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“Holy f-__-k” Bluey whimpered.

Her fingers ran through Kaine’s soft hair.

Kaine squeezed her other Břě@šť like a child desperate for milk, Bluey’s Mõ@ɲs got louder and louder with every little touch, Kaine got rid of the shirt’s button completely in the process and continue sucking her, in a rough but sweet way. It was a mixture of both pain and sweetness.

“Oh my gosh” Bluey groaned when Kaine bit her Ɲīpplë a little, her grip on his hair got tighter and before she knew it her other hand was playing under his shirt, touching his bare chest,,she Mõ@ɲed naughtily as she felt his hard abs,for real he’s super segzy.

Kaine stopped what he was doing and stared at Bluey’s hand and then her face but she was so lost,her eyes were still shut as she continue Feeling Kaine’s chest with her hand.

“What punishment should I give you for touching me like that?” It was Kaine’s voice that woke her up.

She gasped with wide eyes and removed her hand underneath his shirt instantly.

“I’m sorry, it was a mistake” She apologized.

“Get on the bed” Kaine said,ignoring her apology.

Bluey got up from his laps and removed her hands completely from the shirt without wasting a second,this time around she wouldn’t doubt the fact that she wanted this even more than Kaine, she’s so f-__-king wet than she would ever imagine.

She settled down on the bed, waiting for Kaine who was still staring at her like he couldn’t just stop,he stood up and Bluey unconsciously bite her lips when he took off his shirt, a naughty thought came to her mind but she kept it to herself as always.

“On your fours” Kaine groaned out an order and Bluey immediately changed position as Kaine wanted, her @zz $h00ting out.

This is the third time they will be doing it..Bluey thought,and she was thinking about the difference in the positions he always do them,and now it’s doggy.

‘Bluey how the heck do you know about this?’ She asked herself.

She was about replying to herself when she felt Kaine’s presence behind her,he touched her butt,squeezed it and then spanked.

Bluey inhaled breathlessly and got hold of the bedspread as Kaine used his fingers to widened her opening, she could swear she heard him mumble’so tight’ but not meant for her to hear anyway.

Kaine slides in his Ç0çƙ slowly inside her,,Bluey’s soft Mõ@ɲ and his manly grunt mix together as he moved deep and deeper insude her.

Then he started his th-ru_sts, as usual, rough and fast.

“f-__-k!” Bluey let out a sharp scream when he hit it even more deeper and harder, her Pů$$¥ dripping wet and the sound of their connection could be heard as he screwed her faster.


Kaine got hold of her hair out of crazy pleasure and continue digging into her.

“Ouch!! Ahh!”

Bluey could hardly breath,he felt so big inside her,she was filled up,he wasn’t given her any space to adjust either but crazily she loved it, she loved him handling her that way, rough and sweet..

He released her hair and she placed her head on the bed,in the process her honeypot spread out more for Kaine. Bluey’s butt cheeks looking all red by the time Kaine came inside her,he groaned and squeezed her butt before pulling out.

Bluey let out the breath she’s been keeping as she felt cold and empty inside,her hair scattered all over her face,for about five minutes she was in the same position,looking so exhausted,she was sure her legs probably would shake again if she try walking.

She fell on be bed, her eyes were struggling to remain open but she wouldn’t dare sleep there without his permission.

Kaine returned from the bathroom and she quickly got down from the bed,her eyes locked with Kaine’s own.

“You should leave, it’s late” His voice came out,not so cold but not soft either.

Bluey bit her lips sadly, she badly want to just sleep on this soft bed till morning.

Nevertheless, she found her legs to the shirt on the floor and put it on, she bowed.

“Goodnight master” She said and swept her hair off her face before turning and left the room.


As Bluey left Kaine’s suite, walking along the beautifully lightened hallway, someone grabbed her hand from the back,she wanted to scream out but her eyes widened when she saw Axe, he pulled her against the wall and she gulped.

“For real? So it’s true” Axe said when he saw the shirt she was wearing.

“Please let me go” Bluey said softly.

“You really think it’s over? You’re only putting Kaine in trouble if you stay with him and not me” Axe said and caress her face.

“You should come over to me….I can’t take you off my mind,,,you do shits to me” Axe said and Bluey felt helpless as he pinned her against the wall and squeezed her B-__-bs.

“Ahh!” Bluey gasped out tearfully.

Axe cupped her face and tried to kiss her but Bluey used up all her strength shaking her head to make sure his lips doesn’t touch her own.

“Please leave me alone!” Bluey screamed.

Axe sighed and released her.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you….if you want to protect Kaine,then come back to me” Axe said like a thr_@t and walked away.

