{ In Love With My Maid… }


THEME: His Heart’s Desire
By, Naomi Cindy B.


“You’re impotent, Abel Keys” she said without blinking.

That instant, it felt as if Abel’s life got severed, like someone threw the whole thing into a furnace. It’s blazing brightly, burning to ruins.

What the hell did he just hear???

He couldn’t blink nor talk. A big lump formed in his throat, and his body shook for a millisecond.

The teachers and kids in the hallway stood shockingly, staring at the interesting spectacle.

Dennis stood from the ground and smirked as he dusted his suit, then he faced Abel.

“What? Are you ashamed of it? You can only Fůçƙ bro, your sperm can’t fertilize an egg. Your doctor didn’t tell you that?” He laughed scornfully, holding Hazel’s hand.

“And that’s why she came to me even when you both were still married. She needed me to get her pregnant so you wouldn’t ruin her life. The result is Bright here! My one and only son!” He said proudly, and a stone suddenly flew into the hallway, landing on his forehead.

“Fůçƙ! Who the hell!” He spat, touching his forehead with his palm. He’s already bleeding.

“Huh? Blood! Who threw the stone!’ he shouted.

“How dare you come here to say such things about my dad! How dare you step your filthy foot in here to constitute nonsense! Go away with the woman you came with!” Bright shouted angrily.

He obviously threw the stone.

“That woman is your mother!” Hazel shouted.

“You’re not my mother! I want dad to get married to Mrs Stevie and make her my new mum! I hate you!!! I don’t want you anymore Cheater! You could have cheated with an handsome man but this monkey? I hate you both! And I’m my dad’s son no matter what! I’m his son!” Bright shouted in tears, running to Abel.

“Daaadd, we love each other so much, right? Tell them nothing can separate us, carry me” he said, and Abel immediately carried him in his arms.

He hugged him tightly.

“A DNA test will do. Right? Let’s go for it!” Dennis shouted, and Yvonne ran into the hallway.

She looked for Hazel with her eyes, and immediately she saw her, she ran to her and grabbed her hair, pulling her to the ground.

She slapped her soundly, and all mouths widened as Hazel’s lips bled.

“How dare you!”

“You have no shame? I caught you cheating with my ex-husband and got a divorce because of that, but you went ahead and planned marriage with that same ex-husband of mine, and now you’re back to claim a kid you abandoned for four years? Have some shame Hazel! Buy it!!!” Yvonne shouted.

Hazel stood and slapped Yvonne hard, but Yvonne slapped her back immediately, and she fell back to the ground.

“How dare you raise your hand on my fiancee!” Dennis rushed over to the scene and tried hitting Yvonne, but Abel held his hand and pushed him away.

He staggered back, and Abel smirked, finally finding his voice back.

“Bright is my son. I’ll have to kill you if you make claims about him being your son again” he said, and Dennis obviously flinched

He faced Yvonne who was looking all guilty.

“Why did you keep it from me? Was this the reason for your question last night?” He asked hurtfully, and Yvonne sniffed before forming her words.

“I’m so sorry mafia, I was just scared and…

“You could have told me!!!!” Abel shouted, and she started crying.

“Daaadd, Don’t shout please” Bright held his shirt tightly.

“Mummy” Queen started crying too, and Yvonne carried her. She started wiping her tears.

“Mummy don’t cry”

Abel stormed out of the hallway without looking back, and Yvonne followed him immediately.

“Call the cops Dennis” Hazel said.


Kristen has been in the theater since some hours ago, and Abel has been waiting since then.

He doesn’t plan to leave the hospital till it’s done. Clinton is with him, he actually followed them from the start.

“Is Rocky really human?” He suddenly said, and Alfred smiled.

“I don’t wanna talk about him. The surgery will be done in let’s say an hour” he said happily, and his eyes suddenly caught the news on the hallway TV.

Abel Keys, CEO of KGC has been reported to be infertile after a fight with Dennis Gomez at Focus kiddies. Dennis Gomez turned out to be the father of his only son according to Hazel, though a DNA test is required to make it rigid. Hazel has never been faithful to Abel Keys and…

“What!” Alfred and Clinton spranged up at a time.

“I’d better go see Abel” Alfred said.

“I’ll stay here with Kristen. Update me ok?” Clinton replied.

“Keep a close eye on the theater” Alfred replied.

“Sure” Clinton smiled shortly, and Alfred rushed out of the hallway.

Clinton sat back, but after ten minutes, he felt pressed, and he made his way to the restroom.

Unknown to him, he entered the females.

He was urinating when someone suddenly grabbed his Ďïčk from behind, and his eyes widened as the familiar heat pulsated through his skin.

His body began shaking, and the more he tried to remove the hand from his Ďïčk, the more his cravings set in.

His head almost exploded, and his stomach churned up badly as sweat shone on his skin.

“Don’t try to fight it. Clinton” Beyonce’s voice whispered behind him.


Abel hasn’t released Bright since he got back home. He has been in his arms as he sat on the couch.

Yvonne and Queen sat on the opposite couch, and she still has tears in her eyes.

