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Bluey was sitting down on the couch in Kaine’s bedroom, her legs crossed and her hands on her laps, Kaine ordered her to wait and it’s almost twenty minutes already without him showing up,she was beginning to get worried again.

‘Just calm down Bluey, he’s not weak like you!’ Dhe cautioned herself.

Thinking about that,shortly after Kaine came in and she immediately stood up.

“Master” She bowed.

Kaine’s eyes remained on her without uttering a word out,he walked pass her and went into the dressing room, Bluey bit her lips, is she in trouble??

Kaine came back in a different outfit,then finally faced her.

“Don’t do that again” His voice came out as a warning, a cold one.

Bluey gulped and immediately looked down.

“I h@ťě hugs, especially when they are done unnoticed, you are in no place to hug me, don’t delusional,I h@ťě it” Kaine said.

“I’m sorry….master” Bluey’s voice cracked.

“I…was just worried about……”

“And I h@ťě the way you cry, every little thing makes you cry I don’t like that either. If you want to continue coming here,work on your tears,it’s becoming annoying. Are you a kid?” Kaine scolded and Bluey immediately wiped her tears.

“Again, don’t ever try what you did tonight again, acting that way in front of anyway is too dumb, do you understand?” Kaine asked and Bluey nodded slowly,her face still down.

“Look up” Kaine ordered and she raised her head, her face was so dull but she’s not tearing up as usual.

“You’re not allowed to come here for now…….”

Bluey’s eyes widened.

“Please don’t throw me away for someone else,I promise to act more better from now on…you’re the only one I trust here” Bluey said,trying not to cry.

“I’m only giving you a break,I won’t be needing you for now. I will call you back by myself when it’s okay with me” Kaine said.

Bluey nodded slowly, with a complete sad face.

“You can go” Kaine told her.

Bluey bowed gently and slowly turned toward the door, she left the room.




Queen mother was inside the bathtub, her usual red wine in her hand,it was totally silent,only the bubbles inside the tub could be heard,they covered her perfect white skin body up leaving just her neck upward, she took a sip from her wine and dropped it on the handle.

Just then the door opened and one of her guards came in, he bowed in respect.

“I’m here queen mother” He said.

Queen mother sighed and run her fingers through her hair before speaking up.

“That girl” She started,but the guard was quick to catch up what she was talking about.

“Boss’s girl?” He asked.

“Kaine’s girl…..what is her relationship with Kaine like?” She requested.

“I’m not really sure queen mother, I guess just for segz as expected” The guard replied.

“Just for segz wouldn’t dare hug him” queen mother let out a scoff.

“What do you want me to do mama”

“Check if Kaine isn’t showing her a differently strange affection….it’s not allowed. It’s for the sake of the empire” She said.

“Consider it done queen” The guard bowed and simply walked out of the bathroom.

A light main escaped queen mother’s lips as she slides into the bubble water completely and then out again.


Bluey entered Clara’s room after getting the answer for her go come in.

“Good evening” Bluey greeted and Clara smiled at her.

“You’re here”

“You called for me….am I in trouble?” Bluey asked and Clara chuckled.

“Of course not, I have something for you” Clara said and brought out a small pack package,she gave it to Bluey and she immediately brought wh@ťěver’s inside out.

It’s a small package of drugs she doesn’t know about.

“What’s….this?” Bluey looked at Clara.

“Contraceptive pills” Clara replied and Bluey blinked,,of course she knows what they are meant for,but why would Clara buy her these?

As if Clara was listening to her thoughts,she spoke up.

“Your master requested for them,,he asked me to get them for you” she said and Bluey’s eyes opened more wider.

“Master?” She repeated and Clara nodded.

“The instructions on how to use is written inside, so don’t miss one, remember you can’t get pregnant here” Clara told her.

“But…..why?” Bluey asked lowly,it’s not as if she wants to get pregnant either,but the way Clara sounded,it’s as if pregnancy is a complete taboo here.

