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★Three years ago★

★★Amelia Earhart Cole’s first year in college★★

They say it doesn’t take long before your life is fliped up side down

A moment, not even a freaking second and everything is all over, poof!….. just like smoke

She should have known, if she had, she would have done things differently

She would have turned around sharply and walked away

Maybe her tale wouldn’t have ended up the way it did

But you see the thing about “maybes?”, They are freaking useless!

Stepping out of her Dad’s SUV as she rounded the other side and he was already out, tucking his hands in his pockets as Aunt Milicent brought out Amelia’s luggages from the back

That’s right, the name of our pretty princess and female lead is Amelia Earhart Cole, a blonde haired beauty with ocean blue eyes, perfect set of lips and long legs that matches her petite figure, she’s the only daughter of Earhart Cole, a renounced business tycoon who dropped out of the business world after a huge rusty image that almost claimed his life

Currently, they’re living a very comfortable life, even though her Dad isn’t deeply into the business world again, Amelia never lacked anything, well…. except for some self reserved control

She graduated high school a year ago and was luckily accepted into the prestige Arizona Landmark College, the biggest college in the whole of US, surpassing a wide range of students, both athletic, Art, music, business and all sorts of careers opportunities

Even though Amelia is a sparkling ray of sunshine, there’s a big black hole in her heart, her life isn’t as normal as it seems, she smiles brightly a lot to shield those demos lurking deep inside of her, but like always, nothing stays in the dark forever

“I’m going to miss you so much, Melia!” Aunt Milicent cooed as she grabbed Amelia in a bone crushing hug

“Aunty, I’m not a little girl anymore, and stop making baby faces at me” Amelia snorted as she freed herself from Aunt Milicent hug

“Nonsense, you will always be our little princess, no matter what happens or even if you are in college now” Cole, Amelia’s father churned and Amelia exchanged looks with Aunt Milicent

“Dad, are you still mad that I’m gone?” Amelia asked with a cheesy smile as her Dad stood straight and pulled her close

Cole might be in his middle forties, but there’s absolutely nothing old about this man, he still has his sharp blonde hair and nasal blue eyes, a straight nose that compliments his strick face, Amelia doesn’t look like her Dad much but rather a carbon copy of the “who shall not be named”

“You know, we’ve never been apart from you and it’s just…..I don’t know, are you going to be alright?” Cole asked as he stroked Amelia’s hair and she gulped

It’s true that there’s absolutely nothing normal about her, she’s a complete definition of weird and deep inside that beauty is a ugly demon who’s struggling to be set free, it’s caged so deep that it gives her nightmares sometimes and her nightmare episodes are not a good sight to behold

“You can always go back to Dr Kir for consolations, just because you are now in college now doesn’t mean your subconsciousness is older, you are still healing, Melia” Aunt Milicent pointed out and Amelia stared at the two people who genuinely cares about her

“I don’t want to go back there, I promise I will be fine, I can always come home whenever i start losing it” she said as a huge lump form in her throat and her Dad kissed her forehead tenderly

Despite the fact that she’s nineteen years old, her Dad still treats her like a little princess and even though it’s kinda annoying sometimes, she still loves it

“Awww, my Melia is all grown up, I’m definitely going to miss you and yes, I’m happy that you are finally owning up to yourself, be good” Aunt Milicent hug her for the final time, whilst peering kisses all over her

Amelia giggled as she suddenly felt light again, mood lightening up as both guardians pulled away from her and entered the car

“Don’t forget to take your pills and no junkies, I’m sure they serve healthy food in the cafeteria here” Cole scrunched his nose as Aunt Milicent poked her head for Amelia to see

“I sneaked some vitamins just Incase the food here are junk and don’t forget to call if there’s anything you need, you can always visit too” she said and Amelia held her chest with adoration trailing her features

“Yeah, I’m not going to be coming home, you guys can survive without me” she said and Cole raised his eyebrows

“I heard students are allowed to come home during the weekends and stuff like that, Milicent, I thought you checked” Cole pointed out and Aunt Milicent rolled her eyes

“She’s not a little girl anymore” Aunt Milicent scolded

“But she still needs us” Cole argued and Amelia laughed, dragging her luggages close to her with a backpack strapped to her back, her blonde hair wrapped in a straight ponytail as she dressed in a pink gown and short heels, complimenting her height

“I will be fine guys and also take care of yourselves!” Amelia yelled as Cole reived the engine and Aunt Milicent won’t stop waving

Amelia sighed as they drove off , that’s when it hits her that she’s now truly on her own

No father to sing her to sleep

No Aunt to make her healthy meals

When Aunt Milicent said, “she’s all grown up”, she doesn’t have to say it twice before Amelia read the meaning behind those words

Amelia looks so much like her Mother, while Aunt Milicent looks like her ginger haired grandfather and Amelia Mom’s took over their blonde Mother

Or that’s what she’s been told

The ache that never died resurfaces like a demon from the dark, murky water

Time heals everything, is a big fat lie!