“I’m so sorry mafia. I wasn’t planning to keep it from you forever. I was only scared, just scared that you might get hurt” she sniffed, starting another round of fresh tears.

“Mummy don’t cry again” Queen pouted, ready to start crying too.

“Daaadd” Bright called, and Abel looked up slowly.

“It’s fine Young Thug, I’ll handle everything” he smiled, and Alfred rushed in.

“Uncle Alfred” Bright muttered.

“What the heck were they saying in the news? Huh?” Alfred breathed, his hand in hair.

Before anyone could talk, Hazel came in with Dennis and several cops.

“We must go for the DNA test, else I’ll have to get you arrested for obstructing the truth” she said.

“Hazel really?” Alfred said shockingly.

“Daaadd” Bright clung more firmly to Abel as he stood.

He left the house with them.


Rita barged into the lobby, and without tendering her card to the receptionists, she started walking to one of the elevators, looking lividly angry as her heels tapped the ground like she’s on her way to war.


“Miss wait!”


The receptionists shouted after her, but she didn’t wait till she got to the elevator where she met guards who pushed her back.

“Did you just push me?”

Whim! She slapped that particular one in anger, and he fell on the others.

“Miss Rita!” The receptionists finally caught up as she started trying to go into the elevator again.

“I need to see that wretched Aphrodite today or we all die here! We’ll all die here!!!!” She screamed.

“You can’t enter without a visitation card”

“Is this a prison or what? Call her out then I need to see that witch! Aphrodite!!!” She screamed, struggling with them again.

“Yes? Rude brat?” Aphrodite said from behind, and she looked back to see her standing regally.

She’s just coming from the bar where she soaked herself in alcohol.

Rita smirked and walked fast to her. She raised her hand to slap her, but Aphrodite caught the hand and brought it down completely.

“What? You’re angry that I didn’t nominate you?” She whispered mockingly.

“Fk you bch! My poster boards at the airport and subways have all been taken down and replaced by Yvonne’s or Tamara’s! I fell from number one to number five! You dragged me down!” She screamed crazily, and Aphrodite smiled drunkenly.

“I ranked according to your performances on the red carpet, and yours was obviously a wacky flop, so… Excuse me number five” she laughed and started walking in.

“Come back here I’m not done! Aphrodite!!!!!” Rita screamed, trying to follow her, but she was thrown out by the guards.

She tried to go in again, but someone grabbed her hand and took her away.

“Who the Fůçƙ are you!” She snapped off her hand when they got to a corner.

He removed his face cap, and she blinked.

“I’m Dante, Kristen’s father, and Aphrodite’s husband” he smiled, and her eyes widened.

“Aphrodite is Kristen’s mother? What!” Rita said shockingly.

“She left two kids with me some years ago to chase her modelling career, just like her sister Hazel” Dante replied, and Rita smiled.

“They’re both really good at running away and betraying. But it’s still so annoying that she’s the mother of that Stinky thing!” She spat, but her brows tightened when she got an idea.

“Wait! I can actually use this against her. If I post it on the website that she’s a irresponsible mother who left her kids to chase her career, then I’ll reveal her relationship with Hazel, and it’s over!” She laughed, and Dante stood.

“You can actually kill two birds with one stone” River said, coming in.

“And you are?” Rita blinked.

“River, Rocky’s best friend” he smiled.

“You can eliminate Kristen too” Dante said.

“She’s your daughter” Rita chuckled.

“Just give me some money, and I won’t care” Dante grinned, and Rita smiled.

“Today is sweet”

“There’s a tracker on Kristen’s chest, it’ll make everything easy” River said.

“Nice” Rita laughed.


“It’s positive. Dennis Gomez is the father of the kid” the doctor said, handing the results to everyone after the test

It was carried out in front of everyone, so no foul play.

Abel stared at the result as if to turn it the other way round, but it’s impossible. The truth is glaring at him clearly.

“Now that you know the truth, can you hand my son over?” Dennis smiled.

Abel ripped the results apart immediately, then he stood and carried Bright in his arms.

“Not even the omnipotent can take him away. Step close at the risk of your life” he said, drawing his gun immediately.

“Hand my son over!!” Hazel made to go closer, but he shot at the wall.

“AHHH!” She screamed, hugging Dennis fearfully.

“The son is mine, my son!” Abel shouted and walked out of the hospital.

“I love you so much Daddy” Bright smiled.

“You’re my life, you know that right?” Abel replied, and he hugged him as they got in the car.


A great chaos was already happening when Alfred got back, and he wondered what it is as he stepped in.

🗣️ He R@P£D the lady!

🗣️The lady was Ɲ@kēɗ in the restroom with him, screaming for help, but he locked the door behind.

🗣️ The door was broken before they were able to save her.

🗣️ But he R@P£D her already, nothing changed

🗣️ How can an handsome man like that be a criminal?

🗣️ Handsome thieves don’t have it branded on their heads either

“What’s going on?” Alfred muttered, but his question was answered when Clinton was led out of the restroom by the cops. He has been handcuffed already.

“Homie!” He gasped, running to him.

