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The car sped madly to the cliff by itself, and Hazel’s life flashed across her teary eyes.

Kenzie’s lips did the corner twitch as he watched her, taking pleasure in her fear.

Maybe it’s a dysfunction or something else, but he loves seeing people scared, and she unfortunately made herself the right lab rat at the moment.

As the car neared the cliff edge, her cries got louder, and her hold on his shirt got tighter, almost strangling him, but he doesn’t care.

As a matter of fact, he’s not even feeling it.

How dare she?

How did she even find out about it when it’s a top secret that only his friends knew about?

Yes…he’s not Anna’s biological son.

His mother is Georgia who’s sick in the psychiatric ward, but how dare she throw it at his face when that mother is the person he h@ťěs most in the entire universe?

Animalistic fury surged through him, making his eyes redder.

It’s so out of control.

So raw.

Her pleads means nothing, he’d easily throw the two of them down the cliff, but nah…

Not now.

Maybe some other time, Georgia has to get better and suffer his wrath before he dies.

“Please please!! I beg you I’m at fault!!! I don’t wanna die!!!” Her pleads came again just when the car screeched at the edge.

He snapped his eyes away from her, grabbed the wheel and brought the car to a stop just when it was about to fall off.

The stones at the cliff edge fell to their demise, and the car struggled to stay balanced at the edge as hot, panicky breaths escaped Hazel’s lungs.

He looked at his shirt that she’s holding, and she slowly let go, her hand falling beside her as more tears fell from her eyes.

Kenzie left the car and stepped into the pouring rain.

She quickly got down too, and immediately she did, the car lost it’s balance on the edge, and it made a sharp sound as it fell down the cliff.

Hazel held her breaths, shaking so much as the rain beat her too.

She’s not tolerant to rain, and it’s worse right now cos only her right eye is working.

Her left eye is all blur, and she’s seeing nothing with it

“I…I think my left contact lens fell off…i can’t see …anything with the eye” she stuttered nervously as she stood still on her spot.

If she moves, she’d surely fall with one working eye.

Kenzie turned to her with an unhinged smirk, rolling his eyes slightly.

“You might actually be more interesting than I thought, sweetheart” he said, and she gulped, shaking more.

The rain kept getting heavier, and he took few steps closer to her.

Before she knew it, her neck was already in the middle of his palm.

He held it, not tight enough to hurt her though, but she held her breath nevertheless.

“Where did you hear it from?” He demanded, and her body tensed up so much.

“From an anonymous source” she lied, and he immediately tightened his grip on her neck, choking her.

She saw stars behind her closed eyes, and she made to hold on to his shirt again, but he grabbed her two hands with his second hand.

Her wrists are so slim that they fit perfectly into his palm, and though this ain’t the right time to think sideways, his palm is still so warm despite the rainwater on it.

Does he even have blood flowing through him?

That’s doubtable.

She almost fainted as he pushed her to the cliff edge, auctioning her for death.

“Please don’t let go of me!!” She begged desperately.

“The third time is the last time I ask. Where. Did. You. Hear. It. From?” He demanded, bending her towards the cliff again.

“From….from my mother! But she told me not to tell anyone I swear. It’s all my fault so wh@ťěver you’re gonna do, do it to me! Don’t involve her!” She pleaded, tears stinging her eyes.

He roughly let go of her, and she fell on the ground into a puddle.

He turned his back at once, and he left.

“I really can’t see well with one working eye. Don’t leave me here!!!” She cried out.

She stood but fell when she took the fifth step, and as if fate is against her, the second contact lens fell off.

Complete blur.

Everything moulded into one unending clog in front of her .

The lenses are fake cheap ones since that’s what her mum could afford, and contact with cold water makes them fall off, reason why she showers with warm water everyday.

“How do I get down here? How do I…

She stood and fell again, hurting her knees.

“I didn’t mean to say it. It was just a slip of tongue. I can’t believe i implicated my mom. My loudmouth” She wailed.

“We’re still gathering money for my eyes surgery, she can’t get fired…and now I’m stuck here with two blind eyes! My life!!” She cried like a kid, and when she tried to stand for the third time, she almost fell again, but she was caught by two strong arms, and a whiff of spicy carnation alerted her of who it is as the person picked her up in his arms.

