{ In Love With My Maid… }


THEME: His Heart’s Desire
By, Naomi Cindy B.


She looked at the poison in her bag and closed her eyes, crying out her heart.


“My… babies…my kids!!!” She teared up again, finally bringing out the bottle from her bag.

She smiled sadly before opening it, but when she made to drink from it, someone snatched it from her, and her eyes widened as she spranged up.

“Minaj” she said shockingly.

Minaj poured all the poison liquid away, then she dropped the bottle.

“What did you just try to do? Kill yourself cos they’re still mad at you? They can’t be mad at you forever yunno? You don’t have what’s called perseverance? Are you even sure you want their forgiveness? You should be able to wait if you want it! Even if it takes years for them to forgive you!” She shouted at her, and Aphrodite went back to her knees, crying hard.

Minaj sighed and squatted in front of her, then she hugged her lightly, patting her back.

“Just wait, they’ll come around”


Santos jumped out of his car and ran into the house with a brown envelope in hand.

Immediately he entered the house, he stopped walking, and his eyes widened when he saw Lea’s position.

She was standing in front of Tamara in tears. Tamara has a gun on her head. She even peed herself already as a result of fear.

“Don’t hurt her! Please don’t! I brought everything you asked so please! Please don’t shoot her!” Santos kneeled quickly, and Tamara smirked.

“The information”

He threw the envelope at her, and she caught it.

She opened it and found pictures of that car that ran into Metawin, the model and the production date, then the pictures of Metawin that he snapped that day when he was coming out of the company.

“The driverless car wasn’t produced by MOVE” she said.

“Yes, Empress ordered it from another company anonymously, to avoid suspicions” he replied, and she sighed.

“Tell me everything”

“That day…after you left the palace angrily, she ordered me to carry out the job. I was the one who set the car into motion on the road, and I was watching as it crashed into Mr Jirawat’s car. I’m so sorry Miss, it’s all Empress Elsa’s orders, and I couldn’t disobey at the risk of my life” he begged, and Tamara pointed the gun at Lea’s head again.

“Dad!!!” She cried.

“Please just kill me instead! Please!!!” Santos screamed fearfully.

“You couldn’t disobey her at the risk of your life? My husband died! You killed my Win!” Tamara shouted, trying her best not to cry.

“I’m so sorry miss, I’ll do everything to pay for my sins, I’ll..

“Go confess to the cops” she interrupted, and his eyes widened.


“I promised myself to kill you and your whole family with Empress, but I changed my mind. Win wouldn’t wanna let me stain my hands with the blood of beasts like you” she said, bringing out her phone.

“Your confession is recorded in here, so don’t think you can escape. Go to the cops right now and do as I said, I’ll send your daughter to her nanny” she said, and she scrambled to his feet.


“Now!” Tamara spat, and he ran out of the house.


Santos was already in cuffs as several police entered the building with him, and some minutes later, they came out with Elsa who has been handcuffed too.

She’s not saying anything as she walked to the car with Santos.

Tamara appeared from behind the cops, blocking her.

“I really regret the day you gave birth to me” she muttered grievously.

“Don’t think you’ve won, I’m the only Empress living in Florida, I’ll come out soon” Elsa replied, and Tamara laughed out loudly, almost falling.

She placed an hand on her shoulder and leaned in.

“Thanks for making me laugh Empress, but yunno what? So far I’m still alive, so far Alfred and Abel lives, you’re never coming out of that place. Wait… You aren’t probably thinking of the president, are you?” She laughed again, and Elsa hardened her expression.

“He died at the hospital some minutes ago, so you have no saviour ok?” Tamara said.

“What!” Elsa gasped shockingly.

“Have a nice time in jail!” Tamara waved as she was taken to the car.

“Billy can’t be dead! It’s not true! No!!! It can’t be! No!!!” Elsa screamed as she was taken into the car.

Tamara sighed and rubbed her belly, then she smiled sadly.

“Win, I brought them down” she muttered.

“I promise to be happy from now on, ok? I’ll stay happy for you, and I’ll take care of myself till I give birth to your baby. I hope it’s a boy, and I hope he gets your face. I love you” she smiled.



“Is president Billy really dead?” Queen asked Yvonne who was eating snacks with them in the living room.

“You saw the news” Yvonne replied, stroking her hair.

“And the Empress got arrested for murder, is this some kind of bad luck?” Bright said, and Yvonne laughed.

“It’s just a lesson for everyone. Be good till your last days babies” she smiled, stroking Bright’s hair too.

“Mum can we all go on a vacation next week? Exams will be over this Friday” Queen suddenly said.

“I don’t know if…

“Of course, let’s do that” Abel came in, and they all spranged up.

“Yayyyy!!!” The kids screamed, and Yvonne bit her lip.

“Come here baby doll” Abel smiled, and she started walking slowly to him, but a little before she’d get to him, she ran till got hooked in his arms.

They hugged tightly, and the kids stuck hands.

“Get ready to start calling me big sis!” Queen winked.

