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“The power bank, now” he said, his voice dropping harshly like a time bomb.

For a minute, Hazel’s feet couldn’t move, she didn’t cut the eye contact either.

His eyes aren’t only devoid, but also empty, like someone who has been to the pit of hell and back.

He looks mad scary like this

She finally found the strength to carry her legs, breaking the eye contact as she went for the door.

He didn’t move his body from the frame, so she looked up to find his eyes still on her….she almost shrunk.

“I’ll give it to you…I didn’t steal it…I only found it under the car” she said in a mutter and even got surprised that she didn’t stammer.

His eyes rummaged her face, and she gulped, holding the green towel to her body again.

“Is green your favorite color?” He asked the question she wasn’t expecting, and she quickly returned her eyes to him.


“Repeating ain’t my thing” he replied, his voice filling the room.

“Yes….I loved green since I was little” she replied slowly, and she could swear that she saw a twitch at the corner of his lips.

Did he just smile?

Before she could figure that out, he stepped aside, and she quickly rushed to the bed.

The pillow already covered the power bank, so she pushed it away and got it, bringing it to him.

He took it from her, and when his hand touched hers during the exchange, she couldn’t help the heat that cracked on her wet skin.

He turned his back to walk out of the room…

“Still… it’s not… It’s not cool to walk in on a girl bathing. You even puked on me last night and…it ruined my blouse” she said, and he halted to turn back immediately.

His eyes are calmer now.

She batted her lids, water dripping from her towel to the spot she’s standing on.

“You want an apology?” He talked unexpectedly again, and she held the hem of her towel gently.

“That’s what normal humans…do” she muttered.

“You’re fuçking dumb if you think I’m normal” he smirked and did the corner lip twitch thing again before stepping out of the room.

Hazel fought the tears in her eyes as she walked to her small wardrobe.

“I’m not dumb, I know you’re an anomaly. No normal human behaves like you… bastard” she muttered, opening her wardrobe annoyingly.

To think he walked in on her in the bathroom, that’s the most concerning part.

Did he see her touching herself?

Gawd! She can’t get humiliated like this.

“Did Kenzie come for his power bank already?” Maria asked as she entered the room.

Hazel didn’t reply, so she quickly squatted in front of her.

“Are you ok?” She asked.

“Why did you tell him about the power bank? Now he came here and…

She stopped talking at this point, swallowing her remaining words.

She can’t possibly tell her mum about it. If she does, she’d find out about her tendency, and she has been trying so hard to keep it from her.

“And what?” Maria asked.

“Nothing…he got the power bank already, and I’m visiting Penny today” she replied.

“It’s fine, dress up baby” Maria kissed her cheeks.



After going to the second mansion for his salty meal with his friends, Kenzie returned to his room for his bath.

He has an appointment with his therapist this morning, and there’s another thing in the menu for the afternoon, so today is sure gonna be busy.

His phone is in hand as he stood in front of his trophy shelf, watching the awards with an obsessed glimmer in his eyes.

There’s no stopping to his debauchery, he’s a jerk who breaks hearts and collects them in a jar to feed his demons with.

And as much as he doesn’t want to notice a particular someone, that someone is doing everything in her power to make herself get noticed.

Weather knowingly or unknowingly, he doesn’t know and he’s not even ready to fuçking know, but all he knows that if she keeps up the brave front she’s putting on, she’d get hurt, and he’d gladly break her in pieces.

Evergreen Hazel….the maid’s daughter.

He twitched his lips, grabbing one of the trophies.

He was rolling his fingers on her crown when his phone dinged.

He retrieved it to see a segzt from Christine, the girl he was fuçking before he left for college last year.

He clicked on the pictures, watching her tits and cûnt with dark, unhinged eyes for minutes before dropping the trophy and the phone at the same time.

He stripped off his clothes, put on his bathrobe before entering the bathroom.



“Blimey! You didn’t tell me you’d be coming!” Penny gushed when Hazel showed up at her doorstep.

“Surprise” Hazel replied, entering the small living room with her.

Penny’s parents run a coconut farm, so they’re living comfortably even if they’re not rich.

They’re just ok.

She’s the only daughter too just like Hazel.

“So … Tell me about the demigod in your house!” Penny winked, sitting on Hazel’s laps.

“Demigod my foot! Just serve me water first” Hazel rolled eyes, pushing her off herself.

