December 2, 2023

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(The chosen one…)


by Manuel .A.


“Minister Bong hands were trembling as he stared at Jin Mu,

“I will work with you!, I will do it he quickly said earning a dangerous smirk from Jin Mu

“You can go,but keep to your promise you are one of us, now,Jin Mu said and he nodded before getting up,

“remember the day you betrayed us is the day you will be dead,Jin Mu said demonstrating it,

“this sends shievers down to minister Bong spine,

“Mo ri was seen on top of a tree lost in thought, seems this the only thing him and hwal has in common,

“I don’t want to be an evil spirit, I don’t want to!,he screamed in his head,

“that’s what he has been thinking, what if he brings harmto the hwarang students

“I hate myself, I hate myself for being an evil spirit,he said with a low voice,

“what he regretted now most is the failure of his father killing him when he was young




“Gwi has been coming here in search of Mo ri but he hasn’t seen a sight of him since he went to hwarang (which he doesn’t know)

“where did hell is him?, he screamed in his head,

“he made to go back to go back when a voice of a middle aged him stopped him,

“hey,who are you looking for, the woman asked,

“Gwi saw the opportunity of finding Mo ri again so he decided to use it wisely,

“Am looking for a young man who used to live here with a young girl, Gwi said,

“he definitely knows about Som ri he has been stalking him (Mo ri)since he left,

“oh… do you mean Som ri’s Cousin, the Woman said,

“Gwi was shooked but comported like nothing happened,

“yes,he replied

“they are all working for hwarang now, the woman answered, the woman replied,


“Then see you later,Gwi said and left, heading towards hwarang, turning himself into a warlock?,

“he said inwardly,

“Hwal, hyeon, Yul and Mo ri was walking around the hwarang,

“the triplets were walking towards them l,they got to them and stopped,

“what do you want?, Hwal snapped, and Teayung glared at him,

“hey,are you gonna duel with me, Teasul asked Mo ri,

“sure,Mo ri said and the others turned their gaze towards Mo ri,

“what?,Mo ri asked and Teasul smirked,




“the sounds of sword clicking on each,as Mo ri and Teasul kept fighting,

“That’s wasn’t just an duel, because Teasul was harsh on Mo ri but he (Mo ri)
cared Less,

“Mo ri was getting the upper hand over Teasul this was making him very angry,

he was transferring on the anger into the sword,

“But still Mo ri was still getting the upper hand,

“Mo ri immediately got some feelings, and he disappeared,

🗣️ where did he give?

🗣️is he afraid?




“Mo ri reappeared outside hwarang and saw Gwi,

“So is you?, what are you doing here?,Mo ri asked,

“that question should be directed to you, Gwi said have you forgotten who you are?,he added

“I don care, I do whatever I like, okay?, Mo ri yelled,

“the master wants to see you,he has been asking of you, Gwi said bringing his voice down

“he is not my Master so fuvk off, don’t show your face to me again, Mo ri said and disappeared,

“Gwi sighed before leaving,


“where did you go, hyeon asked Mo ri as he came to where they were fighting before,

“None of your business,Mo ri stopped and hyeon gave him a blank expression,

“if there’s anything wrong you can tell us, hyeon insisted,

“Nothing is wrong with me,Am fine hyeon said before walking really fast towards his room

“Cha young sneaked out from his room heading towards the entrance of hwarang,

“he met Dea Soe there,he smiled when he saw Cha young coming,

“Remember what you are here for, don’t misbehave,Dea Soe asked him as he was much closer now,

“I know,so must you visit me all the time am tired of this, Cha young said,

“if you dare quit your family and you will be dead,Dea Soe smirked,

“Cha young sighed…

“I never say that will happen, Cha young said so don’t touch my family,he added,

“Good you remember,Dea Soe said with a smile,

“Don’t worry you will receive award from the master when you are through with this,

“I don’t need it, Cha young almost yelled,

“remember, you ever founds out you are a girl don’t hesitate in killing that person,

“I got it, Can I go know,Cha young snapped,


“Cha young went to her and entered a tub of hiot water,

“gosh!, this feeling so nice , she deepened herself inside the water and smiled,

“but immediately she remembered Dea Soe her smile fell,

“what have I done to deserve this, she said to herself in a low voice,

“Actually,Cha young was forced to be an assassin,

“she was very skilled that what got Jin Mu’s attention so he had to kidnap her family,

“in order to make her do anything he wants her to do, not minding the fact she is a girl

“She kept thinking and thinking a solution to her remedy but found none,

“Am doomed, she screamed in her head before running her hands on her hair,

“After some minutes, she got up from the tub and made her way to the bedroom,

“she looked around the room, Yoon and Kang Ta was already asleep,

“immediately she saw kang Ta a smile played on her lips,

“he so childlish, she said in a low tone,as she used her thumb to clean off the dirt on his lips,