“Kenzie? You came back?” She sniffled.

He started walking down the rocks, and she quickly held on to his shirt for balance, hiccuping as each of his heavy steps.

He’s so tall that she feels like a toy in his arms despite her blurry eyes, and the rain is starting to calm down now.

“Thank you” she muttered.

“Shut up” he replied harshly, and she bit her tongue so hard that it bled.

He got to the main road, and he placed her inside something.

The smell of expensive leather made her know it’s a car.

He didn’t say anything and didn’t get in the car with her before shutting the door.

The car roared to life and vibrated under here before moving, and she turned her head to the side.

“Who’s driving?” She muttered.

“Natty” the cherry voice replied.


“You shouldn’t have said that” Natty further talked.

“I know, it was so dumb of me, but he’s not innocent either” Hazel replied defensively.

“No one’s denying that. Remember what I told you the other time?” Natty replied.

“That he’s a diçk?” Hazel said.

“Mmm-mm. You shouldn’t let him notice you, cos the moment he does? You’re gone, even if you try to run. Yunno the scariest thing about Kenzie? He always chases” Natty elaborated.

“How have you guys been coping with him then? He doesn’t seem human” Hazel muttered.

“He’s one of us, and we’re used to him. Also, him carrying you out of the rocky area in his arms is the most humanly thing he has ever done, so maybe you hit a spot… congratulations” Natty chuckled, and Hazel reclined back into her seat.

“You should get surgery done on your eyes ” Natty said.

“Soon” Hazel replied as she drove into the estate.

She helped her into the annex, and they met Maria waiting outside worriedly already.

“Where have you been! And your eyes! What happened?” She asked quickly.

Natty only smiled before leaving, and Maria quickly took Hazel in.

They have loads of the cheap lenses stacked in a container, so Maria wore new ones for her, bringing her sight back.

She entered the bathroom for a warm bath almost immediately, and she came back with a guilty expression on her face.

“Can you tell me exactly what happened? Why were you with Natty? Wet, blind and all” Maria asked as she sat beside her in bed

“You have to forgive me, mum…I spilled the secret” she said.


“Yes, I mistakenly called him the son of a madwoman and I swear it was a slip of tongue” Hazel replied, and Maria spranged up with big eyes

“No Hazel, no you didn’t. Why would you say that! I told you the secret less than an hour ago and you already did this? You want me to get fired? I’m doing all I can to gather money for your eye surgery even when your father is not ready to acknowledge us. I’m doing everything for you Hazel”

“I promise to fix this mum, just trust me” Hazel quickly held her arms.

“How do you intend to fix things with him? Kenzie Torrance isn’t easy!” Maria scolded.

“I know that better than everyone, but I’ll still fix it…we won’t get fired, I promise” she said.

Maria sighed and sat back in bed.

“Cole dropped this for you” she gave her the plastic bag containing the phone.

“But I told him I wouldn’t take it!” She complained.



Getting back home, Katherine was already waiting in front of the house, looking pissed.

The rain stopped completely already, leaving drizzles in the atmosphere.

They were supposed to go on a date, but she cancelled it, so he decided to go see Hazel, but seems like she changed her mind cos she’s dressed up.

She opened the car door and got in before he could say anything.

“Kath I’m so sorry. I actually…

“Drive… just move already” she cut him off.


“I said move! You hear me? Fuçking drive! Ion wanna hear your voice!” She yelled, and he immediately zoomed down the road.

“You already said we weren’t interested in the date anymore” he said.

“Do you know you’re an idiot?” She blurted.

“What the fuvk! Kath!” He gasped.

“Yes you are! How dare you strand me at home when you know how I always feel on the edge on rainy days! I h@ťě you!!” She screamed.

“Calm down Kath, I…

“Stop talking it’s yucky!” She shouted.


He was cut off by a smack on his face.

She slapped him hard. “You deserve it!” She sneered.

He stopped the car in the middle of the road, and he stepped out

“What do you think you’re doing?” She said as he opened her side door.

“Get down!” He ordered, and she gasped.


“Get the fuvk!” He pulled her down and got back in the car.

“Cole! Cole you’re not leaving me here! Cole I swear to gawd! Cole!” She shouted, running after his car as he drove away.

“Seriously? Fuvk you!!” She shouted after him, diving her fingers in her hair before getting her phone.

