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🌹Jasmine’s Pov 🌹

Days later★★

I woke up to the screeching sound of beeping, I don’t know if it’s just my head but the sound tends to get my subconsciousness to it’s peak, I slowly opened my eyes and the awful smell of antiseptic hits my nostrils, God!, I h@ťě that smell, and from the looks of things I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me that I’m in the hospital

“She’s awake!” Mika sounded relieved as I looked around and my eyes widened, everyone is present and staring at me

“M…. Mika?” I called out weakly as I tried sitting up but a sharp pain zaps through my abdomen and I groaned loudly, the pains are too much as I layed back quickly with brink of tears gathering in my eyes

“You need to rest…. don’t sit up yet” Mrs Mantinda calm voice made me feel a little bit better as I shut my eyes close and exhaled deeply, the events of what happened at the warehouse still lives rent free in my head, I remember everything single thing that transpired, Jasper died in that fire while Jayson and Avia helped us escape, heck!, even Gina participated

“How are you feeling?” Roland asked as he smiled down at me, I know he’s still hurt that I kept my huge secret from him but he still had my back, I love him so much…….. don’t tell Mika though 😉

“I’m fine, I’m really fine but my lower region hurts like hell” I breathe out and Delilah steps forward and took my hands

“You will be okay, the doctor said you just need enough rest” she said and I nod, my eyes scanning the whole room in search of the only person that makes my heart beat crazily, the one person who held me in his arms while struggling to get us out of that burning wearhouse, the only person who got hurt whilst protecting me…… Jayson isn’t here

I bite down the disappointment lugging down my throat as I smiled at everyone

“I missed you so much, I thought I’d lost you!” Mika whined as she hugs me and Delilah smiled

“Thank you guys so much for protecting me, Avia?” I called and she steps forward, pushing Mika out of the way as she cradded my free hand

“That’s just my little way of saying I’m truly sorry for being a bîtch towards you, I did a lot of stupid things because my parents said you were better than me, my parents plotted evil thoughts about you in my head and I believed them, I’m truly sorry Jasmine” Avia said as she hugged me tightly, although I’m still laying down but that didn’t prevent the hug

“I have forgiven you a long time ago, I’m just glad you accepted the truth and we’re close again” I said and she stepped back as Mrs Mantinda swallowed hard

“I also have to apologize for dragging you into signing that contract, I’ve realized that I’m a bad Mom, I shouldn’t be called a Mother if all I do is hurt my children, I know you h@ťě me and I accept it, I just don’t want you to h@ťě me for long, I’m sorry” Mrs Mantinda said as tears pooled down her eyes and I also found myself crying

“You are a good Mother, you might have flawed along the line but that doesn’t change the fact that you care about your children, I don’t hold any grudges against you, I’ve forgiven everything your late son did to me, please don’t h@ťě yourself because I don’t h@ťě you, you are my Mother after all” I said and she broke the hug and brushed my hair backwards

“I’m crying” Mika cooed as tears rolls down her eyes

“So emotional, I’m also sorry for anyone that I’ve offended, including you Roland, you don’t have to keep ignoring me” Delilah said as she wipes her eyes

“Come here, little one” Roland said and Delilah frowned playfully before caging herself in a warm embrace with Roland

Noah phone binged and he cleared his throat and everyone looked up at him, they seem to be communicating with their eyes as I stared curiously at them

“Umm, we have to go outside, you need to rest” Noah said as he squeezed my hands and I blinked repeatedly, they’re acting suspicious

“But I’m fine now, you guys don’t have to go” I said, looking at the door and hoping my shining armor would walk through it but I just keep getting disappointed

“We’ll be right back” Mika said as she pecks my forehead and pulled Avia along

“You are going to be fine, okay?” Hudson, Delilah’s boyfriend taps my shoulder carefully before pulling Delilah who blew kisses at me

“Mother…?” I trail off as she stands up as well

“He’s outside….” She whispered before leaving with Noah

I find myself sitting up despite the pains surging through me, my eyes itching as I stared at the door, I can feel his presence, I didn’t before but now I do, I know he’s scared to look at me and I don’t even know if I’m ready to face him at this point, I miss no doubt about that but each time I remember how he shut me out, I just keep getting sad

The door opened slowly and my breath ceased, silent footsteps coming through as his whole body firm fills the door step, his eyes met mine and I melted instantly, I can see him standing comfortably on one leg, the other one must be hurting, his hands released the door nob as he walked towards me and I just didn’t know why but I’m mad at him

“What are you doing here?……..get out” I voiced out angrily and he halted immediately


🖤Jayson”s Pov🖤

“Get out!” The last statement made me freeze instantly as my Star stared at me with daggers $h00ting out of her eyes, she looks pale and weak but not as she was some days ago, her eyes are now brighter, her hair looks slick and her lips aren’t as patchy as it was, she’s slowly gaining herself back