“I don’t think more explanation is needed,,you know what they do. Having a child is nothing but a distraction and trap,so be careful. I will advice you to start using them at once to avoid stories that touches the heart” Clara said.

“Thank you” Bluey mumbled and left the room at once.




Only the guys (gang members) are present, drinking and having fun, a low music was playing in the background, mixed with the sweetness of the dim light inside the place.

“When last did you guys had a good segz?” Tyson suddenly asked them and it was quiet at first.

“Wait, don’t tell me its what I’m thinking, did those girls reject you?” He asked.

“Are you forming right now? Answer that question first” Risky said.

“I seriously can’t remember” Alex said and Risky coughs.

“I’m not lying” Alex groaned.

“What about you?” Risky asked Tyson.

“Last night” Tyson smirked.

“Whoa!!” Bian clapped.

“Honestly,,I can bodlly say its the best segz I’ve ever had,,she was a f-__-king good rider,she sucked my Ďïčk like a lollipop” Tyson explained.

“Wow….can we hear more details?” Bian asked,looking more interested than everybody else.

“You don’t really have to make it obvious that you’re a virgin dude” Tyson tapped Bian and everyone bursts into laughter,even Kael couldn’t hold it back.

“Honestly this is not even that funny,,,this is bullying” Bian groaned.

“You can’t have segz until you’re twenty” Risky tapped Bian.

“Says who?” Bian shoved his hand off.

“Bian,are you for real? The last time we had a pool party, remember that segzy chick who was ready to go naked for you?” Risky asked and immediately everyone started laughing again because they all remember the story.

“I was eighteen then, please” Bian scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“And you’re nineteen now….should I remind you what happened??” Tyson asked,,still laughing.

“Let’s act it for him” Risky immediately came out together with Tyson.

“Okay,I’m Bian and you’re the hot chick” Tyson told Risky.

“But why can’t I be Bian?” Risky asked.

“Just do it” Tyson groaned.

Alex and Kael watched in anticipation, Bian was rolling his eyes,looking so pissed.

Tyson (as Bian) sat down on a chair,pretending as if it’s the pool edge. The Risky came forward and acted like he was removing a bra from his chest,then the B-__-bs bounced out.

“Ahhhhh!!!! I’m just eighteen please!!!” Risky screamed out in fake tears and faked a faint as well.

Kael and Alex laughed out loudly,including Tyson.

“Honestly,,,I didn’t mean to react that way….it was too sudden and it was my first time seeing such big B-__-bs” Bian tried to explain.

“You don’t have evidence guy….what are you going to do if you finally see a Pů$$¥?” Alex asked.

“It’s not as if I’ve not been seeing naked girls” Bian scoffed.

“I’m talking about the inside,that honeypot”Alex said.

“Stop it” Risky laughed and went to hug Bian who was already feeling bad.

“It’s not fair,guys stop bullying him” Tyson said.

“You started it” Risky groaned.

“I’m just trying to remind him” Tyson grinned.

“Oh right, I was going to ask Kael….I saw you coming out of Sasha’s room like two days ago,is something going On?” Tyson grinned.

“Don’t start again Ty,, I told you nothing is going on” Alex groaned.

“You can’t be so sure” Kael spoke up.

“Whoooooohh” Bian and Risky exclaimed.

“Meaning?” Alex frowned slightly.

“You heard me” Kael muttered and looked away.

“Don’t be delusional, you think Sasha likes you?” Alex scoffed.

“So you think she likes you either? You’re sounding annoying,you’re not her boyfriend so keep your peace” Kael scoffed and stood up,,he walked away.

Alex chuckled, a fake one though.

Tyson cleared his throat.

“Sorry I brought it up,,,I just…..”

“Shut up” Alex snapped and also went out.

“You’re sooooo annoying sometimes” Bian shook his head and also left with Risky.

“Are they serious right now?” Tyson muttered.