“Coming!” Penny winked again, rushing into the kitchen to get her a cup of chilled coconut water.

Hazel downed it all at a go, and Penny took a deep breath, blinking her eyes funnily.

“I’m listening”

“There’s nothing appetizing about that douchebag, trust me. He fuçking puked on me last night when he arrived” Hazel recounted.

“What! Meaning he came close to you? Did he hold you? How did his touch feel? Heard he has beautiful fingers, is it true?” Penny gasped.

Hazel couldn’t believe her ears

“Seriously? I just said he puked on me and the only thing in your mind is his d@mn fingers? He even walked in on me this morning during my bath!”

“OMFG! How did it happen? You mean to tell me Kenzie Torrance saw your nakedness?” Penny literally jumped.

“Only my backside” Hazel replied.

“You should create an IG account and post it there, girl! You just achieved what many girls are dying to get!” Penny shouted.

“You’re sick, Penny. I shouldn’t have trusted you to take my side” Hazel rolled eyes, drinking from her coconut.

“Now that we’re on it, why don’t you snap some unaware pictures of him for me?” Penny smiled.

“No…a big no…I don’t even have a good phone and even if I do, i’m not doing that. I’d rather snap a unicorn” Hazel stood.

“Please please… please” Penny started bugging her around.

“Thought you had a crush on Cole, what’s with this sudden likeness for Kenzie?” Hazel scoffed.

“I liked Cole when Kenzie was out of the country, but now that he’s back, please snap his pictures secretly for me ok? Please please” Penny continued.

Hazel smiled widely but returned to her serious face in the space of a second.

“Nah” she insisted.



Hazel had to come visit the hospital after leaving Penny’s place.

This is the only time she can come without gaining Maria’s suspicion.

She checked the cash in her small purse and prayed inwardly for sufficiency.

“I’m here for Dr. Dora” she told the nurses she met at the reception.

“Miss Hazel Queens?” One of them answered.

Hazel quickly nodded.

“She has been waiting…go this way” she pointed at the closest hallway, and Hazel went down.

She pushed the office door open and met the female doctor sitting readily on her desk.

“Look who we have here, Cheeks” she smiled cheerfully.

“It’s been a while since I came” Hazel smiled back, taking her seat in front of her.

“Have you tried talking to your dad recently?” She asked.

Hazel’s expression changed immediately.

“Can we not talk about fathers?” She replied sullenly.

“I’m sorry if I poked a sensitive subject, what are you here for this time?” Dr. Dora shifted closer.

“I was able to gather some money, about 13 thousand dollars. If you could just prescribe a drug that works for me…” Hazel said, emptying all the cash in her purse on the table.

The doctor has a pitiful look on her face as she watched her.

“If it’s not enough, I can work hard to make it 20 dollars, just…

“Do you want me to lie to you? I’ve always told you it can’t be worked on. It’s a tendency, and it started since you experienced what you experienced when you were young. It’s not that bad, you should learn to live with it” Dr. Dora interrupted.

“It’s totally bad, doctor. It feels good to touch myself during my bath, but I don’t like it one bit. I’m not a freak and I don’t want it to grow worse…I can’t even tell my mum cos I’m ashamed” Hazel shook her head.

The woman smiled before shifting close to caress her cheeks.

“Hazel. You’re a very pretty girl, and we both know you’re not a bîtch. It’s just a tendency, and it’ll stop if you manage it well, but for the main time, try bathing with gloves on”

“Will that work?” Hazel hopefully asked.

“Give me feedback” Dr. Dora smiled.

She left for a surgery session afterwards, and Hazel left the office, hoping for good results with the gloves.

She was deep in thoughts as she walked down the hall when she suddenly saw someone.

The sight made her snap out of her thoughts, and she quickly hid behind a wall.

She peeped out of there to look again

It’s Kenzie!

He’s walking down the hall with a female doctor behind him, and the nurses in the hall are busy gawking, pushing their breàsts to his face for attention.

He didn’t even look sidewards. According to rumours, he’s too picky for a playboy, and he’s a fuçking narcissist.

His weirdness never ends

Hazel tiptoed out of her hiding place and secretly followed him till he entered an office with the doctor.

She was stunned to see THERAPY SESSION ON in front of the office.

He does therapy?

