then. And now you named your daughter Beauty. God is good Grandma Rose said

Nyssa kept staring at them not grabbing what is going on. They will explain later anyways.


You have been murmuring to yourself, what is going on Luna Winnie asked

I wonder if she is loosing her senses or what? Yvonne added

Luna and Yvonne comes to assist her each time they are off duty. They both work in a convenience store with the dream of opening their own store one day.

Luna stood up and took in her lower lip tilting her head to one side before turning to her friends.

Am I not really curvy enough? she asked and the two girls looked at her. Winnie shook her head and went to attend to a customer that just walked in.

Who said that? You are fine the way you are Yvonne said

What then is wrong with that blind bat, how dare he say that i’m not his type? Who does he even think he is? Luna complained

I knew its about a guy Yvonne said and went to take a call that came into Winnies phone. Funny thing about the call was that the caller requested that Yvonne should do the delivery herself.

Yvonne scoffed when she dropped the call.

Winnie, a delivery Yvonne said to Winnie and she started doing the dishing and packaging.

Yvonne left with the order and Headed to her destination. She already know who the person is but the reason why he requested for her is what she doesnt know.

She met a car outside the restaurant but she ignored it and continued her journey thinking that it belongs to one of the customers inside.

The car followed her when she moved further away from the restaurant and she had to stop. The car stopped too and the glass was rolled down to reveal Luke who had a smile on his face.

You were here all along, why did you order a delivery and why did you specifically request that I bring it? Yvonne asked

Nothing. I just wanted to see you. Get in Luke said

As if I would Yvonne said and resumed walking but Luke caught up with her.

You have my fried chicken or do you want to run away with it? Luke teased.

What a dry joke. You can just take it and sign let me go back Yvonne said

You will deliver it to my address so get in Luke said but Yvonne didnt move.

Will you come in or do I have to come carry you in? Luke asked and she scoffed entering the back seat.

To the front, i’m not your driver Luke said and Yvonne rolled her eyes.

Dont you have things to do? Yvonne asked

Come to the front and I will answer you

Dont order me around, i’m not your slave Yvonne said and moved to the front seat.

Luke chuckled and started the car. He drove to his company instead of his house.

The staff couldnt keep their thoughts to themselves as they began mumbling amongst themselves.

Yvonne rolled her eyes and kept walking with Luke carrying his order.

Do you enjoy the spotlight this much, why cant they keep their silly thoughts to themselves? Yvonne asked when they were in his office.

May I have your phone? Luke asked ignoring what she said about his workers.

My phone? Why? Yvonne said hiding her phone behind her back.

Just give me the phone and open the camera Luke said

Yvonne opened her phone camera and handed the phone to him. He clicked a selfie and returned the phone to her.

This is cuter. You can now change your wall paper Luke said and her face flushed red in embarrassment.

She took back her phone and looked elsewhere.

My chicken please Luke said stretching his hands towards Yvonne and she dropped the package on the table ignoring his hands.

My money she said stretching her palms towards him


Miles has been smiling nonstop since the day started that even his staffs were confused.

This is the first time they are seeing his teeth.

Sir the files are ready Chloe said walking into his office.

What kind of things do girls like? Miles answered another thing.

Money, flashy and expensive things Chloe replied

I dont think she will like it, she will feel insulted


What do you think about these flowers? He asked showing Chloe a flower bouquet on his screen.

Its pretty she said with a smile.

What do you think about my outfit, does it look too corporate and formal? Should I change? he asked scrolling through his phone with all seriousness.

I think its okay Chloe said boiling inside with jealousy.

Then I need to go home and take a shower first. Go home when you are done Miles said and left.


The first person Miles met when he got home was Ava. She sprang up immediately and went to hug him taking the flowers from him.

Aw www, hubby got flowers for me, you are so sweet Ava gushed and Miles snatched the flowers from her.

You wish he said and left her going upstairs

Someone burst into laughter and she turned to see Ryder on the stairs.

He left and went to Miles room grinning from ear to ear.

What is going on? I’ve never seen you this happy. Did you hit your head somewhere? Ryder asked checking him out.

Do I need to hit my head somewhere before being happy? Miles asked

Who are the flowers for? Ryder asked and Miles looked at him.

Angel. They are for Angel he replied

Which Angel?

The one you know

Dont you think you should stop wh@聽ver games you are playing with that girl’s heart. You did her dirty the first time so what is it this time around ? What do you want? Her life? Ryder asked

I want her

So you could break her like you did the last time. You dont love this girl, what am I saying? Is she money? The only thing you love is money and your family legacy, nothing else. So leave the poor girl alone

I wont. Not when she has something that belongs to me

She is no longer your staff, Miles

I know

You know, she is a single mother right? She was pregnant before she left although色

I know Miles interrupted him

You knew?

I dont only know, the child is mine. Part of the reason why I did what I did back then but it didnt work out. I just hope she allows me to explain things Miles said

if I were her, I would make you cry bl**d. You are unbelievable Ryder said and walked out.