Despite all these years, she still feels the loss to her bones

It aches!

It hurts!

It brings back terrible frightening nightmares

“Put it together, Amelia, you said you can handle it now, you’ve been doing fine for the past few months, just breathe” she cooed, taking sharp breath in and out as her heart stopped racing fast

She’s completely on her own now with kids of her age range and above

She turned around sharply, her eyes bulging out as she stared at the massive building in front of her

Arizona Landmark College it simply it’s name, branded in a blue billboard up front for everyone to see

Located in the outskirts of US, the school was founded by some group of rich personalities who decided to come together and make a profitable business by bringing students together, the ORG

They have the harshest and most closed-off rates in the country, making it almost impossible to get in but somehow her Dad managed to pull some strings together and she got accepted

Coming to this college has been a dream come true and it’s definitely catapulting her future of being an entrepreneur, taking after her Dad’s business

Her dreams is theirs, Teamwork!

This is the chance for her to finally shred of those nasty images of her back in highschool and start anew

A fresh page

A new chapter

A blank book

She stared down at her outfit, checking herself for the hundredth time since she left home, taking close to nine hours drive to get here, she needs to look perfect in other to fit in

Today is the day that would determine her life for the next three years, Heck!, It will determine her life afterwards, that’s if the business world never finds out the carefully hidden black truth that’s tucked deeply inside her cricket infested heart

Been a strong business woman has been her dream ever since she saw her Dad pulling walls, before he decided to take her break, where he stops, she’ll begin

“Hey, you are new here?” A girl called out and Amelia freezed for a minute before looking sideways, that’s the thing she’s been struggling to work on, her approaches with people

The purple haired beauty, dressed in a baggy jean, coupled with a black tank top and a jacket, she looks boyish as she topped it with a face hat and dragging her box with her

“Yeah, I’m new, I just arrived some minutes ago” Amelia said and the girl stopped right in front of her, she looks taller than Amelia and she’s giving off a strong boyish vibes as bagamot cologne hits her nostrils

“Cool, my name is Roxy, you can call me Roxanne but I forbid you to do so, and nope, I’m straight as fúck so yeah, feel free around me” Roxy introduced herself and Amelia’s lips parted slightly at her confidence

From the looks of things Roxy isn’t the one to be messed with, she has this fúck off aura and she seems so cool as she drapped her hands around Amelia’s shoulder and pulled them towards the school building, and yes…… Roxy seems to be a free bird who easily makes friends

“Sure thing Roxy” Amelia cooed as she shifted slightly in Roxy’s grip but didn’t pull away

An itch starts under her skin as it spreads along her hands. Her breathing deepens and her steps become forceful as memories filter back in

★Poor thing

★Did you hear what happened to her parents?

★Heard she’s a charity case by Aunt And sick Dad

She shakes those voices off and furged through, this time, she’s determined to blend in, no one here knows about her past and unless they specifically searched for her, they wouldn’t

Amelia Earhart Cole is a new person, in a ultimate different school

She smiles at Roxy’s endless talks about how she’s late and if they could be roommates, Roxy is a fun case honestly

“I know we just met and like, I totally know nothing about you, but we could be friends, I’m usually the approachable type and I blend in with any kind of weirdos” Roxy said as they head to the entrance

Different students are dressed in uniform since it’s Monday and it’s a strict rule that doesn’t get disobeyed

“I’m usually not good with people, I love being alone” Amelia said with gritted teeth and Roxy paused their movements for a minute

“That’s bullshît, don’t worry, I gat you, I heard there are lots of nasty students here and I can’t wait to give them a peice of my mind” Roxy chimed in and Amelia smiled

The confidence in Roxy’s voice gives her a soothing kind of hope that makes her less nervous

“Shît!, I forgot about my schedule for the semester, let’s meet at the dorm and like I said, we are roommates!” Roxy said as she tugged her baggy jean and dragged her box along, Amelia smiled as she faced the entrance and she furrows her eyebrows

By the entrance, Amelia spot a student who’s avoiding the crowd by sneaking her way along the side pathway leading to the huge double doors. She notice her because she was also contemplating the same path. While she’d love to fit in, crowds cause that familiar itch to rise under her skin

The loner’s skirt is bigger. She’s on the thick side and has the roundest, cutest features she’d seen on a girl her age. With her huge rounded eyes, plump lips and braided long brown hair with sparkles of green dye, she almost looks like a child.

