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By the time Bluey woke up, she found herself on Kaine’s bed,increasing the shocking moments in her life. How did she get there? She really won’t believe that Kaine actually carried her by himself and put her on his bed…to sleep.

Bluey saw the time on the wall clock and gasps,it was 7:30pm. Just as she was sitting there,her tummy started making noise and she realized she haven’t eaten all day. Getting out of bed,she discovered she was naked as well.

“Oh no” Bluey covered her face with her palms when she remember how he dealt with her some hours ago in the bathroom.

“Ouch” She gasped when she felt some slight pain as she tried to walk.

Just how hard did he f-__-ked her? She felt so crazily sore in between her legs,really sore but she still found her way out of the bedroom.

Kaine was not in the suite obviously,everywhere was so calm and quiet. She carried her naked self and walked into the dressing room,hoping she wouldn’t die this time around.

‘He won’t ki|| me right?’ She asked herself but couldn’t answer.

She started looking for what to wear, everything was looking super expensive that she was just too scared to pick one. Finally she settled for a white shirt,it was plain,different from all other ones looking customized and expensive,this one looks simple.

‘Bluey, prepare for the worst’ she told herself as she wore the shirt and left the dressing room.

She wouldn’t leave without his permission so she walked to the kitchen instead,thinking of what to cook for him…or maybe her as well.

After few minutes of thinking,she got to work,only wishing he wouldn’t get mad at her this time around since she didn’t ask him first.




Sunny was sitting down on the bed watching as Sapphire paced up and down the room.

“Can you at least calm down? I’m also furious here,that girl is spoiling things for me,you’re not the only one please” Sunny groaned and Sapphire faced her, her hands on her waist.

“Do you even know what you’re talking about right now?! There’s difference! That witch doesn’t want Axe! She’s all over my Kaine!!” Sapphire scresmed.

“And my Axe is all over her!! What’s the difference?! What! He totally changed toward me since that Ɓîtçh came into the empire!!” Sunny also screamed.

“We can’t be watching her this way,I will never let her take Kaine away from me forever,we need to come up with a plan, as soon as possible,seeing her everyday makes me sick Sunny,I feel like ki||ing her…I want her dead” Sapphire said.

“You don’t want her dead than me this moment,what’s your plan?” Sunny asked.

Sapphire bit her lips and sat down slightly on the bed, Sunny shifted closer to her as if to hear if she would be whispering.

“I’m going to destroy any little feeling Kaine might be having for her…once he starts to h@ťě her then her safe place is gone. He’s the only one who can save her from getting hurt in this place,she knows and that’s why she wouldn’t leave his side,she knows” Sapphire chewed on her teeth angrily and bit her lips.

“Good…so what’s the plan?” Sunny asked and Sapphire smirked at her.

“Not right now….just wait and watch how I’m going to get rid of that Ɓîtçh out of here….queen mother will do the job herself” She smiled wickedly.

“You think Kaine would listen to queen mother? Even?? You know Kaine do wh@ťěver he wants without fear” Sunny said,not totally convinced.

“That’s why we need to make Kaine h@ťě her first,so when queen mother want her out..Axe or Kaine won’t be able to say a word….and we will be able to have them to ourselves” Sapphire said and Sunny immediately hugged her.

“What am I ever going to do without you? Nothing” She said.

The door opened and Billie came in, they both separated and she raised her brows suspiciously.

“What’s going on here?” Billie asked.

“Just talking” Sapphire muttered and got up from the bed. .

Billie joined Sunny over there instead.

“You two were planning something right? Let me in also” Billie pouted. .

“Just talking about Bluey” Sunny scoffed.

“Oh…that girl is more cunning than I imagined, Sasha and Knife are her new friends” Billie scoffed.

“What?!” Sapphire’s eyes widened,she already took off her clothes.

“Unbelievable right? How could Sasha make friends with such girl?” Billie scoffed.

“She’s playing her games right,,now it won’t be easy to bully her” Sapphire said.

“I’m not planning to bully her….you heard what Kaine told me the last time,it’s a no” Sunny shook her head.

“He thr_@tened you two?? He said he’s going to cut off my hands” Billie said in shock.

“Gosh,,this is really crazy. For real” Sunny groaned.

Sapphire sighed and said nothing.

“You two should put on something segzy,let’s go out. I need to clear my mind” She mumbled before going into the bathroom.

Sunny and Billie smiled happily and also left the room to get dressed as well.