“she got her senses back and left him, she stripped herself, when she noticed nobody will see her,

“her Ɓø0ɓs was wrapped with an bandage to make it look very small when she wore her clothes,

“she quickly dressed up and fell on her bed, thinking really hard on what to do,

“Yoon was seen in the training field all alone his obviously waiting for hwal,

“Something popped his mind and he wasted no time in executing it,

“he immediately brought out he sword and filled it with energy, blue flames surrounded the sword,

“he closed his eyes,as Hwal word’s on how to control your sword kept hitting his head,

“Make sure you became one with your sword, Hwal’s voice rang in his head,

“he sighed…

“Don’t betrayed your sword,if you do your sword he betray you, another rang on his head,

“this goes on till he revised all hwal advise on her to control your sword,

“he opened his eyes as if something forced him to do so,

“he used the tip of the sword and throw a watermelon upwards,he sliced it into two,

“he did that before the watermelon hit the ground, the sliced watermelon made a sound as they make contact with the ground,

“I did it, I now know how to control my sword, Yoon said happily,

“that moment hwal came in and he rushed to him,

“he jumped on him with the kind of Joy that was dwelling in him,

“I know how to control my sword now,he said his head on his shoulder,hwal smiled,

“I told you are really talented,you learnt how to control your sword in a week it’s tooks others one month, hwal said

“really?,Yoon said breaking the hug,but he was still smiling,

“yes,but should I tell you a secret hwal said in a whisper,

“yes,sure I want to know what’s that, Yoon said with a bit confused look,

“I mastered on my powers in one day hwal said and Yoon gasp,

“gosh, I can’t believe this,are you knowingly lying to me,he said

“Yes,am lying to you just pulling your legs, hwal lied,

“he actually Mastered all his powers in one day and that day is when he was born,

“let’s start training on another thing, since you can control your sword you can protect yourself,

“right?,hwal said and he nodded

“no need to teach you martial arts you are already an expertise when it’s comes to that, hwal said

“he nodded again,

“Now let’s learn how to use water, you saw me do that during the duel, right?,he asked

“yes,he nodded but can I really do it, Yoon said,

“yes, you can although only few Mastered the two of the elements which is water and earth,so don’t be discouraged,

“but you used air and fire during the duel, even Mo ri did it,Yoon said,

“yes, I think am the only one who mastered it but I was wrong,hwal said remembering how Mo ri used the four elements,

“he has never seen someone who reach there at a young age,

“Even Gil dong knows how to used only three of the elements,

“who is he?,he screamed in his head,

“okay, okay, enough of the talking let’s start training,hwal said and Yoon nodded,

“eye’s closed, breath in…… breath out he commanded and he did,

“hwal brought a bowel of water and dropped in his front,

“a bowel of water is in front of you now, okay let’s see as it’s goes,

“use your mind in lifting up the water, and make use of your fingers as the messager,hwal said,

“he nodded,obeying what hwal said and the water lifted up, his eyes was now open on Hwal orders

“Immediately he saw the sight before him,he lifted the waters he loosed focus,

“the water fell back into the bowel,

“I did it, I did it, Yoon gushed happily,

“Did what?, you only lifted it,not mastered it now you loose focus hwal said staring at the water,

“Sorry,he muttered moving his gaze towards the water in bowel,

“let’s continue tommorow Hwal said and left, besides you know how to control your sword now he left completely,

“Yoon smiled and jumped up throwing his fist in the air,

“I did it, he shouted

“Teasan, Teasul and Teayung was inside their room on there bed, the fourth roommate wasn’t around,

“what’s with the duel yesterday?, Teasan asked Teasul

“I just hate that dude,he behaves like he is stronger than anyone, Teasan said

“as for me, I so much dislike that guy called hwal,he behaves like his above every one too, Teayung said

“as for me, I hate all of them, I hate them being friends with each other, I just wished their friendship will end,

“Okay, I got a plan that will help us fullfil our wish, Teasan smirked dangerously,

“they all came closer and he whispered something into their ears, and they smiled,

“gosh, that’s why I like you, you are the master planner,

“Som ri was doing dishes when she got a vision,

“two people she is closed with,will get into trouble before today ends, she gasp,

“the unfortunate plate she was washing fell from her hands and broke into pieces,

“she was lost in thought,

“hey, what are you doing, Miss Choi voice brought her back to reality,

“am sorry, she mumbled, thinking hard on what to do,

“don’t tell me Sorry, do well on you are doing, I don’t want to hear sorry,miss Choi spoke again

“but Som ri wasn’t hearing her, she lost in thought again

“who are they?, what do I do?, she said she didn’t see their faces this time,


TB Continued….

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