“My foot” Bright smirked, and they laughed.

“I promise not to keep anything from you anymore, it’s a promise mafia” Yvonne said, and Abel broke the hug to K!SS her lightly.

He stroked her hair and K!SSed her again.

“I love you” he said.

“I love you more, my mafia” she replied before slamming her lips on his own again.

“Wedding bells!!!” The kids screamed excitedly.


Rita was brought out of her cell, looking haggard and dirty, so full of wounds and sores from daily bullying.

She looks pitiful as she sat in front of her dad who came to visit.

“When are you gonna get me out of that cell room? My cellmates will kill me!!!” She cried , and Mr Byram sighed.

“You’ve already brought disgrace to the name of the family, the best you can do now is endure till your jail term will be over. I can’t do anything cos Alfred is everywhere, the cops aren’t even taking bribes because they’re scared of him. He became richer yunno” he said.

“You signed a contract to become his partner in merchandise! Why can’t you use that!” Rita shouted.

“He’s blunt when it comes to you. He’s not ready to settle” Mr Byram replied.

“Then make him!!! I might die in here very soon!!! They’ll kill me!!!” She shouted, and he stood.

“I’ll come again next month, be alive till then” he said, and her eyes widened as he started walking out.

“Dad! Dad you can’t! Dad!!!!!!!!” She screamed as she was dragged back into the cell where she was thrown into the middle of the merciless tigers, her cruel cellmates.

The cell boss gave her a kick immediately, and she flew to the wall, hurting her head.

“I’m sorry!” She quickly stood and flaunted her hair.

“Hi, my name is Rita Byram, the best model in this jailhouse, watch as I give you the killer walks” she smiled.

Blood was running down her wounded head as she started catwalking, and the others laughed mockingly.


A pepper red exotic car was waiting in front of the gate. Alfred stood beside it, wearing black shades on his loose white shirt which showed off his skin as usual, then white P@ŋts too. His hair was tousled perfectly, he looks more handsome.

He checked his wristwatch and got his phone.

“She’s having just one class, what’s taking her so long” he muttered.

“Red!!!” Kristen’s voice screamed, and he looked up to see his little missy rushing out yo him, looking so cute.

He widened his arms, and she ran into it.

He lifted her off the ground, swirling her.

“Red!!!” She screamed, laughing on his face.

“Was the class hard?” He asked, and she shook her head with a pout.

“Nope, but the lecturer is so strict” she replied.

“That’s the best for brats like you” he replied.

“You on the lecturer’s side or mine?” She rolled eyes, and he laughed.

“I missed you”

“I only left the house at 10, just two hours dude” she replied, and he dropped her on the ground before snaking his arms on her waist, eventually grabbing her @ss.

“It doesn’t matter, I even miss you when you’re right beside me” he said, and she blushed.

She removed his shades and put it in, then she puckered her lips, and he K!SSed her deeply.

Not minding the publicity, he was squeezing her @ss as they K!SSed, and it kept going deep till a white car stopped beside them, and Clinton came out.

“Wait … You guys don’t get tired of PDA? C’mon get a room” he said, and they broke the K!SS to laugh.

“What are you doing here?” Alfred rolled eyes.

“We have plans, I and my baby” he replied, taking Kristen’s hand

Alfred took her other hand.

“Wait… Is this a k-drama?” Clinton rolled eyes.

“Why must you always double-cross me?” Alfred replied.

“She’s my baby!”

“I told you to stop calling her baby! Krissy I’ll kill your brother!” Alfred said.

“When are you both gonna stop getting jealous of each other?” Kristen faced them.

“He started it!” They said at a time.

“I’m going with Clinton, we really have plans” Kristen winked.

“What! You’re ditching me for him?” Alfred said, and she laughed as Clinton started pulling her to his car.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make it up tonight! Steamy!” She winked, and he blushed.

“Steamy” he muttered, blushing harder.

Clinton eventually took her away, and Alfred smiled before riding away in his car too.

He went straight to Tamara’s place and met her coming out already, her baby bump is already revealing.

She’s actually going for antenatal, the he’s taking her.

“Akira’s mum!” He shouted, and she laughed.

“Thought you wouldn’t be coming anymore”

“I wouldn’t dare” he replied, giving her a peck.

“Let’s go” He helped her into the car and drove off.


“Whoaaaa!!!!” Kristen screamed, pointing out her arms from the window as Clinton drove.

They finally came for the ride on the bridge as promised.

“You love bridges this much?” He said, and she screamed again.

“Of course! I’ve always wanted to know how it feels like to ride on something besides Red’s Ç0çƙ” she replied, and he laughed.

“Stop talking dirty, you’re too naughty”

“I love Red!!!” She screamed out of the window again, removing her sunglasses.

“I know, and I love you” Clinton laughed.

She played “Boss Bîtçh” on the MP3, then Clinton opened the sunroof, and she started waving her arms in the air, vibing happily.


