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Chapter 50-Finale
Meanwhile Natasha has moved on with her life.

Jerry,Angelina and her motjet,Mary never gave her space to think about the incident.

They had made sure she went for antenatal regularly,to hwr medicine and have enough rest.

She was trying ri sleep when a knock sounded on the door.

She stood up and stride tot the door,she opened it and saw tej last person she ever expected to show his face here.

“Robert” she called surprised.

Robert went on his knees,he took natasha hands and looked into her eyes.

Hus eyes held guilt,pains,regret and little glint of love.

“Natasha have aerches through mountains and the valleys.I have gone through the thick thin,there are many ways to be happy in this life but i have come to realize that all I needed was you,I promise you,no ones will work harder to make you happy or cherish you,I promise from this day onward,you shall not walk alone,my heart will be your shelter and my arms will be your home buy Natasha only if you give me a second chance,all I need is a second chance” he paused staring deeply into her eyes as if coming that will make him read her soul.

“Will you marry me?” He released the bombshell,Natasha eyes widened in surprise.

Natasha was mortified by what Robert was doing,Her eyes kept on widening as she was short of words.

She thought he had come with one for his numerous prank but hell no he was serious.

“Isn’t this the man that chased her out of his house and called herall sort of names?” She thought unbelievably.

She couldn’t believe what are eyes are seeing and ears hearing.

“Robert are you for real?” Natasha asked after finding her voice.

“Yes Natasha ,am so serious….will you marry me?”.

She looked at Robert and before she knew it,she jped happily accepting the proposal. She paused and thought

“Oh my gawd, i just siad yes,hope am not making a wrong decision”Natasha thought loud,Robert stared at her and she smiled.

Robert brought out a shiny diamond ring from his pocket and placed it on Natasha finger. He got up and embraced her.

“Thank you Tasha,you have made me the happiest man on earth and I promise I qont break your great again,never” Robert said smiling.

“And you have made me the happiest woman today Robert,so let’s say,you habe lobes me all this while” Tasha asked.

“Yes,I love you,I have always lived you from the depth of my heart….I was stupid to let my past take over me” Robert said fighting back tears.

“I love you to Robert,so much” Natasha said.

★Berlin garden★
A car drove in and parked at the other side of the main road.

Jerry stepped forward and rushed to open the it her side door before Angelina could come out.

“Wait,don’t move I have a surprise for you” He said bringing out a piece of cloth,he tied her face.

He held her wish gently and led her deep into the ground.

Soon they got to their destination and he stopped.

He loosed the blindfold and her mouth gasped in surprise.

The garden was beautify,the flowers were colorful and pleasant to the nose.

She turned around to meet jerry kneeling on the floor.

“Babe please get up,why are you in the floor?” She asked scared.

He ignored and and brought out a case form his Břě@šť pocket.

He opened it and beautify ring came to view. ‘Angelina will you marry me?” He asked and mouth were left wide open.

She screamed excitedly and stretched her fingers to him. “Yes,yes of course,I will marry you” she yelled jumping.

He placed the ring on her fingers and she stood up hugging him.

“I love you and I will keep on loving you till eternity” jerry said ,his eyes staring deep Into hers lovingly.

“I love you and I promise to be the perfect woman you have always wished for” Angelina said happily,she looked at her fingers and smiled.

He took her fingers and K!SSed it and she giggled.

The two mean reconciled and decided to have a joint wedding.

The grooms were in the church waiting patiently for there brides.

The church was filled with peoples who cane to celebrate with them.

One could see the eager looks on their face as they couldn’t wait to leave the single world.

Robert checked his wrist watch and looked at jerry who just gave him an assuring look.

A soft scream was heard and they turned to the door,there the brides was walking elegantly and gracefully towards them.

Robert smiled and stood up,staring at her.

Natasha got to him and smiled. He took her hands and led her to the pulpit.

They exchanged vows.

“Now you can K!SS your brides” the pastor said to them.

They smiled and lifted the bell of their faces.

Robert smiled ,he stared at his wife deeply and couldn’t help but blessed the day she came into his wife.

He leaned forward and their lips met.

The feeling was new,something he has never experienced before.

He K!SSed her deeply and looked forward to a new beginning with her.

A new chapter of his life. He looked forward to a new journey of his life,walking down a new path with the woman he loved,the woman he has grown to love and cherish more than anything.

And till…forever their love was like a brazen chain and deeper like a ocean.



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