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Thane walked out of his room and got to the living room only to find Odessa, Orion and Genny sitting, he ignored Genny’s eyes on him.

“Where are you going all dressed up?” Odessa asked.

“I need to go and confirm if my parents ki||ed someone’s parents to be accused as murderers,to know if this relationship can continue or not” Thane said and Genny eyes darted toward him.

“Thane! C’mon” Odessa groaned.

“See you later,I will definitely bring the news” Thane muttered and walked away, Orion followed him.

Genny buried her face into her palms.

“He’s seriously not doing what I’m thinking right?” She asked and Odessa frowned.

“And what are you thinking?” She asked.

“You heard him right? He meant it when he said he might break up with me,is he really going to…..”

“He won’t break up with you Genny,he won’t. But anyway,I’m also curious to know what he’s going to bring back from our parents,you want to know if they ki||ed your……”

“I’m sorry for suspecting them without any….I just…” Genny paused.

“It’s okay,you don’t have to apologize,,,I understand where you’re coming from so I won’t be mad at you. And don’t worry about my brother, he won’t do what you’re thinking you two are bond to be together forever,he should have thought twice before marking you” Odessa rolled her eyes.

Genny nodded,feeling more assured now.

“Wanna go for a run?” Odessa asked.

“A run? Shifting?” Genny asked with a little smile and Odessa nodded.

“It’s going to be your second time…..your wolf will be happy,let’s go” Odessa grabbed her hand and they both appeared in the school woods.

“You can teleport also?” Genny asled in amazement and Odessa nodded.

“You didn’t tell me the name of your wolf”

“Tonith” Genny said.

“Oh…Tonith meet precious Syla” Odessa smiled proudly.

*Stop it,I don’t like you introducing me,I can do it myself* Syla said and Odessa chuckled,imagining her rolling her eyes.

“Actually,my wolf’s got annoying attitude,,especially now that my brother is not in his good self” Odessa told Genny.

“Mine too…really” Genny mumbled and they both laughed.

A minute later, their human bodies already disappeared,covered with furs as the two wolves stayed on their fours.

Syla let out a loud howl and looked at Tonith to do the same and the wolf did also, a little bit louder and deeper than Syla.

*Wow,that was so loud* Syla said.

*I know, I still don’t know why I’m stuck with such…..I will rather keep quiet* Tonith scoffed and Syla growls.

*Let’s run* She said.

Instantly the two female wolves started running,their fours hitting against the earth,growling as they ran.

Syla took the lead first,but Tonith took over in few seconds,she’s super fast that Syla was so amazed then increased her pace as well, catching up with her,soon they were both running side by side,none taking the lead.


Back in the institute, Astrid, Ophelia and Juna joined some group of students checking out something.

“What’s going on?” Juna asked then they read what was written on the banner.

“Wow! Rank A students will be reannouced in the coming Ravebwood festival?” Astrid said excitedly.

“I know I’m definitely going to be on that list,no matter what” Ophelia chuckled.

“Not me….I just got into Rank B” Juna muttered.

“Well we can’t say,,the masters can decide wh@ťěver right?” Astrid asked and Ophelia nodded.

“I hope so,,or I’m going to be all bored once again in the class” Juna said.

“Ondine is still in there,I wonder what the masters are planning to do with her” Astrid said.

“Yeah,I wonder too” Juna mumbled.

“What about Genny? I’ve not seen her for a while” Ophelia said.

“Busy with her previous mate I guess” Astrid said and they all chuckled.




Luna stared at Lila as she hung up her phone call for the fourth time and she left out a groan.

“Who’s that exactly? Why ignoring the calls?” Luna asked.

“Zenith,I don’t understand why he won’t take no for an answer,he wants me to go to on a date with him” Lila scoffed.

“For real? So why are you rejecting him? He’s quite hot” Luna teased.

“Hot to you not me” Lila rolled her eyes.

“So what are you going to do now? He looks like someone who doesn’t give up easily” Luna said and Lila sighed.

“How about you go on the date in my place?” She suddenly asked.

“What do you mean? You know so well that he can tell us apart,I don’t know how she did that but he really can” Luna said.

“The only difference between us is our attitude, that’s how he was able to guess. There’s nothing different about our physical appearance,so why are you complaining? You just have to learn how to act like me,perfectly” Lila said.

“Giving him hot hot?” Luna teased and they both laughed.

“So are you in?” Lila asked.

“It’s going to be fun,but I hope he won’t try to touch me,I can ki|| him” Luna rolled her eyes.

“Do wh@ťěver with him if he tries that $h|t” Lila scoffed.

“Fine,now answer his call” Luna said as Lila’s phone started ringing again.




Kalysta was busy mixture up her concoction, the garden was quiet as usual,only the movement of Kalysta in the middle of the garden could be heard.

All of a sudden someone sat down on the bench behind her.

“Seriously? Are you a loner?”

Kalysta turned and he hit Zarek’s knees

“Ouch” She fell on her butt and Zarek laughed.

“You’re such a wicked soul,,what are you doing here? I h@ťě people disturbing me” She rolled her eyes.

“This is why you don’t have a friend,aren’t you bored? Always mixing herbs,nobody is sick” Zarek said.