The ride came to an end on a green field, and they came out to meet drawing boards and several drawing and painting instruments

“Whoa!! Did you prepare all these?” She ran to the biggest board, hugging it.

“You like it?” He faced her.

“Of course! After Red and you, it’s painting and drawing” she replied, and he laughed.

“I figured out it’s been a while since we did it” he said, and their eyes caught the pencils at a time.

They grabbed it and rushed back to the boards.

“First person to finish drawing a cat!” She shouted, and they started at once.

Kristen was smiling as she drew fast, so confident that she’s gonna finish before him, but when she looked at him after ten minutes, he’s almost done while she’s still on the paw.

She smiled secretly and grabbed the ink brush, painting his face with it.

“Kristen!” He shouted, and she stuck her tongue at him before running away.

“Come back here trickster!” He got a brush too and started running after her.

They started chasing each other around the field till she suddenly climbed his back.

“Yunno I love you so much, Clinton” she scattered his hair.

“Kristen!!!” He shouted, and she laughed.

“Guys!” A female voice called behind them, and they turned to see Minaj with Aphrodite.

Kristen came down from his back immediately, then she grabbed Clinton.

“Let’s go” she said, but he pulled back, and she looked at him.


“I think it’s ok now” he said.

“Have you been talking to her behind my back? We promised each other not to forgive her till death” she said, and he held her shoulders.

“I know, but then I realized it’s not the best. We won’t be free too if we hold on to the sad memories. No matter what, she’s still our mother” he said, and she started crying.

“I don’t want to, I hate her… I don’t…

“I’m so sorry” Aphrodite said behind her, and she turned back slowly.

She’s already on her knees.

“I’m so sorry, mommy is sorry baby, I just…. I have no excuse Kristen, I’m just…

“Do you know what I went through at the gambling house? I was forced to steal and burnt with pressing iron countless times! I was R@P£D! Do you know how many beatings I received? I once went to jail too! You were never there when i needed you! You weren’t there for me!!!” She cried, and Aphrodite sniffed before crawling to her on her palms and knees.

She hugged her legs tightly, letting her tears wet them.

“I know no amount of apology can make up for my mistakes, but please give me the chance to make up for the time I wasn’t there, just look at me baby, don’t turn your back on me please.. mommy is so sorry! I’m so sorry!!!”

“I hate you!!” Kristen cried.

Clinton looked at Minaj, and they smiled at each other.


The loud sounds of music was almost deafening as Abel stood at the edge of the pool with a gun and a cup of vodka.

Clinton and Alfred are on the other edges, ready to jump in.

They looked at each other and put on their spectacles at once.

“Go!” Abel shot the gun at the roof , and they jumped in at once.

“Clinton I’m rooting for you!” Abel shouted.

“Go uncle Alfred!” Bright shouted, coming out of the changing room in his shorts and hat.

“I’m for Uncle Clinton!” Queen shouted, coming after him in her mini bikini.

“Go uncle Alfred!” Bright shouted.

“Clinton!!!” Abel and Queen screamed.

Alfred got to the end first, and he removed his spectacles.

“Yes!” He shouted.

“You’re the best uncle Alfred!” Bright shouted.

“Young Thug my buddy!” Alfred blew him K!SSes, and he laughed.

“I’m disappointed” Queen said.

“Sorry beau, I’ll try harder next time” Clinton winked, and he smiled.

“Where are the ladies?” Abel asked.

“Here!” Yvonne and Kristen came out in their bikinis.

“Fůçƙ! Queen you weren’t lying about her bikini look” Abel said with wide eyes.

“Told ya!” Queen replied.

“Like what you see?” Yvonne smiled, and he spanked her @ss before whispering in her ear.

“I’ll make you Cvm handfuls tonight”

“Can’t wait” she laughed, and they K!SSed.

“Aww!!!” Bright and Queen chorused.

“All these isn’t necessary” Clinton rolled eyes.

“My little missy beats any other lady. Her or nothing” Alfred said proudly, and Kristen turned around.

She whined her waist and twerked shortly, making him hard without contact.

“Damn!” His eyes widened, and she jumped in the pool with him.

“You look ravishing, I could Fůçƙ you right now” he said, and she hung her arms on him.

“Through the back? Should we escape?” She winked, and they left the pool together.

He took her to a room in the lounge, and when they got in, her eyes widened.

It’s a cinema, though no one’s in.

“There’s a cinema here?” She gasped.

“One of your wishes is to see a movie with me at the cinema, I’m making it come true today, but with a bonus” he smiled.

“S£x?” She replied.

Alfred put on the TV, and immediately the movie started, Kristen smiled.

It’s an £řøťic movie, the first scene is a S£x scene.

He faced her, and she grew nervous as he pulled her closer, diving an hand into her hair.

“Don’t scream too much” he whispered.

“What are you gonna do to me?” She whispered back impatiently.

“The steamy thing, something hot” he whispered, and with that, he thudded her back on the wall and captured her lips and Ɓø0ɓs at the same time.



TB Continued…


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