“Screw him” she seethed, dialling Amber’s line since her house is close.

“Hey kid sis!” Amber’s voice came.

“I’m stranded in your street, I need you to come for me” she replied and hung up.

She only had to wait for five minutes before Amber’s car showed up, and she jumped in

Amber drove to her place, and they stepped into the house together.

Amber and Katherine Steel, daughters of the powerful Steel family.

Their father Adonis Steel is a dangerous drug Lord. He leads a syndicate called The Devils.

They’re known in New York and beyond, he’s a criminal who’s even feared by the government, and that is why the girls are revered wherever they step.

Amber is three years older than Katherine though

They’re 19 and 22 respectively.

“Cole left you in the middle of that fuçking road? You should tell father about it” Amber said.

“No I don’t have to, I’ll take care of him myself. His father’s company wouldn’t bloom without my father’s influence so I know just what to do” Katherine smirked.

“Good, hey idiot!” Amber called, and her maid came running.

“A cup of warm coffee for my sis, you know how she likes it” she ordered.

“Yes miss!” The lady rushed back into the kitchen.

“So…. how’s it going with you and the Kenzie guy? Heard he’s back in the country” Katherine asked, crossing her legs

“Here” Amber showed her Kenzie’s unending texts on her phone, and Katherine started laughing.

“For real? This guy is ready to die for you and you didn’t even reply one of his hundreds messages?”

“He needs to know how it’s done. I’m not a cheap wh-_-re, but the fact check is that…he’s mine” Amber winked.

“I trust your abilities, big sis … You got over Erika so quickly too” Katherine smiled.

“Hope is still crying over her, but I never liked her when she was alive anyways. She almost overshadowed me in the band and was even more popular despite the fact that I am the leader… RIP to her” Amber rolled eyes.

Katherine laughed, taking her coffee from the maid.

“Good riddance”



A black Maybach halted slowly under a tree, and three guys masked in black came out of the car.

They stood in front of a storey building, studying it intently for a heartbeat.

They climbed up the stairs after one minute, and one of them shot the door down with a silent gun.

The door fell off it’s frame, and the three stepped in.

The house belongs to the four guys who touched Natty at the warehouse earlier, the four are currently on different couches, resting with wounded faces from Natty’s bashing.

They spranged up immediately the visitors came in, and when the three took off their black masks, they’re exactly who you think.

Miguel, Eminem, and Kenzie.

“No! Not again! The girl beat us blue black earlier!” One of the guys protested, hiding behind the others.

“Too bad we do everything together, so if she left her marks on you, you receive ours too” Eminem chuckled.

“But that’s bullshit! Who the fuvk are you guys and what do you…

Before that one could land, Kenzie picked a fork lying on their table and threw it at him.

He tried to dodge, but who’s he kidding?

The fork got his right eye, and blood covered his face.

“Ah! God! Ahhhh!!!” He fell between the others, holding the bleeding eye tightly.

The other three began wetting their trousers, shifting to the wall as Kenzie took slow, poisonous steps towards them.

“You sure you wanna know who we are?” He smiled, his usual sadistic one.

“Pl.. please…” The one in the front stuttered fearfully, unable to look Kenzie straight in the eyes.

“Ever heard of Devils Gang?” Kenzie tilted his head, and their eyes widened in horror.

“Too bad, this will be the last time you’d be seeing them” Kenzie muttered, and before that one could process it, he removed the fork from the dying one and shoved it into his eyes.

Another loud yell of pain filled the house as he fell on the ground with a bloody face.

Kenzie left the house, leaving the remaining two for Eminem and Miguel.

He could hear their screams registering in the air till he got to the car, threw himself on the seat and took a dose of serotonin before shutting his eyes.

Thankfully, they were available to purge his anger, and he used them well.

He got his phone and requested for Hazel Queens information from his Informator, and it didn’t take one minute before everything about her appeared on screen.

He was about to start reading when Eminem and Miguel joined him, so he had to stop.

“You feel better now?” Miguel asked.

“Of course. Only Kenzie Torrance needs to see blood to feel better, and those dudes were the right sport. d@mn! I need some good sèx tonight! I should have my fill of New York girls before we return to school” Eminem said freely, throwing gum into his mouth.

“Cole?” Miguel said, resting back on his seat.