Of course he should, he needs it for his screwed head.

She left the place with a tired sigh, and her phone dinged…it’s a message from Penny.

Her eyes widened to her temples immediately she read it.

It says: CADENCE is holding an audition on Friday to take in two new members in Erika’s place.

If she attends the audition with Penny, and they get chosen, will their lives change?

Before that, where is she gonna get money for proper audition outfit???



Built to look like a normal house, the Warehouse is like Kenzie’s spot to purge out his never-ending frustrations.

It belonged to Hugo, his father, but he literally snatched it from him and built it to his taste for his own use

Even in his absence, rugged members of his crew are always present, making the house loud.

It’s like that presently.

He came here directly from the hospital to finish what he started last year.

His belt was hanging loose in the metal as he came downstairs with Christine, a plus size girl whose hair is in a balayage.

They just finished an intense round of sèx, and she’s sweating profusely.

Miguel, Eminem and Natty are seated on a table in the middle of the crowdy warehouse, watching them and awaiting the drama.

Eminem has his camera set on the ceiling, recording them.

“You’re not gonna call it off right here, right?” Christine suddenly faced Kenzie.

“Why ask if you already know?” He replied with a poker face.

“But you only just arrived back in the country. Give me two more weeks and I’ll willingly let you go by then, I promise ” she begged.

“I call the shots, not you” he replied, and a tear slipped out of her eyes.

“I love tears” he smiled sadistically.

She turned back at once, rushing out as she wiped her falling tears.

Almost immediately, a bartender appeared with a trophy award on a tray for him.

“Who sent this?” Kenzie asked as he took it.

“Didn’t see the face, he was masked, and he left that way” the bartender pointed.

Kenzie went that way, and as usual, he met no one.

This is how he has been getting the awards since the start.

Everytime he dumps a girl, no matter the location, the award comes from a stranger like this, and they always say it’s from a masked man.

This is the 96th, and he still can’t figure it out no matter how hard he tries.

“Yo! Is that the 96th? I’m proud of you spawn!” Eminem appeared with Miguel, grinning as he took the trophy from him.

“It hits different to have a popular diçk, mate” Miguel laughed.

“Where’s Natty?” Kenzie replied, and when they noticed her absence, they returned to the house and met a new scene.

She’s in the middle of like four men, smashing their faces in the dust.

She’s thrashing them like her kids, and their faces are smudged with blood, even the tables.

Another punch from her pile-drove the fourth man to the middle of the crowd who’re watching with total shock

Natty was about to go for the men again when Miguel and Eminem stepped in to take her

“No they touched me first… I’m not their kinda bîtch so they should learn to keep their pènis in their fuçking pants!” She shouted, struggling with them as they took her.

Kenzie made sure to mark the faces of the four guys before joining his friends outside.

Natty was still struggling to her back in, but he blocked her dominantly.

She backed down.

“No one can find out we’re from Devils’ Gang, remember that and cool down” Kenzie said.

Eminem rubbed her back, and she inhaled.

Miguel took her bag, and they left the warehouse.



“You should taste these pancakes, baby. They taste so good” Maria said, coming in with a bowl of it.

Hazel arrived since an hour ago and has been napping.

“I made it for Lee and these are the remnants” Maria settled it on the bed, and Hazel sat up, bandind her hair in a ponytail before picking one to eat.

“Tasty” she nodded, and Maria smiled.

“I saw Kenzie at the hospital earlier, with a therapist” Hazel said before she could stop herself, and she instantly bit her tongue.


“You went to the hospital? Why?” Maria’s eyes widened.

“Oh… Penny has a sick friend over there so I followed her to visit” she quickly lied, and Maria calmed

“Don’t tell anyone what I’m about to say…” She said.

“What?” Hazel shifted closer.

“Actually… Madam Anna isn’t Kenzie’s real mother” Maria whispered.

“What!” Hazel’s eyes widened.

“His real mother was boss’s first wife, but i think something happened to her head somehow, she’s currently in the psychiatric hospital” Maria muttered, and Hazel covered her mouth.


“Shhh” Maria hushed.

“Shh” Hazel replied.

“Need to go start preparing dinner. Join me in the kitchen later” Maria stood and left the room.

Hazel still couldn’t close her mouth at the newly discovered secret.

She suddenly got Cole’s text that he’s in front of the estate, so she rushed out of the annex and did the three minutes run to the big gate.