The door opened and the girl sitting on Axe’a Ďïčk looked up,but she didn’t stop even when Puma came in and quickly turned around.

“I’m sorry boss” He apologized and made to open the door.

“Don’t go” Axe ordered and he stopped.

“Get out” Axe pushed the girl off himself and put his Ďïčk back into his pants then zipped up.

The girl doesn’t look satisfied,she could ride his Ďïčk all day,however she put on her clothes and left the office,not without giving Puma a dangerous glare.

“What is it?” Axe questioned and Puma finally faced him.

“I got something from one of the guards of the underboss…you want to know the relationship improvement between him and Bluey” Puma began and Axe gave him a nod to go ahead.

“She’s been staying in his suite a lot,but last week was different,Bluey didn’t step in there,,and then today she was there…still there right now” Puma said.

“She wasn’t there last week?” Axe asked.

“Yes boss” Puma answered and Axe chuckled.

“That criminal brain of his” He continue laughing,knowing exactly what Kaine have in his mind.

“I’m going to meet queen mother by myself” Axe said.

“If I can’t have her,then he won’t have her either,never” He mumbled.


“Lady Clara!” Martha ran after her as soon as she saw her from afar.

“Why are you breathing so heavily!” Clara asked.

“Bluey haven’t returned back in the room since morning,I’m not seeing her anywhere around as well,I’m so worried…..”

“She’s in her masters suite definitely,you don’t have to worry yourself Martha, She will be fine” Clara said and Martha sighed out.

“I’m so glad,I thought something bad happened to her” Martha mumbled and touched her chest.

“Nothing is going to happen” Clara tapped her shoulder before walking away.

‘Is she seriously enjoying him so much now?’ Martha thought inwardly.

She sighed and followed her own direction toward their room.




Bluey was just about to finish up with dinner when she heard steps behind her,her heart skipped a beat and she quickly turned,her eyes meeting Kaine’s gaze on her body,the shirt she was wearing in particular.

“I’m sorry….I ….wore your shirt” Bluey apologized, she was biting her lips nervously and also fearfully. The way he was staring at her quietly added to her pain,why is he not saying anything to her.

His eyes just kept scanning her small body underneath his shirt,he could see her firm B-__-bs hiding inside there.

‘What’s with me and her B-__-bs?’ Kaine shook his head.

She was almost at the point of becoming breathless when Kaine spoke up.

“When will you finish that?” He asked.

“Huh?” Her eyes widened in confusion.

“I’m hungry” Kaine mumbled.

“Oh…I’m done…really done. I’m going to set the table,please go on” Bluey said.

Kaine stared at her again.

“You can start cooking for me instead if you want” He said.

“Really?! I would love that! I love cooking a lot” Bluey gushed happily.

“I don’t like noise,don’t be lousy” Kaine rolled his eyes and walked out of the kitchen.

Bluey bit her lips and sighed out,,that cold attitude of his. She scoffed before going to set up dinner for Kaine.

She heard him speaking on the phone with someone.

“You got her perfect size right?”

“Yeah….buy it”

‘Who is he buying something for?’ Bluey thought.


It was already 9pm when Sasha returned from her outing with Alex, he walked her to the front of her room and they both stopped.

“Thanks for today” Sasha smiled but Alex’s smile was more brighter.

“Thanks for going with me,I would have died if you rejected me” He said and Sasha chuckled.

“Stop that”

“Goodnight” Alex said softly and she nodded.

Alex moved closer to her and pecked her lips before leaving, Sasha bite her lips with red cheeks,she was about turning to go inside her room when she saw Kael staring at her from and angle.

She rolled her eyes abd ignored him,she opened her door and entered,trying to close the door but someone pushed it back and the door opened again. Kael came in.

“What are you doing here?” Sasha asked.

“Are you two dating now?” Kael asked and Sasha said nothing.

“Do you like him that much? You react so crazily when I kissed you but just now…..”

“He’s different,he didn’t force me….”

“I never intended to force you!” Kael snapped.

“You did anyway” Sasha glared.

“So now you’re dating him because he doesn’t force himself on you? I’m the bad person? You can’t even stay in the same space with me for thirty minutes without getting mad at me,I’m surprise to see you always smiling at him…am I so bad that….”

“Kael stop it….you’re messing with my head. You and I are nothing to begin with,we were never friends,I don’t even talk to you…….”