Bluey was walking toward her room,her face still down,the thought of not seeing Kaine for one week is making her feel somehow,or she might be lucky to see him from afar,still not enough.

“Hey” Someone suddenly called from the back and Bluey turned, Sasha waved at her with smiles playing knowing her lips.

“Hi” Bluey also smiled.

“You look sad,is something wrong?” Sasha asked.

“I’m fine” Bluey muttered.

“It’s all boring,so I was looking for someone to hang out with,are you busy?” Sasha asked and Bluey immediately shook her head.

“Then let’s go to my room, you don’t mind right?”

“I don’t” Bluey muttered.

“Let me tag along” Knife ran over to them,grinning.

“It’s you” Bluey smiled.

“Glad you remember me” Knife chuckled.

“You two know each other?” Sasha asked.

“Yesterday” Bluey replied.

The three of them walked over to Sasha’s room.

“Wow!! Cookies!!” Bluey exclaimed seeing the river of cookies on Sasha’s bed.

“You can eat as much as you want,,how about movie?” Sasha asked and Bluey immediately nodded.

“Since when did you start eating chocolate cookies?” Knife asked.

“You don’t even know anything about me, don’t act like we are friends” Sasha scoffed.

“I only allowed you in because of B” Sasha said and Bkuey chuckled.

“Am I B?” She asked.

“Yeah” Sasha chuckled.

The three of them settled on the bed when Sasha got a movie on Netflix.

“It’s been a while since I watched movies” Bluey mumbled,putting one of the cookies in the bucket into her small mouth.

“You look kinda too young,how old are you?” Sasha asked.

“Twenty” Bluey replied, already focused on the movie.

“Wow,that’s young” Knife chuckled.

“What about you?” Bluey asked her.

“Twenty three” Knife replied.


“I’m twenty two” Sasha said.

“Am I allowed to call you names?” Bluey asked and they laughed.

“Of course,,Bian is nineteen and he calls everyone by their names….it would be cringy if he calls me sis” Sasha said and Bluey laughed.

They watched two movies,two hours each and ended up just sleeping in Sasha’s room.




Kaine was sitting down in the dinning while Clara served him breakfast, he picked the cutleries after she was done.

“You should please try to eat more than five spoon this time around,eat the beef,try the veggies also,I’m afraid you will lose some strength,,you don’t even eat, come on” Clara groaned.

Kaine let out a simple short smile.

“You don’t have to worry about me,I’m fine” He muttered.

“How’s your arm? Can you move it well now?” Clara asked.

“You know my wounds heals faster than normal” Kaine replied,shoving into his mouth one of the spiced beefs.

“Try this veggie spiced salad,I didn’t add too much spice so you won’t complain” Clara put it on his rice.

“Thanks” Kaine mumbled with full mouth.

“You haven’t called Bluey yet? She’s scared you might neglect her for Axe, you know how much she doesn’t want that to happen” Clara said.

Kaine sighed and continue eating without saying a word.

“You can’t ignore her forever,she seems to be used to you already” Clara said again.

“It’s for her own good” Kaine said amd Clara looked at him.

“I know what I’m doing” Kaine muttered and Clara sighed.

Just then, Sapphire came in.

“Morning!!” She waved brightly at Kaine who turned to look at her.

They’ve been talking a lot these days,even hanging out his suite,she’s there everyday.

“I’m okay now” Kaine said to Clara and got up.

Sapphire ran to hug him.

“I see you got more better than yesterday,I’m glad” she smiled.

“Yeah” Kaine muttered.

“So I was thinking….would you like to go out with me today? We could go shopping together” Sapphire said behind him as he walked into the bedroom.

“I will think about it” Kaine grumbled and Sapphire smiled.

She continue following him until he got into the bathroom then faced her.

“Sapphire, I need to use the bathroom,come on” Maine groaned.

Sapphire chuckled.

“Okay later” She said and left.

Kaine rolled his eyes.




The gangs are gathered around the large table as usual, different delicacies on the table while they picked randomly for themselves.