And she’s the first presence in this school that doesn’t give Amelia the ‘untouchable’ vibe.

Amelia catch up to her whilst tucking her box on a safe side of the entrance and match her fast-walking pace.

“Morning.” Amelia said and her head snaps her way, but she soon stares at her feet and tightens her grip on the strap of her messenger bag

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you” Amelia offered in her most welcoming smile, perhaps she’s one of the new kids here too and feels intimidated

“You shouldn’t be talking to me” she whispers under her breath, even her voice is cute

“Why not?” Amelia asked with concern as she steps closer

She stares at Amelia for the first time with eyes so green, they nearly sparkle like a tropical sea

“Wow, you have beautiful eyes” Amelia retorted genuinely amazed

“T….. thanks” “ Her lips curve into a tentative smile as if she shouldn’t be doing the smiling thing. She kicks imaginary rocks as she speaks. “You’re too pretty, you shouldn’t be talking to the school’s outcast”

“Outcast?” Amelia echo, incredulous. “There’s no such thing as an outcast. If I want to talk to you, I will”

She troubles her bottom lip and it took everything in Amelia’s power not to pinch her adorable cheeks.

“You are new here too?” Amelia asked and she shakes her head

“I’ve been here for months now, I resumed early due to my parents connection, my name is Kimberly, Kim for short” she said as she stared at Amelia with her big green eyes

“My name is Amelia, I’m new here, I was hoping if you could…….”

“Show you around?” She asked and Amelia smiled as Kimberly started walking, they passed the neatly trimmed grasses as they turned left and appeared in an hallway with different rooms

“These are the classes but we usually have general classes on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday so the first class up front is for every first year students……” She trails as Amelia slowly interlinks their fingers

Kimberly is a chubby cute princess, with dyed green hair matching her natural green eyes, her hands are puff and soft, giving Amelia some sort of comfort as they held each other hands, Kimberly looks perfect in her uniform even though she’s plus sized but Kimberly seems to be uncomfortable about it

Amelia’s grin widens as Kimberly shows her around elegant, huge classes. The locker rooms. The pool — that she avoided. The Dean office that she jokes they shall never visit in a Shakespearian-like tone

Amelia heart warmed up as she pictures her life in this school, it’s going to be perfect, she can feel it

Once they reach the enormous, bright green Hockey pitch, another type of giddiness takes Amelia over. Not only because she’s such a huge fan of the sport, but also because of the long track surrounding the pitch

This school definitely has better equipment than her last and she can continue running as usual. Hopefully, her heart condition won’t start acting up again.

Thinking about that made her heart pumps crazily and she breaths heavily to maintain her balance

So many students are seated as they watched the practice of the hockey players, strapped in their fitting clothes as cheers filled the field

★ The Elites club!

★ Go go kings!

★ They are here!

★ It’s championship year!

The students cheered as Amelia stared in awe

While everyone chatters happily, Kimberly stands at the far end of the wiring, near the wall to the exit. Her easy, albeit timid smile withers away and her fair skin whitens some more.

Amelia follows her gaze

On the pitch, the hockey team players pass the ball amongst each other with their sticks. They weren’t playing or even in the team’s jerseys. The school’s uniform for the girls is pretty, but it’s dead gorgeous for the boys, especially if they have fit bodies like these athletes

They wear pressed dark blue trousers, white shirts and fitted jackets like the girls. The only difference is that the boys have red ties with the school’s symbol.

The crowd’s attention strays to the four boys standing off to the side, half-playing with the team and half-chatting amongst each other. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out they’re in a league of their own

Amelia’s mouth dropped slightly

Kimberly’s gaze remains on the tallest boy who’s flickering his stick expertly in the air and laughing like a young film star in the making. He has a classical, golden boy handsomeness. Slicked blond hair, sharp jawline, tanned skin, and a blinding smile, even from this distance.

However, the expression on Kimberly’s face isn’t of admiration or excitement like everyone present. If anything, it’s of… dread?