“Practice makes perfect okay!” Kalysta snapped and Zarek nodded

“Okay,let’s say that’s true then but do you have to practice every f-__-king hour of the day?” He asked.

“Not your business,leave me alone” Kalysta snapped and ignored him.

“What’s the name of this?” He pointed at one of the herbs.

“Leave me alone” Kalysta glared at him

“Are you always this strict?” Zarek asked.

“Are you always this annoying?” Kalysta snapped back.

“Yes” Zarek nodded and she scoffed.

“Stay away from me” Kalysta mumbled.

“Let’s talk later” Zarek got up and walked away.




Thane stood before the grand throne room, while waiting for the alpha to show up. After a few moments of waiting, the doors swung open, and the alpha entered, his piercing eyes fixed on Thane.

“Father” Thane immediately bowed.

“Thane, my son” the alpha smiled proudly, his voice warm and inviting.

“Take a sit.”

Thane nodded, taking a seat before the alpha’s throne.

“Thank you, Alpha”

The alpha leaned back in his throne, his expression curious.

“What brings you here today, Thane? You even told the guards to inform me it’s urgent” The alpha said and Thane nodded.

He took a deep breath before speaking.

“Father, I need to ask… have you ever ki||ed cruelly, without mercy? Like…maybe a couple and their pup get banished?”

The alpha’s expression turned thoughtful, his eyes gazing into the distance.

“That’s a serious question, Thane. Why do you ask?”

Thane hesitated, choosing his words carefully.

“I’ve been having… doubts. About our pack’s history. About your leadership,I’m just curious” He said.

Just then, The Luna, entered the room, her eyes shining with warmth.

“Thane, my son!” She embraced him tightly before taking a seat beside the alpha.

The alpha’s expression remained calm, but his voice held a hint of curiosity.

“Go on, Thane. Ask your questions. We’ll get to the bottom of this.”

Thane nodded, his voice steady.

“I just need to know the truth, father Have you ever taken pleasure in causing pain?”

“That’s serious,where did you hear that?” The Luna frowned a little.

Alpha Raven response was firm and reassuring.

“No, Thane. I have never ki||ed cruelly or without mercy. Our pack’s history is not without its scars, but I have always led with honor and integrity.”

Thane sighed.

“I’ve never doubted you father,I just want to know, before taking the next step and besides…the demon queen was blurting out something I don’t know….about me having a mate and l that which I don’t get” He sighed.

“The seer sent us a letter to deliver to you” Luna suddenly said and gave the note in her hand to Thane.

Thane immediately opened it…he looked up and silence filled the whole room.




Genny sat alone by the riverside, her legs aching and her stomach growling. She had just returned from a run with Odessa and was exhausted. As she ate her meal, just some deliciously cooked meat, she gazed out at the flowing river, her mind wandering to Thane, who isn’t back yet and she sighed out sadly.

Just as she was starting to feel lonely, Kymani appeared beside her.

“Hey,,, Mind if I join you?”

Genny sighed.

“Not at all, Kymani” she mumbled,without glancing at him.

“It’s been a while” Kymani broke the silence.

“Yeah I know” Genny nodded.

“Why are you here alone anyway? What about Thane?” Kymani asked.

“He’s not around” Genny replied.

“Don’t tell me you two fought,,,you look sad” Kymani said.

“I’m fine,it’s just a little argument” She said and Kymani nodded.




“Go on, He’s waiting” Orion told Genny as they got to Thane’s quarters.

“You think he’s still mad at me?” Genny asked.

“You’re his mate,you should know better that he can’t get mad at you for too long that’s like a punishment” Orion smiled.

“Thanks” Genny said and went in.

She passed the living room and went into the bedroom, Thane was really waiting.

“Thane” Genny called with a sad pout and immediately ran to hug him.

He hugged her back tightly.

“I missed you so much….I’m sorry I made you mad,I won’t do it again,I promise” Genny said.

Thane broke the hug.

“I spoke with father and mother” He said and Genny took her lips in.

“They probably h@ťě me now” She mumbled.

“You don’t expect me to call your name right? What do you even take me for?” Thane groaned.

“No,I’m sorry. You were really mad at me,,I didn’t know you would cover up for me” Genny mouthed.

“They didn’t ki|| anyone cruelly Genny,even if you choose not to believe,but my parents aren’t like that. My father is not that kind of alpha,,if he ki|| or punish,,it’s because that person deserves it..and besides I don’t even know your parents now,,maybe it would make things for easier for us” Thane said.

Genny shook her head.

“I shouldn’t have left this place,I wouldn’t have met with that woman and you wouldn’t have gotten mad at me” Genny muttered.

“It’s okay,,,,it’s cool now” Thane said and pulled her into a hug.

“I want to kiss you, I miss your lips” Genny said and broke the hug.

Thane pecked her lips shortly.

“That’s too short” Genny pouted.

“Wait here, I need to take my bath first” Thane said and left her there.

Genny exhaled and turned toward the bed when suddenly she saw a note on the nightstand,like a letter. Honestly she doesn’t mean to prey, she’s not ready to annoy Thane again but she was too curious to ignore.

She picked up the note and started reading…. Her eyes widened and her hands started shaking as she read it.


Genny literally froze. Thane has another mate? Aside her.

“No….no….” She shook her head,,unable to control the hot tears falling down her cheeks.