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Angel followed Luke to his house as they earlier agreed. She wowed at the interior of his house; it sure changed a lot. It was looking more beautiful from the last time she was here.

That was about 7 freaking years ago!!!

It felt good to be back here, with Luke she would surely make a headway with her life.

Since Varun is long gone she would do her things freely from now on. No more slavery. The only thing left is for her daughter to recognize her.

She will give it her all to find her. Maybe she will visit those in jail and know where to find her daughter, if only they would cooperate.

“So what are we having for dinner?” Angel asked

“What do you think we should have?” Luke asked back and Angel creased her brows.

“What do you have?”

“Pasta and Chicken” Luke said and Angel shook her head with a smile walking towards the kitchen and Luke followed.

They started cooking and Luke just sat there watching Angel with keen interest as she went about her kitchen duties.

She was cutting some vegetables when they heard the door bell and Angel looked at him.

“Are you expecting someone?” She asked

“No. That must be my aunt” Luke said

“Your aunt? You never told me you had one, now I don’t know how to act in her presence. What if she thinks we are dating?” Angel panicked

“Then lets date” Luke said with a smile and Angel hit him slightly on the shoulder. Luke laughed and left the kitchen to go get the door.

“I smell something nice. When did you start cooking?” Olivia asked when she came into the house.

“U mm mm…. I have a friend over so she is doing the cooking” Luke said

“Your girlfriend? Wow!” Olivia gushed running to the kitchen immediately and Luke followed behind.

“Is your aunt…” Angel was saying when she turned to behold the person she wasn’t expecting.

Olivia herself froze at her spot.

The one person she has been looking forward to meet is standing right before her but she suddenly lack the courage to speak to her.

She willed her words to come but her lips held stubbornly together.

“Mom? Is this really you?” Angel asked with a broken voice.

Olivia just stood there staring at her, she was at a loss of what to say to her right now.

Angel removed her apron and ran out of the kitchen in tears and a confused Luke followed her.

Olivia removed her shoes and walked slowly to her room barefooted. She was weak to the bone. It was as if life has been sniffed out of her. How was she going to face her child?

Luke closed the door quietly and walked towards Angel who was trying to get her clothes. He held her hands and she turned to look at him with a teary face.

“I will drive you” he said and left her hands.

Angel took the clothes and walked into the bathroom to change.

Few minutes later, they were already on the way to Nyssa’s house. The drive was a very silent one as none of them was ready to speak to the other.

Luke was in a deep thought, if Angel is Olivia’s daughter, that makes her his cousin. The one he has been longing to see.

The affection, the closeness, the bond, Its now beginning to make sense If only he knew, he wouldn’t have let her work for Miles.

Now he is really going to teach Miles a lesson he will never forget in a hurry. He treated his own sister like trash.

He arrived at Nyssa’s house with Angel’s directions and Angel alighted from the car after muttering a low ‘thanks’ to Like.

Luke came down too and rushed to Angel before she could go in. He held her shoulder and Angel faced him with a sullen look. Luke just hugged her without saying anything, patting her back slowly.

“It’s going to be fine” he muttered and broke free from the hug.

Nyssa came out when she heard the sound of the car and met Luke hugging Angel. She stayed put until they broke the hug, and she cleared her throat.

“I thought you were sleeping over, what happened?” Nyssa asked with a smile but when she saw the look on Angel’s face, she knew there was something wrong.

She took Angel into the house after waving a goodbye to Luke who entered his car and left.

“What happened?” Nyssa asked when they were inside their room.

“I saw her” Angel said and Nyssa looked confused.

“You saw who?” she asked

“My mother. I saw my mom who abandoned when I was barely 10, and now she is back, for what exactly?” Angel said In ager.

“Calm down. Maybe she has her reasons. Just hear her out” Nyssa said rubbing her back.

“And to think that Luke is my cousin” Angel said sniffing

“Luke is your cousin?” Nyssa asked and Angel nodded.

“Wow! What a cute cousin you have” Nyssa said with a smile and Angel looked at her.

“Is this even a time to joke?” she asked and Nyssa kept shut immediately.

“That’s by the way, where is Wendy?” Angel asked

“She is not back from work” Nyssa asked

“This her housekeeping job is keeping her late outside. This is not India, she should remember that” Angel said with concern.

“But this job pays handsomely. I even heard that no one is living in the house. Her job is just to clean it everyday and leave” Nyssa said

“If that is the case, then she is not supposed to be out at night” Angel said

“You have a point” Nyssa said and the door opened. Wendy came in and met their gazes on her.

“What? Did something happen? Where is grandma?” Wendy asked staring at both ladies who stared back

“Nothing happened. Can you explain why you are this late? The last time I checked, no one lives in that house” Nyssa said

“Oh! That. Don’t mind my grumpy boss. He made me babysit his daughter today, saying he has to take one of them to the salon and the other one doesn’t feel like coming along. So he made me stay with her” Wendy explained.

“I see”

“That reminds me, Angel you ain’t going anywhere tomorrow. Maybe you should assist me. He mentioned that the two girls will be there tomorrow and I don’t think I can deal with it alone” Wendy pleaded.