“It’s a week already since our last mission, does this mean if the boss isn’t totally okay we can’t go alone?” Gelato asked.

“Queen mother trusts the under boss more than the main boss,isn’t it obvious? All the dangerous works are given to him every time,it’s been happening” Billie scoffs.

“Gossiping shouldn’t be what you do while we are enjoying a meal here” Knife groaned.

“What,,we are not even talking about the fact that you suddenly started befriending the boss’s doll,,for what exactly? To gain favor in his sight?” Lupa snapped and Sasha scoffed.

“I thought you were just dumb, but now I can see you must be thinking with your dry Pů$$¥” Sasha said and the boys almost puked.

Knife laughed.

“Dry you say?” Risky asked.

“Who said it’s dry?” Lupa snapped.

“Then I guess you’re always wet whenever you see Kael” Tyson grinned.

Lupa bite her lips and said nothing.

“So it’s true” Risky and Bian clapped.

“It’s because he’s hot” Lupa muttered.

“Oooohhhh woooooowww” Bian and Risky exclaimed and everyone laughed.

Kael sighed and said nothing.

“Wanna hang out tonight?” Alex asked Sasha silently and she looked at him.

“With you?” She asked and Alex nodded.

Yeah” Sasha smiled.

Kael heard that and scoff.




The special guard entered queen mother’s bedroom and bowed, she was just getting ready for an outing.

“You haven’t reported back to me for a week, have you been watching them?” Queen mother asked, applying her red lipstick deeply.

“Yes mama….The boss haven’t sent for Bluey for a week now,I’ve been watching closely but I haven’t seen her anywhere around him. And also he’s been hanging out with Sapphire lately,they are always together” The guard reported and queen mother smiled.

“I shouldn’t have doubted my iron man,he definitely punished that naive girl for hugging him that way,I feel guilty doubting him. You should stop watching them now,I got my answer”

“Of course queen mother” The guard bowed and walked out of the room.

Queen mother smiled victoriously.


Bluey was busy watering the flowers decorated along the way leading to the courtyard,but her mind was somewhere else completely, she was thinking about Kaine. It’s a week already he’s yet to send for her,,she would be lying if she says she wasn’t missing him.

She miss his scent,his voice,his cold attitude,his face,she miss him inside her,,that’s probably what she even miss the most,she want him to f-__-k her really hard when next they do it,really hard so she will remember for a long time if he ask for another break like this again..but even heaven knows she wouldn’t survive another break like this.

Just as she was just watering and thinking, she saw someone’s legs approaching and she raised her head to find Axe,his two hands inside his pocket.

Bluey froze, what is he doing there? Is he going to touch her again? Or hurt her because she ignored his thr_@t?

“How long have you been working?” Axe asked.

“Just minutes ago” Bluey mumbled and shifted back as Axe kept taking steps toward her,until her back hit the nearest pillar.

“You really think I will allow you do all these hard work if you’re mine?” He asked and caress her face.

“This is nothing,,I’m just helping out. Nobody forced me to work” Bluey said and Axe scoffed.

“You think you have an excuse here? I’m going to have you no matter what” Axe suddenly said in a mean voice and his hand started moving down toward her chest, Bluey was shaking helplessly.

“What the f-__-k is going on here?!”

They suddenly heard the angry voice, Bluey turned to see Kaine standing beside Sapphire,,they were actually taking a walk when they saw the scene.

Bluey gulped, looking into those already red eyes of Kaine was like stepping into fire.

“To my suite” He said to Bluey and she took a slow step.

“You’re f-__-king wasting my time,go!” Kaine yelled at her and Bluey ran off.

Sapphire stared at Axe with a disappointed face and walked away.

“What was that $h|t all about?” Kaine confronted Axe.

“You’re not blind,,the same way you f-__-ked her when she was mine” Axe said and Kaine chuckled.

“You really think you will stay alive if you dare touch her?” He asked with a sudden dangerous glare.