Bluey swallowed hard, tears dropping from her eyes, Axe squeezing her B-__-bs made her feel so silly,it was as if she just cheated on Kaine even though she’s nothing than a segz doll to him.

She wiped her tears after debating if she should tell Kaine about it or not.

As she started walking again, someone called her from the back, Bluey stopped walking and Knife popped up beside her.

“Hey cutie,how are you?” Knife asked.

“I’m…fine” Bluey replied,,,is she one of the gang? She thought.

“My name is Kiara, but here I’m called Knife. What about you?”

“Bluey” she smiled.

“Pretty name” Knife chuckled and they started walking together.

“Here’s my room” Bluey told her when they got to her door.

“Oh..goodnight cutie. Let’s talk again sometimes” Knife told her and Bluey smiled before nodding, she waved at Knife and went in.




Billie was on the bed,laying down nakedly,she was feeling so crazily horny and hot. Since Kaine called her into his office,she haven’t gotten herself. Seeing him upclose that way made her freaking wet.

“d@mn” Billie Mõ@ɲed crazily as she slides in three fingers into her Pů$$¥ while imagining Kaine’s face,and his Ďïčk inside her instead.

She twisted her fingers inside herself,,Mõ@ɲing and panting…whimpering out Kaine’s name repeatedly.




“The red hands will be having their swaps tomorrow night,from the information gotten” Talon told his crew.

They all exchanged glances.

“I’m so going to ki|| them…”

“Our target is only Kaine” Talon cut in as Morana tried speaking up.

“Kaine?” They all asked at once.

“What, are you scared?” Talon glared.

“Of course not boss” Vita chuckled, but anyone could tell she was lying.

“You won’t fight him…I want him dead. With this” Talon showed them a gun and they nodded.

“Once he’s out of my way,,the whole empire is down, trust me” Talon added.

“We will do it boss,,it’s going to be easy since its bullets” Nelson smiled.




Kaine left the bedroom with a wine bottle in his hand,he was drinking it directly from there,one hand in his joggers pocket as he walked,his fluffy hair covered his forehead completely and a part of them fell on his left eyes giving him the ki||er and hot looks even though it was still morning,he woke up just few minutes ago.

Getting to the living room, he found Sapphire sitting on the couch and he stopped walking.

“Finally you’re here” she smiled, staring at him intensely, she bit her lips as she stared at his segzy chest.

“What are you doing here?” Kaine asked.

“I came to apologize,you were mad at me yesterday” She got up from the couch and walked over to him.

“Not anymore,you can go” Kaine’s voice came out calmly.

“That’s fast,,I was thinking….” She bit her lips seductively and touched his chest.

Kaine said nothing,he didn’t move either.

“You can go Sapphire” Kaine groaned.

Sapphire pouted and shook her head.

“I don’t want to,,I’m going to stick up to you until you start seeing me as a lady,not sister or wh@ťěver is in your head” She said.

“Sister?” Kaine scoffed.

“If you don’t see me as that,then why do you keep on rejecting me?” Sapphire asked.

“I have no answer to that” Kaine replied.

Sapphire leaned closer to him and kissed his chest.

“You make me restless,,I keep imagining naughty things with you,,just once,,can’t we just do it once?” Sapphire asked and Kaine stared at her unbelievably.

“Go….you’re becoming obsessed….”

“That’s right,I’m obsessed with you, I’m addicted as well,so just give me what I want or I won’t stop disturbing you Kaine” Sapphire told him and used her tongue to lick his Ɲīpplë down to his chest, she let out a naughty smile as she continue moving downward with her tongue and fell on her knees.

She was just about pulling down Kaine’s pants when the door opened and Bluey entered, her eyes widened in shock.

Sapphire chuckled and waved at her.

Bluey didn’t wait,she ran off toward the kitchen.

Sapphire tried touching Kaine again but he moved back and she looked at him.

“What’s wrong? You were calm just now” Sapphire said.

“Leave Sapphire,,just go” Kaine said.

“Then,,we will continue this later” She pecked his cheek before going out.

Kaine dropped the wine in his hand on the table before walking to the kitchen.

Bluey’s back was turned on him,but she wasn’t doing anything yet.

“Why are you here?” Kaine asked.

“Good morning master” Bluey bowed without turning to face him.

Kaine frowned.

“Meaning?” He asked.

Bluey faced him,her eyes were red, Kaine creased his brows, she took her lips in,trying to avoid his eyes but Kaine kept looking at her.

“You can go and rest for today,,everywhere is clean. Leave” He told her before walking away.