“I’ve always wanted to talk to you but you’ve been harsh from the start Sasha,you’ve always been harsh toward me…do you h@ťě me that much?” Kael asked a Sasha rolled her eyes.

“Leave,,I need to sleep” She mumbled.

“Answer my question before that,,,how is he better than me?…..”

“Can you stop asking me those silly questions?!” Sasha yelled.

“Because I’m dying to know why you prefer him to me!” Kael yelled back.

“I’m not dating him” Sasha said and Kael blinked.

“We are not dating,not yet…are you happy now?” Sasha hit his chest and pushed him in the process.

“I’m not planning to date anyone now,do you understand that language at least?! Do you?!!” She yelled and continue pushing his chest.

Kael grabbed her waist and slammed his lips on her own,,hardly not soft at all.

At first she was pushing him away but after he third attempt to push him off,she started kissing him back.

Kael pushed her against the wall and kissed her more deeply,claiming her waist in a possessive way as their tongues fought in their mouths.

The kiss was already about five minutes before Sasha came back to reality,she pushed Kael off and exhaled.

“What…..what was…that?” She stuttered.

“I kissed you and you kissed me back…something like that” Kael replied and wiped her wet lips.

“That was a mistake! It’s never going to happen again…don’t expect anything aside this” Sasha said.

“I won’t believe that….let’s see” Kael said and walked out of the room.

Sasha swallowed and fell on her butt,she roughed her hair as she thought about Alex….how they spent the whole day together,how nice he was to her and how he could only peck her lips…but Kael.

“I guess i’m going crazy….really crazy” She gulped.




Bian tiptoed into the pool hall,he knew Knife would be there swimming as usual,he came to watch her but this time secretly,He’s bored but not ready to exchange words with her right now.

He continue tiptoeing but was surprised when he found the pool empty.

“What…she’s not here?” He sounded so disappointed.

“Are you pervert? Tiptoeing to spy on me?” Knife asked from the back and Bian froze,his heart almost stopped working.

“Don’t die yet,just kidding” Knife scoffed and walked pass him.

She got to the pool edge and snapped out of her blouse first.

Bian’s eyes widened and he quickly turned.

Knife chuckled.

“Such a kid” She mumbled.

“I’m trying to be a gentleman! There’s nothing like kid here please!” Bian groaned.

“Gentleman? In this empire? Are you kidding me?” Knife asked.

“Are you saying I should just watch you undressing?” Bian asked.

“I wasn’t going to put on tbe clothes while swimming,you came to watch me right? What’s the difference?” Knife askef and Bian faced her back.

She was now in her pantie and bra, Bian gulped.

Knife dived into the pool and Bian’s eyes followed her,she stayed under water for about two minutes before bringing her head out,breathing hard.

“Wow! That was so cool” Bian clapped.

“I can do five minutes” Knife smirked.

“I believe you…but don’t do it” Bian said and Knife chuckled.

“Why are you here to watch me?” She asked.

“I….just…’s nothing” Bian said and Knife chuckled.

“Okay” she mumbled and started swimming, Bian just stood there staring at her.

Bian suddenly heard some steps coming.

“This place is totally booked! For now!” He said loudly and Knife raised her brows.

Soon the people coming left without showing their faces, Bian exhaled.

“Why did you do that? It’s not booked……”

“During general pool parties…..I’ve never seen you without clothes” Bian said.

“Because I was never interested,but not anymore” Knife nods.

“Still….that mean I’m the first to see you this way……I want it to remain this way for a while. Please” Bian mumbled and Knife raised her brows.

“Why?” She asked.

“Because you look hot” Bian said and Knife laughed.

“Hey kiddo,,did you smoke cannabis?” She asked.

“Stop taking me as a joke,it’s annoying” Bian said.

“I’m not annoying….”

“Yes you are!”

“I’m not..”

“You are!”

The argument continued.




Bluey was on her way to Kaine’s suite,for cleaning as usual, she was walking through the enclosed passage way,anytime she passes through this place she always get the sweet cold breeze,,the glass wall surrounding her always make her feel calm.

“Tada!” Martha suddenly hugged her from the back and Bluey turned.

“Wow,,I woke up to see you left the room already. What are you up to?’ She asked.

“I’m going toward your direction” Martha said.

“Oh” Bluey nodded and they started walking together,conversing at the same time.

Just then,they saw Kaine coming over,his bodyguards behind him,Fang was walking beside him.

