December 5, 2023

🎩🔥 THE
(The chosen one…)


by Manuel .A.



“Mo ri kept staring at Bona as she was blinking her eyes, while staring at him, enjoying the fact that she is on his arms,

“they kept staring at each other till hyeon broke the silence which erupted after Mo ri caught bona from falling,

“Hmm… hyeon cleared his throat,

“that moment Mo ri and Bona got there senses back,

“Mo ri made her stand on her feet and he immediately looked away after he got his hands off her,

“Yul stood there speechless so as hwal but hwal was so much angry now,but controlled himself,

“what just happened here, Yul finally spoke up and Bona bit her lips,

“Am leaving guys, Hwal said and left,Mo ri also left without saying any word,

“Oppa,let me tour myself around here,Bona said and also left,

“okay, okay, what’s up with the sad mood, Yul said and hyeon raised his brows,

“don’t you know?, hyeon asked

“know what?,

“gosh!, I thought it’s was obvious, hyeon said and paused…

“hwal has a thing on my sister dude he is obviously jealous, hyeon said and Yul gasp,

“he made to laugh but hyeon palmed his mouth,


“Hwal climbed up a tree and sat on a branch,he leaned his back backwards making him rest it on branch behind him,

“how dare him?,he screamed in his mind,

“no matter how much he thinks about it he was obviously not jealous,

“Do I really like her?,he asked himself getting no reply from anyone,

“he plucked a stick from the tree, around the stick where some leaves attached to it,

” I like her,he asked plucking one of the left off the stick,

“I don’t like her, he said doing the same thing,

“he continued doing it till there were no leaf on the stick again,

“it ended up at I don’t like her, this earned a sigh from him,

“he closed his eyes and looked up,




“Mo ri was walking, he stopped and a smile played on his lips,

“remembering how he held her from falling,as crazy ideas was going through his head,

“I think I like her, he muttered again and smiled, hyeon voice interrupted him,

“he turned and saw hyeon, hope he didn’t heard what I said,he thought

“Don’t feel like you are in heavens, hyeon said and Mo ri got a blank expression,

“what do you mean?,Mo ri asked as his heart was trying to flew away through his mouth,

“About the duel, hwal didn’t show you all his powers, his actually very strong, hyeon said

“Mo ri sighed, calming down..

“I actually notice that,but I didn’t show him all my powers too,Mo ri said with a smirk,

“hyeon chuckled..

“I need your help, hyeon said, and Mo ri raised his brows,

“on what?,he replied

“I have been suspecting Hwal as the chosen one to save the world, and I know am right,just needed to confirm it, hyeon said

“those he even know am a evil spirit, he thought though he was startled a little,

“okay, I will help you,Mo ri said and left, hyeon smiled,

“All students was sitting in hall, about four to five seats surrounding each table,

“Hwal and his friends also Cha young and Kang Ta was sitting with them,

“the triplets was sitting together while Mo ri was sitting alone,

“they haven’t be served their food yet,yes, they are waiting for the food to be served by the maid’s,

“few minutes later…

“some maids started trooping in including Som ri and Go eun,they were walking together,

“Mind showing me the guy who made you cried,Go eun asked Som ri,

“Is it a must you must add that word”Crying”,Som ri scoffed she was carrying a tray containing food,

“okay, just show me,who is he Go eun said she was also carrying a tray with foods,

“Som ri stopped she looked her right, and served only hwal before facing front,

“hey, where is mine?,Yul yelled his obviously very hungry,

“they’re plenty of foods on that tray,so serve us we are starving, Kang Ta said childlishly and Cha young smiled,

“Hwal is she your girlfriend, hyeon asked turning his gaze to hwal,

“Not at all, he replied

“Som ri ignored all their comments and walked towards Go eun and stopped,

“but hwal words nearly made her broke down, she felt her soul leaving her body that moment,

“is that him,Go eun asked and Som ri nodded,

“Go eun immediately walked up to the hungry lions,

“Sorry about that, here’s your food,Go eun said as she served the remaining four,

“Kang Ta winked at her and she returned it before walking away,

“Cha young felt a little jealous, not knowing when he hits his head,

“Are you at that again,my head hurts, Kang Ta said childlishly,

“why are you flirting with her, Cha young said a little bit serious,

“Am gonna marry someday, should I flirt with you instead,am not a gay,he said,

“What about the time you said you don’t mind being a gay,Cha young scoffed,

“all guys are the same,he continued


“Are you not a guy?