Bluey bite her lips hard,but she couldn’t help the tears falling freely from her eyes, thinking if she’s not enough for him,and now the same girl she reported to him,the one who bullied her,,just what is she to him??

She was still there,crying when Kaine came in again,she quickly wiped her tears.

“Why the f-__-k are you crying?!” He snapped angrily at her and Bluey flinched,making her cry again.

Kaine sighed and run his fingers through his hair.

“I’m….sorry” she said in a broken voice.

“I told you I h@ťě lies,,spill it out” Kaine said.

Bluey shook her head,,she will even be more embarrassed to tell him she’s actually crying because she’s insanely jealous but she can only cry because she can’t complain to him anyway.

“I’m sorry” She said again and wiped her tears.

Kaine stood there,staring at her speechlessly,,just what the heck happened to her?? Her face are so red and somehow he felt guilty,Is she crying because she doesn’t want to be here this morning?

“You can go Bluey, you don’t have to do anything today,,you are free tomorrow as well,take a rest” Kaine said.

‘No,,I want to keep on seeing you here’ Bluey said inwardly then she shook her head.

“Then what is the problem?” Kaine asked.

Bluey swallowed but still refused to speak up.

“Boss” Fang called from the living room.

Kaine sighed and left her in the kitchen.

‘You’re so silly Bluey,,what do you expect?’ Bluey said inwardly as she finished wiping her tears.



8:00 PM, DROP ZONE 1*

Axe was seated in the car, puffing on a cigarette while the gang members, Kael,Billie,Tyson and Knife stood outside, waiting for the exchange.

“Alright, guys, let’s move,” Axe said, nodding at them immediately he sighted the merchants coming.

Kael, Billie, Tyson and Knife lifted the bags from the trunk and approached the merchants, Rico and his crew.

They all dropped their bags respectively for the check up.

“Hey, Rico. Got the goods?” Kael asked.

Rico nodded, eyeing the bags. “Looks good. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

The two groups exchanged the bags, and Rico’s crew handed over a large sum of cash in four briefcases as well.

“Good doing business with you” Rico said, as the gangs shook hands.

The exchange complete, the gang members returned to the car, carrying the cash.

“Let’s roll,” Axe said, Tyson started the engine and sped off into the night.

“I hope the other zone would be as peaceful as this as well” Knife muttered.

“I hope so” Tyson nodded im agreement.




Kaine led the team, Sapphire, Sasha, Bian, Alex, and Risky, to the mansion. Bian and Risky took positions outside on watch, while the others followed Kaine in with the goods.

Inside, Sapphire, Alex, and Sasha handed over the goods to the merchants while Kaine spoke with the main boss who was quite glad to see Kaine after a while, the money has been given to the gang already when Suddenly, Bian’s voice crackled in their earpieces

“I think black dragon men are here” He said.

“What?! How the hell did they know about this place?” Sapphire’s eyes widened.

They all exchanged glances and ran out,leaving Kaine behind lastly,he gave them a nod to leave actually.

Outside, Bian drew his weapon, facing off against Nelson who was also aiming his gun at him,the others already managed somehow to get inside the mansion,,going against the guards in there as well.

“You’re going down,cutie” Nelson sneered,probably looking down on Bian because of his face and stature.

Bian dodged his attack and countered with a swift kick, sending Nelson crashing into a pillar roughly.

Sasha appeared with others and faced off against Vita,,within just a minute,Vita was already on the floor,blood coming from her mouth and nose from Sasha’s hand work.

Inside, Ferrari charged at Sapphire, her eyes blazing with anger. Sapphire dodged Ferrari’s attack and landed a series of rapid punches, sending Ferrari stumbling back.

“Ɓîtçh,you should have learnt your lesson the last time” Sapphire smirked and stepped on Ferrari on the floor,she pressed the heel of her boot on her face with and evil smirk on her face.

Meanwhile, Risky and Alex already grabbed the cash and made a run for the car, they have to keep the cash safe no matter what.

Back inside the mansion, Kaine walked out of the hallway, only to bump into Talon.

“You’re a hard man to ki||, Kaine,” Talon grinned out one evil grin

“Let’s settle this once and for all” He added, and released two punches toward Kaine’s face at once but none met Kaine before he reciprocated the same energy.

The two engaged in a brutal fight, punches and kicks flying. Kaine landed a vicious kick, sending Talon crashing into a ventilation unit. Talon retaliated with a flurry of punches, but Kaine blocked them, his arm bleeding profusely, Talon was actually holding a knife, Kaine had no weapon on him as they fought.