I know I messed up but walking out the door would be the greatest mistake I would ever make, I need to fix this, I need to fix us, we may have started on the wrong path but it’s not too late to change it and make amends, I can see it in her eyes that she misses me as much as I miss her, she needs me, our child needs me more than ever now since her pregnancy is in a complicated situation and it’s likely that she might give birth through surgery

“I said get out!” She yelled as her body vibrated

“I’m not leaving you alone, I’m never going anywhere, you know why?” I asked and she stared at me with tears in her eyes

“Because you are stuck with me Jasmine, don’t you understand what that means?……. you are mine and I don’t care if you signed any fùcking contact, I don’t care about what the world says, I don’t give two flying ducks about anything as long as we’re together, I can’t see my life without you, you are world and you are also carrying my baby, you are carrying my family Jasmine, I can’t leave, never” I said and right now I’m standing in front of her as she looks up at me

“Then why did you shut me out?” She asked with broken voice

“Because I was a fool, but I’m truly sorry for being inconsiderate, I should have listened to your side of the story before judging you” I said and pulled the stool closer as I sat in front of her, her drip are removed so she grabbed my hands in her’s, caressing it gently as tears blinded her eyes

“I’m sorry for not telling you earlier, I was scared you might kick me out of your life” she said in-between hiccups and I covered our hands completely

“I would never kick you out because you are stuck with me for life” I said and her eyes lit up even though the tears won’t stop

“I’m stuck with you for life?” She asked with a tiny voice and I chuckle

“For life Star…..” I said and she hugs me tightly, squeezing our bodies together as if we’ll never pull away

“What…. what about our baby’s health, did I lose my child?” She asked and I stroked her hair, she has been going through sezures for the past few days and can’t really recall anything

“It’s complicated but I promise we’ll pull through, the doctor said it’s okay to abort the baby since it might put your lives at risk, I know you wouldn’t want that” I said and her smile faded

“I want to keep our baby Jayson, I’m not aborting our child!” She half yelled and I pulled her closer and soothe her back

“Then you will keep it, I’m not going to force you into taking any drastic decisions, I’m going to make sure nothing happens to you both along the line, I promise” I said and she smiles, clutching onto me

“I’m so lucky to have you in my life” she said and I continued stroking her hair

“So, what now?……we are back together” she said and I pulled away whilst looking at her

“Well, we both started on a wrong foot……” I trail and she clasped her hands together

“Yeah, we started a on really terrible path” she said with smiles whist sniffing

“How about a proper wedding?” I asked and her jaw dropped instantly as I got down on one keen even though my legs are hurting deeply

“J…. Jayson?” She asked, her eyes roaming over me as I reached for my back pocket

“We made terrible mistakes, we bumped into each other with terrible approaches, we hurt each other badly but I know we’re both ready to own up to our mistakes and start a new beginning, I want you to be part of my new beginning Jasmine, will you?” I asked and she breaks into tears

“Of course I will Jayson, I love you so much” she said and I slipped the blinding ring in her finger as she giggled

Sounds could be heard outside as Jasmine hugs and trailed kisses all over my face, it’s her favorite thing to do when she’s super excited

“I know you all have been evesdroping, you can come in now” I said and the door crashed open as Mika, Delilah and Avia rushed towards Jasmine and the clinged in the most beautiful hug I have ever seen

“Son, I’m proud of you” My Mom said and I pulled her in for a hug, although I gave her the silent treatment for days before Noah talked me out of it, well I’m kinda glad she did the whole contract $h|t show, how else would I have reconnected with Jasmine again?

Smartest Mother ever!

“You are going to be a husband again, and a father in a few months!….” Roland teased as I glared at him playfully

“Y’all know that I’m definitely going to be the maid of honor right?….. it’s only fair that I get to rock the position” Mika announced as she pulled away from Jasmine

“Nobody is dragging the position with you” Delilah rolled her eyes playfully

“I will be your maid of honor when you finally get married to Roland” Avia teased and Mika opened her mouth to say something but paused mid way

The chattering continues as the door opened and everywhere fall silent

Gina walked in with the cops behind her, she looks pale and drained as everyone paved way for her towards my soon to be wife

“I’ve been put on trial and found guilty for accomplice, before I go, I just want to say I’m truly sorry for everything I did, I’m not the best sister in-law but I promise when I get out of jail after a year and six months, I will be the perfect sister in-law you would ever have, I’m sorry” she said and Jasmine pulled her in for the tightest hug

“It’s okay, I don’t hold grudges against you” Jasmine said and a loud scoff could be heard from Riley, turns out Noah tracked down to where she has been hiding and turned her in for attempted mûrder