“Why do you think so? Since you already know one, it will be easier” Nyssa said

“Easier. The way the one I met today described her other sister, I don’t think I want to get fired” Wendy said

“Is it that bad” Angel asked and Nyssa nodded.


Nyssa was eager to meet with her bosses’ daughter since he told her that she will be coming over today.

She has been a housekeeper in this house since she came into town but no one has ever slept or lived in the house.

She just comes there, cleans the house and leaves. She kept wondering why she cleans the house when there is no one living there.

The moment she heard that her bosses’ daughter was coming over, her joy knew no bounds, at least there will be something to do and someone to talk to.

“I’m taking her sister to the salon so make sure she is comfortable” her boss said

“I thought you have work to do sir, I can take her to the salon myself” Wendy said and her boss looked her up and down.

“I’m sorry sir” Wendy said and bowed a little pursing her lips.

“See you later princess” her boss waved at the girl and left.

She stood there wondering why the said sister didn’t show up with them.

“U mm mm….” Wendy started not knowing what to say to the little girl who just stood there staring at her with her teddy bear in her hand.

“Hmm… Hi! My name is Wendy and I will be your nanny for today” Wendy said with a nervous smile

“I don’t need a nanny, know your place” The little girl said and went to sit on a couch.

“Can you tell me your name, little girl?” Wendy asked moving closer

“I’m Melissa and i’m not little. Remember that” Melissa said and brought out her phone

“Get me a glass of water” she said and Wendy left to get the water.

She returned with the water but unfortunately it slipped off her hands and shattered on the floor due to nervousness.

“I’m sorry, i’ll clean it up” Wendy said and rushed off to get broom and a mop. She returned shortly and started sweeping the glass.

“You are lucky you met me first and not my sister. That glass would have been stuck in your hand” Melissa rolled her eyes.

“Is your sister that strict?” Wendy asked

“You won’t wanna mess with her, she is scary” Melissa said and stood up going upstairs.

“God save ME from these kids” Wendy muttered and continued what she was doing.


Nyssa was already laughing when Wendy finished her story.

“I can imagine the look on your face at that moment” she said still laughing.

“Its not even funny Nyssa. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow since both of them will be there. Angel please come along” Wendy pleaded

“Don’t worry I will come with you, I need something to distract me for the meantime” Angel said and closed her eyes.

“Who’s this your boss anyways? He must be among these rude rich brats” Nyssa said and Wendy chuckled.

“Funny enough I don’t even know his name” Wendy said

“What! What if something happens to you?” Angel asked

“At least I know the address” Wendy said

“How can you be working for someone and you don’t know his name?” Angel asked

“You wont understand. The day I asked for his name, he was like ‘you have no business with my name, do your job and get lost’, if you were in my shoes, what would you do?” Wendy said

“Your boss is weird don’t you think?” Nyssa said and Wendy shrugged

“His headache. I don’t care” She said and got up.


Olivia has been pacing around her room since Luke left the house with Angel. How would she face her daughter?

And to think that she came to sleep over at Luke’s house, means that something is going on between them.

‘I hope they haven’t gone far into their relationship’ Olivia muttered with hope.

She rushed to see Luke the moment she heard him come in.

“Please tell me that nothing is going on between you two” Olivia said rubbing her palms together.

“Don’t panic, I have no romantic feelings for her” Luke said and Olivia released the breath she didn’t know she was holding.

“You should think of getting her to forgive you, I will help in any way I can” Luke said and Olivia muttered a nearly inaudible ‘thank you’


Wendy arrived at the mansion with Angel and a wow escaped her lips.

The mansion screams wealth in abundance. There were pretty flowers sitting comfortably around the house.

The water fountain at the center gave the house a sophisticated appearance.

A beautiful garden was also in the compound.

Angel kept staring around that she almost hit her head on the door.

They entered the house and the smell of Imperial Majesty filled her nose.

The scent is very familiar and close but she just cant place it.

“You are fifteen minutes late and had the audacity to show up with a stranger in my house” they heard a deep voice say.

That was when they noticed someone standing at the wine celler with his back on them.

“Good morning sir, I was stuck in traffic, that was why” Wendy tried explaining.

“This will be the first and last warning. Try this next time and consider your job gone” the man said and turned to walk away but froze at his spot.

Angel’s eyes nearly popped out of their socket.

“Daddy we want to swim. Nanny came with a friend?” Melissa said and ran to Wendy with someone else trailing behind.

“Nanny you are here, meet my sister” Melissa said gesturing to the second to come inside.

Meanwhile her dad and Angel were still staring at each other and Wendy wondered what was going on. Melissa was oblivious of what they were doing that she kept on touching Wendy until the second girl came into view.

‘Mom?’ the girl called running towards Angel.

“Beauty?” Angel and Wendy called at the same time. Angel was already in tears.

They hugged each other tightly that they nearly suffocated.

“You remember me now?” Angel asked touching Beauty’s face fondly as they disengaged from the hug.

“I didn’t ever forgot you, you just didn’t trust me enough” Beauty said and Angel hugged her again.

“Thank you Mr. Miles for keeping to your promise” Beauty said and hugged Miles.

“Promise?” Angel, Wendy and Melissa asked at the same time.