“Clinton what the hell is going on? Why did you handcuff him and…

“He’s a rapist” one of the cops replied, and his eyes widened.

“No what nonsense are you spewing! Clinton talk to me! Clinton say it’s not true! Clinton!!!

Clinton only has this forlorn look on his face, then tears in his eyes.

“Clinton!!!!” Alfred tried to touch him , but he was obstructed.

“Big brother!” Kristen rushed out of the ward in the hospital uniform. Her surgery has been over since twenty minutes.

“Kristen” Clinton muttered , and she ran there,but she was held back too.

“Let me go!!!! Clinton it’s not true! Deny is please!!! It can’t be!!! Why did you handcuff him! Big brother talk to me! Let go of me!!!”

She was crying as she struggled with the cops, trying to get to him.

“Kristen I’m sorry” Clinton cried.

“Clinton it’s not true! Say it!!!!” She screamed again, and Alfred grabbed her this time.

“Clinton don’t leave me! Clinton!!!”


“I’ve always known his so-called friends aren’t trustworthy. Look what happened today. One is infertile and the other one is a rapist, gosh! I’m having the creeps” Elsa said, sipping from her cup of wine under her favorite shed.

She’s receiving massage from numerous maids.

She dropped her cup, and Santos came in.

“Miss Tamara is here” he reported.

“You sent her husband the soft copy of the paper already?” She asked.

“Yes Empress” he replied, and Tamara stormed in.

She pushed Santos out of the way and slammed her palms on the table.

“What nonsense did you send to my baby last night?” She smirked, and Elsa looked up.

“You never wanted the marriage anyways. Isn’t it better to end it now?”

“I love Metawin! I’m ready to stay as Mrs Jirawat for the rest of my life! I don’t want to go back to bearing Jenkins!”

“I’m your mother! I know what’s good for you so it’s better you listen to me! Divorce that man or his family will betray you just like Rita’s family” Elsa replied.

“Betray me? Or you? You’re fighting for your own interest and not mine! Stop covering it up old hag!” Tamara shot, and Elsa slapped her.

“How dare you try to go against me! I’m your mother!” She gnarled, and Tamara grabbed the cup of wine on the table.

She poured it directly on Elsa’s face, then she kicked the table, and it fell, crashing on the ground.

“How… Dare… You” Elsa said shockingly.

“Don’t… Mess… With…me!” Tamara said in the same tone, then she rushed out of the house.

Elsa looked at her soaked clothes and smirked.

“Santos, you know what to do”

Tamara got to her car and was about to go in when she suddenly felt a wave of dizziness.

She had to hold the car door for support as her eyes began turning.

“What the hell…” She muttered, closing her eyes.

She stood motionless for minutes before getting in her car.

“Need to visit the hospital”


Metawin came out exhausted, it’s been a long tiring day.

A loud yawn took over his mouth, and his phone rang.

He smiled widely when he saw “My Mara” on screen.

“Hey wifey” he picked, entering his car.

“AHHH!!!!” She screamed, and he had to take the phone away from his ear.

“You didn’t tell me you called to burst my ears” he laughed.

“Win guess what!” She said happily.

“I can’t guess, I’ve never done it” he smiled.

“I’m coming out of our family hospital right now, and…yunno what takes place in a woman’s belly for nine months?” She said, and his eyes widened.

“Don’t tell me….

“I’m preggie baby! I’m Fůçƙing pregnant! We’re having a baby!!!” She screamed, and his eyes widened more.

“Yessssss!!!!!” He screamed ecstatically, holding the wheel.

“Come K!SS my belly at home” she laughed, and he drove out of the hospital with an hand.

“Don’t cut the call ok? I need to hear your breathing till I get home. I can’t wait!” He said impatiently, driving through the road.

“I’m currently driving home too. And yunno what? I confronted Empress about the divorce already, she’ll never think about it” she said.

“I’m so happy” he replied, and she chuckled.

“I love you so much Win, so much”

“I love you more Mara. I’m overly happy right now. I’m gonna become a father soon!” He replied, and she laughed.

“Our Gorya is finally coming” she said.

“No it’s a boy. Akira!” He replied.

“It’s Gorya!” She laughed.

He was about to argue again when a car suddenly appeared from a sharp corner ahead of him, racing madly down the road.

He tried to move his car to another lane like the other cars, but his wheel didn’t respond, and his eyes widened.

“Win?” Tamara called.

“Mara I don’t know what’s happening, my car is not responding” he replied.


“Even the brakes, nothing is working, and a car is coming upfront!” He replied.

“Win! Win talk to me! Win!”

“I think I’m gonna die Mara! I don’t want to die now! I still want to father our baby! I can’t die!!!” He cried loudly, pressing everything in the car.

Nothing worked. He looked up and saw the racing car some steps away from him. His eyes widened as tears escaped them.

“Mara I’m gonna die!!! Mara!!!!” He cried again.

“Win stay with me! Win no!!! Win!!!!” Tamara cried from the other side.

“Mara…. I love you!!!!!” He screamed as the car finally ran directly into him.

The two cars got destroyed totally immediately they crashed, and they blew up at the same time.



TB Continued…


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