“Who are they?” Amelia managed to tear her gaze off them and Kimberly sighed

“They’re the Elite four horsemen on the Elite’s team” her voice trembles, like literally trembles. ” If you want to have a peaceful four year then you have to be on their good sides”

“That’s ridiculous!” Amelia breathe out, this is college not highschool and everyone here should be equal

“who’s the golden boy” Amelia asked and Kimberley’s face dropped

“Xander is his name and he’s trouble,” she blurts fast as if her butt is on fire. “I like you, Amelia, and I mean it when I say, stay away.”

His put together type doesn’t interest Amelia, anyway. She throw another look at him for a double-take

The hairs on the back of her neck stand like needles when she meet the smokiest, most chilling eyes she’s ever seen.

She hadn’t noticed him earlier because he was half hidden by Xander and his stick. He’s almost the same height as Xander, but with more developed shoulders. His uniform is missing the tie and he looks ruggedly handsome. Inky black hair runs long and slick in the middle, but it’s buzzed on the sides. His nose holds an aristocratic vibe although it appears a bit crooked like it was hurt before. That little imperfection adds more mystery and intrigue to him.

Something in her chest moves. She don’t know what it is, but it just moves. It’s like a prisoner has been lurking in the corners of her chest and now decided it wanted to be set free.

Even if she wants to break eye contact, she can’t.

He stares at her with a slightly tilted head and a silent, manic interest as if he’s meeting an old friend. Or foe.

“Fúck it!, We have to get out of here” Kimberly mutters almost inaudibly as she pulled Amelia by the arm and dragged her down the hallway

“Why?, Who’s the black haired god?” Amelia asked as she struggles to keep up with Kimberley’s fast pace

“Just shut up and walk with me, I shouldn’t have let him see you, damnit!” Kimberly cursed as Amelia furrows her eyebrows in confusion, snapping her head backwards and the team are heading their way

“Who the hell is he and why are we avoiding him?” Amelie asked again and Kimberly sighs

“That’s Byron Steel, captain of the hockey team, heir of the Steel enterprises and of this d@mn school and he’s bad news” she mutters and Amelia furrows her eyebrows in confusion, her feet hurts for the long strides Kimberly was taking

“Okay?” Amelia mutters as Kimberly breezed down the hallway, it’s really ridiculous because she doesn’t know this Byron guy, why is Kimberly making her run away?……is he some kind of God they worship here or something?

Chattering could be heard and Kimberly hurried towards the exit of the classes, Amelia couldn’t pinpoint the anxiety in her movements as Kimberly suddenly got yanked back and her hands forcefully wrenches from Amelia’s

“Isn’t it Berly?” Xander asks Kimberly in a detached tone, dusting his hands off her’s before his lips curve into a cruel smirk. “You look even nerdier this year.”

The hockey team seems to be done and are heading for their locker rooms, the runners could also be seen as Amelia watched Kimberly melt in front of Xander

Everyone around them paused and bursts into laughter, throwing fat-shaming remarks her way. Amelia’s cheeks tint in red on Kim’s behalf, but it’s not due to embarrassment.

Amelia’s blood boils to smash Xander’s golden boy looks to the ground. She open her mouth to say something, but was cut off when Kim lowers her head, lips trembling, and sprints past Xander to the exit. His eyes follows her with a smirk tilting his lips

“That’s so rude, you don’t get to talk to her like that!” Amelia spat and Xander Ç0çƙed his head as the rest of the team disappears into the locker room

“And who are you?” He asked with a downgrading tone, staring down at her like an ant he could swash within minutes

“Your worst nightmare if you continue pestering Kimberly, fúck off!” Amelia brush past Xander who stood stunned, her blood boiling that she didn’t notice the shadow looming behind her, Kimberly is no where to be found

A gasp escaped her parted lips as she got pulled back before she crossed exit door and her back colides with the wall…..hard

A strong hand wraps around her throat and pushes her against the wall. Her back hits the brick and pain $h00ts down her spine and tightens the pit of her stomach.

She always thought herself brave, but nothing, absolutely nothing could’ve prepared her for this sudden, aggressive attack from a complete stranger.

The grey eyes she thought were beautiful seconds ago glare into her soul with murderous intent. The dark shadow on his face terrifies her more than his grip on her throat keeping her in place as she stared at him

His other hand clutches her jaw, and her lips tremble at the thought that he’ll snap her neck.

“W….what are you doing?” She asked in a stuttering voice as he glared daggers at her

He leans forward so his mouth hovers inches away from her’s and growls.

“I will destroy you.” the words left his mouth with a sadistic smrik on his face and her eyes widened

Those words seal her fate.