Cole stood beside his blue sports car with a handsome smile on his soft features, and she smiled immediately she saw him.

“Hazie” he beamed, and she walked into his arms, hugging him.

He intended to tighten it, but she quickly broke it when she felt her breàsts smudging him.

“Rich boy… it’s been a while” she said.

“A while? You didn’t even allow me to see you throughout this week” he frowned.

“That’s because you need to spend time with your girlfriend. I’m just a friend yunno?” She shrugged.


He was cut off when his phone beeped. He fished it out to see a text from his girlfriend Katherine.

Katherine: Where the fuvk are you?

He turned off the phone and pocketed it.

“You should leave, I’m sure that’s her, and besides…it looks like it’s gonna rain anytime soon” Hazel said.

“She can wait” he replied, opening his car door.

He brought out a plastic bag containing a boxed new phone…

“I’ll never receive things from you, Cole” she immediately said.

“Do you h@ťě rich guys this much?” He said as his arms dropped.

She hasn’t replied when Kenzie’s car drove in, but it stopped right beside them.

Kenzie came down with his friends, and surprisingly, they’re all looking at Cole like wolves looking at a calf, ready to devour.

“Kenzie Torrance” Cole said freely, and Hazel snapped her eyes at him.

“You know…each other?”

“Why not? We’re in the same college, same department. We receive same lectures, I mean all of us” Cole replied.

“Baron college?” Hazel blinked, and Cole nodded.

“What the fuvk are you doing in my house, Cole?” Kenzie questioned, darting his eyes to Hazel for a second.

“He’s my friend…he came to see me” she said.

“The question wasn’t for you” Kenzie replied, trying hard not to explode

His veins were literally pounding in his blood, the sight of Cole ticking him to the core.

“But I have the right to answer since he came to see me” Hazel insisted, and Cole smiled.

Eminem chuckled. “Isn’t she interesting?”

“Told you I like her” Natty crossed her arms.

Miguel said nothing.

“This will be the last time you step foot here … It’s not a suggestion” Kenzie spoke with a note of finality and started walking back to his car with his friends.

“Madam and Boss gave me the approval that I can welcome my friends outside here. At least I didn’t bring them in, and you can’t change that” Hazel said Kenzie turned back.

“Go against it, and you’ll find out just how abnormal I can be” he said with cutthroat meanness before resuming his walk

“Your personality isn’t a surprise anymore, I don’t expect less from the son of a madwoman” she said before realizing, and she regretted it immediately.

The atmosphere stilled, and Kenzie came to a stop., his eyes darkening to the pit of his iris.

His friends couldn’t hide their shocks too, their features showed it.

Cole looks surprised at the new secret, and Hazel looks shocked ar her own outburst.

“I…I didn’t…mean…

Her heart jumped out of her chest when he took five fast steps to her.

He grabbed her hand, and when Cole tried to stop him, he flipped Cole away so easily.

Cole landed on his car bonnet, and Kenzie pushed Hazel into the car.

“You’re about to witness what a madwoman’s son can do” he muttered, not sparing her a glance before zooming down the road.

The speed was out of this world cos he stepped completely on the accelerator.

The car was literally flying on the road, and Hazel’s head almost flew off her neck.

“Stop the car! Stop please!! Kenzie stop!!! Kenzie!!!!”

She began crying before she knew it, and it got worse when it started raining.

He almost hit close to four cars, but he avoided them narrowly each time, speeding like he’s on fuçking drugs.

Hazel’s head bumped on the window, and she almost peed on her skirt.

“Please stop!!!! stop already!!!” Her cries came again, but who’s she kidding?

Kenzie drove into a rocky area, and tears blinded her eyes when she saw a cliff in front of them.

“No… no please don’t…. don’t do it Kenzie I swear it was my fault!!!” She cried again, but it’s like his ears are blocked.

His eyes are red on focus, his forearm veins mapping his arm and his lips twitched in a smirk.

He didn’t stop….he kept zooming for the cliff, and Hazel quickly held his shirt in the front.

“We’re gonna die!!!” She cried shakily.

“A madwoman’s son should behave like one, sweetheart” he replied darkly and released the steering, enabling auto-drive.

The car sped madly to the cliff by itself, and Hazel’s life flashed across her teary eyes.