“I’ll take care of him myself” Kenzie replied curtly, driving off.

Getting back to the estate, they met Natty waiting already.

“Anna wants us to eat with everyone at the main mansion tonight” she reported.

“Ain’t in the mood to stuff my face” Kenzie replied and left them

“Didn’t he see blood? I expect him to cool down by now” Natty said.

“You know how crazy he gets whenever his mother gets involved, just leave him. He’ll get over it” Miguel replied, and they all went back to the main mansion.

Hugo and Anna were already seated in the dinning room with Lee.

“Where’s Kenzie?” Anna asked.

“He’s not interested in dinner” Eminem chirped.

“Did something happen?” Hugo asked.

“He doesn’t need anything for his crazy mood swings, they just happen naturally. To think I haven’t even had a talk with him since he arrived” Lee complained.

“He’ll come around, you should be used to it by now” Natty said, and Anna sighed.

Maria and Hazel came out of the kitchen with trays of dinner, and within three minutes, the table was set.

Hazel wondered where Kenzie is immediately, and till she left the mansion with Maria, she was restless.

She didn’t follow her to the annex, she went straight to the second mansion and pushed the door open slowly, expecting to meet him in the living room, but she was disappointed.

He’s nowhere to be found.

However, she could perceive nicotine in the air, and she traced the smell to a wide passage.

She opened the only door she saw, and she was surprised to see it led to the back of the mansion where a pool is.

She could hear bubbly sounds as she moved closer and closer, and the smell of cigarettes got stronger, almost choking her.

She finally saw him, and she stopped.

He’s floating inside the pool, and she almost screamed, but when she saw him move, she sucked in a breath.

He opened his eyes and raised his head, then he stood in the water which stopped at his chest.

Their eyes mirrored, and she gulped, hoping she’d get on his good side tonight.

He said nothing, but his eyes are expressive, so she’s smart enough to tell he’s asking what she’s doing here.

“I…I I’m sorry about earlier. I shouldn’t have… I shouldn’t have said that” she said, getting back her voice.

His lips twitched, and water cascaded from his hair to his chest, back to the pool.

He remained wordless, just staring blankly.

Hazel moved closer to the poolside, and his eyes moved to her toes…they look so small and fragile, then her wounded knees…. they’re still so red.

She’s wearing a black tulle skirt, and it stopped right on top of the knees.

“Say something…” She said, and he looked back to her face slowly.

“I’m disappointed..” he said, loud enough for her to hear.

“Huh? Disappointed?” She blinked.

“Thought you were brave, you should have played along and continue the game” he raised his brows.

“It’s not about bravery. It’s about who I really am. I’m not an unapologetic person. I know when to say sorry and I don’t hurt people to please myself” she muttered, and that sadistic smile painted his lips again.

“Get in” he said, his tone changing immediately.

“Get in…where? I can’t swim cos of my eyes, and even if I can…I can’t swim with you and…

“Get in, Evergreen” he interrupted dominantly, and she gulped.

“You won’t tell Madam Anna about what I said?” She asked, and he ducked into the water, swimming fast to her.

One minute, she was standing by the poolside, the next minute, he pulled her leg, and she fell in with him.

Involuntary sounds left her mouth as she struggled hard to balance, and surprisingly, the water is warm.

She quickly held his hair since it’s the only thing available to hold, breathing hard as their eyes mirrored yet again.

His right hand are around her waist.

Sadism roamed his eyeballs, but with a mixture of something else she can’t quite pinpoint.

She gulped nervously, still holding on to his hair.

“You successfully got my attention, sweetheart. You’re interesting” he said, and her heart skipped beats

“What are you gonna…do to me?” She stammered, and he leaned in.

She tried to lean back, but he pushed her head back to himself with his second hand, making her gasp.

“Ken… Kenzie…

“You look so fuçking breakable, I wanna break you, mark you till you’ll cry out for help” he muttered devilishly, brushing his thumb on her soft earlobe.

Hazel couldn’t breathe as he continued his toxic declaration.

“Don’t…hurt me”

“We decide that after i help with your tendency” he replied, releasing her hair to come to her blouse.

The water stilled around them, and tingles beaded her skin.

Before she knew it, he already pulled up the blouse, revealing her breàsts in their pretty little cups.

Oh no!