Every maids walking immediately stopped to blow,including Martha and Bluey.

Suddenly out of nowhere, Sapphire ran over to Kaine and jumped on him,hugging him in the process.

The maids almost gasp at the show, Bluey blinked and swallowed,she couldn’t take her eyes off because Kaine actually held Sapphire’s back,even when she started kissing his cheeks.

“That’s enough….Sapphire” Kaine groaned.

“You seriously got me those shoes for real? I can’t believe it,I love them so much!” Sapphire exclaimed.

“I was really sad because couldn’t hang out yesterday as planned,but you got me a gift” Sapphire smiled.

The maids waiting started walking away one after the other.

Kaine’s eyes met with Bluey’s own and he could have sworn he saw her looking both angry and sad….that’s the first time he would see such expression on her face,the first time.

Bluey looked away from him and walked away.

“So will you hang out with me again?” Sapphire asked.

“No,I will be too busy for that….but I will think about it” Kaine said softly and Sapphire blushed.

“Then….I will see you later” She kissed his cheek and walked away happily.

Meanwhile, Axe and Queen mother was watching the whole drama from another building.

“That bastard….what is he trying to do?” Axe fold his fist.

“What do you mean? He’s finally softening to your sister” Queen mother said with a little smile.

“So suddenly?…..”

“Leave Axe….you really came to tell me Kaine have feelings for his doll because she’s wearing his shirt? What about you and Sunny? She’s your doll but you treat her like a girlfriend! She even have a nice room and she changes her wardrobe every time! Kaine is not doing any of that yet,you should learn from him and stop f-__-king every girls in the empire around!” She yelled at Axe.

Axe glared at her and walked away.

Back to Kaine,he was already walking with Fang.

“Boss…what’s going on? I still don’t understand why you’re sudden doing all these” Fang said.

“The only way to keep her alive here…..for now” Kaine mumbled but Fang was still confused…he decided not to ask more anyway.


“What are you talking about? I thought we had a plan” Sunny said,after listening to what Sapphire was blabbing.

“I must be mistaken,, My Kaine doesn’t care about that witch one bit,he doesn’t. Have you seen the f-__-king shoes he got for me because we couldn’t go outing yesterday? He saw me checking them out last week….they are super expensive but he got them for me” Sapphire hugged herself.

“So?! What about me?! If Kaine gives up on her then Axe would have more reasons to take her?! What about me!” Sunny screamed.

“We can figure that out later” Sapphire smiled.




Bluey just finished cleaning up the whole suite,she sat down on the couch with tired body and heavy hearts.

The image if Sapphire pouring kisses all over Kaine’s face kept replaying in her head and she didn’t know when she started tearing up silently.

“Jerk….jerk” she mumbled tearfully,she sniffs as she stared at her own shoes,already looking tattered and old.

“Jerk” She said again and cried more loudly.

“Jerk!” She cried out.

“I h@ťě him….a lot….liar….all yours my foot”

She kept crying,her eyes all red.

“Devil…devil” she mumbled.

“Really?” The voice asked and she flinched when she saw Kaine standing in front of her.

Bluey immediately wiped her tears.

“I’m sorry for crying” She mumbled.

“And why are you crying?” Kaine asked calmly.

‘How can he remain calm in this situation?!’ Bluey screamed inwardly.

“It’s stupid crying this way when you say anything” Kaine said.

“I’m sorry for being stupid” Bluey muttered and stood up but Kaine pushed her back,making her sit down again.

She looked up at Kaine and tears kept pouring out of her eyes.

“I’m really stupid…….stupid…..” she mumbled,sniffing.

Kaine ignored her and bent in front of her, Bluey gulped,eyes widened.

“I’m glad you know you’re stupid” Kaine said and dropped the package in his hand on the floor,,Bluey didn’t even notice he was holding it all these while.

She sat down still…..waiting for what’s next.

Kaine opened the box, revealing a pair of brand new shoes..silver color,the bulbs reflection on it made it shine bright.

Bluey gasped,with eyes blurry with tears.

“Master….” She stuttered.

Kaine took off the tattered sneakers on her legs and started wearing her the new ones.

“I….I will wear them myself….” She tried holding his hand but Kaine held her foot tighter and looked up,Bluey also looked down.

“Don’t act nice now……you said I’m a jerk” He said and Bluey swallowed.

“I’m sorry…..I’m sorry” She cried.

Kaine ignored her and continue putting the shoes on for her.