“Is that a thr_@t?” Axe asked.

“It’s not a thr_@t I’m telling you what I’m going to do if you don’t keep your Ďïčk safe inside Sunny,don’t f-__-king mess with what’s mine,,,I will tear you into pieces…..BOSS” Kaine glares,the last word came out more loudly before turning and walk away angrily.

Axe bite his lips, suppressing a laughter.

‘I will tear you into pieces’ those words kept ringing in his head,,and the urge to ki|| Kaine gree even more.




Bluey was standing in the room nervously and scared,knowing fully well tha Kaine is mad at her,really mad.

The door opened loudly and her heart skipped a best.

“What was that about?” Kaine asked.

“I’m …….”

“I don’t want to hear that dumb word from you, sorry for what?! How many times has he been touching you?! How many times!” Kaine yelled at her.

Bluey swallowed.

“So this is not the first time? Are you going to speak up or not,don’t f-__-king annoy me”

Bluey opened her mouth to talk.

“Where did he touch,what did he do?” Kaine asked again and Bluey told him how Axe squeezed her B-__-bs some nights ago.

Kaine’s eyes darkened.

“And you decided to keep quiet? You enjoyed his touch right?….”

“No I didn’t” Bluey broke into tears,,she just couldn’t hold the tears anymore…she’s too scared with the way he kept yelling at her.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you….please don’t be mad at me” She cried.

“What should I do to you right now? To take away that silly dumbness from you?? Allowing another guy touch you anyhow and for keeping it away from me,the same guy almost repeated what he did just now because you were acting like an idiot in front of him,,how should I show you that you belong to me and just me?! How!”

Bluey flinched,hot tears pouring out of her eyes.

“Get rid of those clothes on you and go into the bathroom,,wash off his touch and scent out of your body…go” Kaine said.

Bluey immediately stripped and left the bedroom.

She was already under the shower for about ten minutes,washing her body like never before when the door opened and Kaine entered, Bluey immediately turned to face him, wondering why he was inside there.


“Got a perfect punishment for you” Kaine glares and Bluey felt her teeth cracking, what is he going to do to her.

Kaine pushed her against the wall and squeezed her Ɲīpplë, they are looking all pointed out and pink due to the bath.

Bluey gasped in pain,sweet pain,he did same to the second one.

“They are all mine…mine,everything” Kaine said.

“Do you f-__-king get that?” He asked.

Bluey nodded.

“Words” He growl and squeezed them again.

“Yes……yes master” she stuttered.

Kaine tossed her around and spanked her @zz


“This is mine also,repeat that”

“All yours master” Bluey cried as he continue spanking her under the shower.


“I’m all yours….alone” Bluey said more louder.

Kaine’s mouth captured her Břě@šť and started sucking her,she yelped and closed her eyes as he did rough justice with his mouth,the squeezing the second one roughly as well.

It hurts,but still she loves it,is she insane??

The next minute, Kaine carried her and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Your Pů$$¥ is mine as well…I might destroy your legs if you ever allow another guy have access inside you,do you understand that?” He asked.

Bluey nodded.

“Words Bluey,,,words” He snapped.

“Yes master!”

Kaine’s Ďïčk slides deep inside her and Bluey let out a loud gasp.

“Keep repeating that Bluey” Kaine groaned as he started th-ru_sting inside her roughly.

“I’m all yours!!”

*th-ru_sts roughly*

“Ahh!! I’m sorry master” She cried.

*th-ru_st more deeper and rougher*

“Master I’m all yours….I’m….ahh” Bluey got hold of him tightly as he continue f-__-king her with no mercy,he was hitting too deep, too deep.

He let out a loud sweet grunt as he got to his climax and stop moving,still inside her.

Bluey’s head fell on his shoulder,her loud breath hitting his neck.

“You’re all mine…Bluey,all of you” Kaine stated.

“I’m….all yours” Bluey mumbled before closing her eyes and fell asleep on him,in that position.