“Thank you for not pressing charges against me” Gina said and I scoffed this time

“I don’t know why, you deserve more than a year and six months in prison” I said and My Mom hit me as Gina looks away

“We’ll miss you” Mika said as the girls took turns to hug her

“Bye Jasmine” she said before the cops dragged her away, I could see the tears in her eyes as she was handcuffed and bundled like a sack of potatoes, I don’t regret shît…… she deserves punishment

“We have a wedding to plan!!!!” Mika goshed as I pushed the girls away and grabbed my shining Star, her hands are soft and slick, just like her fragile heart, I’m going to be by her side in this difficult time, she needs me to be able to give birth successfully, I know she also needs medical attention but she would be needing emotional attachments too, right?

“I can’t wait to make you mine….. for real this time” I said and a smile creept her lips as she inched closer, our breathes fanning each other as we mute everyone else in the room, just focusing on the two of us and the world as our audience

“Who’s stopping you?……” She trailed as I closed the remaining distance between us, capturing her lips in the most beautiful kiss I have ever intiated, the world needs to know that this woman is mine



✨✨Nevada Grand Hall ✨✨

🍒Jasmine’s Pov🍒

I’ve never known true happiness until this very moment as I stand in front of the huge door leading to the most favorite person in my world, although the door might be closed, but I can feel him staring at it, I can feel his impatience to see me, it’s crazy how we have this connection between us even though we aren’t seeing each other……I love him and he sure as hell loves me too, not to brag or anything but I’m d@mn lucky

Nervousness wrapped it’s fangs around my throat as I stood side by side with Roland, he’s posing as my father figure since I don’t have one, he’s the only one I could think of and besides, I still owe him for keeping him in the dark

My white wedding dress gluing to my body like a second skin as I clutched onto the rose banquet, I don’t know why but I feel hella nervous, this isn’t a fake wedding, I’m actually getting married to Jayson for real this time and it’s surreal

“Just breathe, you will be fine” Roland soothing words breaks my chain of thousands thoughts as the large door finally opened and I’m blinded by flashing lights, the isle leading to my favorite human covered in red as I stepped in, my left hand guming to Roland as he held me down the isle

The hall is large and spacious as a huge picture of Jayson and I stood out elegantly, unlike the first time, this picture is real, everything about today is real

I looked up to see Jayson pulling away from Noah’s whispers as he stared at me, his gaze burning into my soul as I returned the energy, my wedding dress dragged elegantly from behind as I took calculated steps with Roland, I can also spot Mika standing on the right side of the stage, she’s my maid of honor so yeah, Delilah and Avia are goshing as I walked past them and Roland carefully handed me over to Jayson

“Treat her well or else?…..” Roland glared playfully but I can pinpoint the seriousness behind his words as Jayson takes my hand and I’m standing in front of him

Claps and cheers could be heard as I looked at the crowd, Hudson gluing himself besides Delilah, Mrs Mantinda sitting in front with a proud smile on her face, Avia stealing glances at Noah who’s standing beside Jayson

“I think I lost the rings” Noah whispered only for us to hear and Jayson face dropped

“You kidding me!?, You had one freaking assignment to do, just one and you lost it!?” Jayson half yelled and I chuckled inwardly

“Oh, looks like they were in my pocket after all” Noah said and Jayson almost kicked him but the clearing up of the preist made us focus

Looking at this man right now all I can see is a brighter future, his Italian tux’s hugging his body like it was made for him years ago, he looks even ravishing as he stared at me with possessiveness looming over his eyes

In on time we exchanged our vows as we slipped our rings, adding another one to the one he used in proposing even though we told him not to, Jayson wouldn’t listen and that’s why I love him so much

“You may now ki…..”

“You don’t have to tell me twice…” Jayson shortened the preist as he pulled me into his warmth, kissing the living day lights out of my life as cheers and claps echoed the entire space

“That’s my girl!!!……gooo” Avia cheers as I wrapped my hands over his shoulder and throw the banquet to free my other hand, guling Jayson to myself as he literally devours me right in front of everyone…..

“I freaking caught it again!” Mika yelled again as I pulled away from Jayson and stepped down towards her, I know she’s fated to Roland even though she’s been a bîtch about it

Soon, everyone gathered as Mika hugs the banquet to herself, the laughter, the cheers and the soft clapping made me smile as Mrs Mantinda pulled me closer

“Welcome to the family…. daughter in-law” Mrs Mantinda said and I hugged her dearly

I cried as I hugged everyone wishing me, soft glitters splattered everywhere as Jayson pulled me out of the crowd and claim my lips all over again, staking a firm claim to the whole wide world

I’m Mrs Jasmine Bartle now and he’s my freaking husband