Just as Kaine gained the upper hand, Ferrari appeared, her gun aimed at Kaine from the back.

“Touch him again and I will ki|| you!!” She screamed.

Five others appeared, all aiming their guns at Kaine who stopped moving, Talon smirked and clapped his hands.

“I told you…we are ending it here..this minute” he said.

Kaine ignored him and faced the gang aiming at him,his eyes calculating what he could do to escape the attack but all plans seems impossible,there’s no way he would escape getting shot,the plan now is to avoid getting shot in a dangerous spot that would ki|| him.

“What are you waiting for?! ki|| him!!” Talon yelled out and order.

Ferrari fired the gun at once and it entered Kaine’s arm,the same one Talon stabbed.

Others already made to fire when Kaine moved swiftly behind Talon and removed his earring,he placed the sharp mouth on Talon’s throat and immediately everyone stepped back.

“Are you insane?! ki|| him!!” Talon yelled and Kaine pressed the earring deep into his throat,to show Talon that the tiny thing is capable of ki||ing him.

Talon swallowed hard.

“Will you act right now or we should just die together?” Kaine asked,the blood on his arm already increased,flowing helplessly,but Kaine never winced.

“Drop your guns” Talon ordered and everyone obeyed.

“Move” Kaine told Talon and he raised his two hands,he started walking slowly until they are completely out of the gang members sight.

Kaine kicked Talon off and stabbed his thigh, a deep one

“Ahhhh!!!” Talon screamed.

Kaine used the bloody earring like that,immediately one of the gang appeared,he hijacked the gun and shot everyone of them, Ferrari stayed right back when she heard the gunshots.

After ki||ing them all, Kaine turned back to Talon.

“If I ki|| you now…where’s the fun?” He asked and Talon swallowed.

“Let’s fight one on one…..that’s what I want,,I want to ki|| you slowly” Kaine told him before walking away.

“Boss!!!” Everyone screamed, eyes widened in horror as they saw Kaine completely covered with blood,,his $h00ted arm remain on a spot,he couldn’t move it.

“It’s nothing,let’s go” Kaine said and they immediately let him inside.

Kaine grabbed his arm and inhaled,he was in so much pain,but with the way he was trained,pain should mean nothing to them right,he always expect his death every time they go on a mission and he never cares even if he dies. But now,,why does he care so much?? His mind unconsciously went to Bluey,the way she always feel concern whenever he’s hurt,,he wouldn’t allow her see him this way.

‘That dummy will cry again’ He said inwardly and a short smile escaped his lips.




“f-__-k” Kaine spat as Diego finally found the bullet inside his arm,his wound was so deep.

“Boss,this is quite bad. You lost so much blood, how about getting blood? You don’t look well either,your temperature is too high” Diego said and Fang blinked with a deep concern and worries on his face.

“I will be fine, just dress it up” Kaine muttered.

Diego finished his work and gave Kaine some pills before leaving.

“You’re the only one who gets badly injured every time,why? It’s getting tiring..does the second boss do anything at all? They returned hours ago,I was expecting you as well” Fang complained.

“Don’t allow Bluey in here for now” Kaine spoke up.

“But why?” Fang asked.

“Just do it” Kaine said.

Fang sighed and said nothing.

Suddenly they heard the door bell and Fang went to open,, he immediately bowed when he saw Queen Mother,probably came to visit Kaine.


Bluey was on her bed doing nothing in particular, she was actually still expecting when Kaine would return when suddenly the door opened and Martha came in.



“Wow you’re here”

“What happened??” Bluey sat up.

“I heard the boss was shot,and it’s quite bad” Martha said and Bluey’s eyes widened.

“Boss…which boss?” She stuttered.

“Kaine..he was shot and also stabbed” Martha replied and Bluey could feel her head banging.

Without thinking twice, she opened the door and ran out,tears falling from her eyes.

Shot and stabbed….those two words were ringing in her head as she ran.

Meanwhile Kaine was walking together with Queen mother back to her suite, bodyguards behind them, some gang members also, who came to check up on Kaine.

Kaine paused when he saw Bluey show up few steps away,tears in her eyes as she stared at his already bandaged arm. Queen mother also looked at her,including the gang members,all wondering what she’s there for.

“Fang…take her away” Kaine grunted.

“Yes boss” Fang bowed in response,but before Fang could walk over to Bluey,she took to her heels and ran over to Kaine,all eyes on her until she got to him and hugged him tightly.

It was followed by a loud gasp from the gang members watching.

Kaine gulped, standing still as Bluey hugged him tightly,crying in his chest.

For the first time in so many years that he lost count off already….

His heart raced uncontrollably.