“Cha young palmed her lips, she obviously didn’t know when it came out from her mouth,

“Som ri and Go eun started walking out from the hall,on their way to bring another food,

“Are you over him or do you still like him, Go eun asked and Som ri scoffed,

“I don’t care what he do,if he likes he should Marry all the girls in hanbok I don care, she said

“oh,so cute.. look your former crush is K!SSing a girl I wished to be that girl now,Go eun said

“what?, I will kill that girl, daughter of a Ɓîtçh,Som ri turned her back and she saw no girl,Go eun pranked her,

“F**l,Som ri said hitting Go eun gently on her arms,

“what do you say about getting over him,was that not few minutes ago,Go eun said

“Som ri hit her gently again before running off,

“Wait for me!,Go eun said runinng after her,


“Mo ri was eating alone in that same hall, before Bona sat on the chair opposite him,

“a smile form on his lips immediately, bona was also smiling when she came

“thanks for saving me earlier, Bona said Still smiling,

“oh.. that’s was nothing,Mo ri said

“friends?,Bona asked

“yea, friends,Mo ri replied,

“Han gyul and Gil dong was seeing sitting inside Han gyul’s house with another man,

“obviously a minister in the palace,

“Am scared, don’t you know what happened to master hong, the unknown man said,

“Gil dong and the unknown together was sitting opposite Han gyul,a short table in between them,

“what are you saying?,are you trying to tell that you are scared of that rat,Jin Mu, Gil dong said

“Am not trying to hide it,am scared I can’t do anything with you guys, they might sent assassin to my house, the man said

“it’s obvious you are scared, you can go if you want, do what you feel like doing, Han gyul said,

“thanks, for letting go of me, the man said and dusted his Ɓụťť before leaving,

“Gil dong sighed..

“Can we really do it without the help of some minister, Gil dong said,

“Don’t worry,we still have hwarang,Han gyul said and smirked,


“there’s no but, Han gyul snapped cutting Gil dong off,

“will they be enough, Gil dong said and sighed again feeling uneasy,

“they will be more than enough, Han gyul said with a smile,

“Do you know what will happen when Jin Mu gets too greedy, Han gyul asked,

“No, Gil dong said and shrugged his shoulders but an idea flashed his mind,

“An evil spirit might possess him, Gil dong said,

“That might happen but the real answer I what is that, his next target Will be his the throne, Han gyul said,

“Jin Mu was having a meeting with his assistant,Dea Soe,

“They were sitting opposite each other having a discussion,

“why did you kill minister Hong, I thought we agreed on making him be on our side,Dea Soe asked

“he was so stubborn and I had to clear him off,Jin Mu replied,

“Dea Soe was the only one who could question Jin Mu was him,

“why not tell others about us, I mean telling them we are the owner of the assassin,Dea Soe said

“because they might be traitor among us,am gonna tell them at the right time,Jin Mu said

“Dea Soe sighed

“a young man man entered into the hut dressed in black covering his face,

“you sent for me, Master he said and bowed,

“yes, kidnap minister Bong for me,Jin Mu said sounding much like an order,

“yes Master he said and left,

“what are you trying to?,Dea Soe asked,

“Making him one of us,Jin Mu said and smirked sipping from the tea,on top of the short table in between them,

“Minister bong, after the meeting with han gyul was headed to his house on a very lonely and quiet place,

“he was being escorted with ten guards he was standing at the middle of them, walking really fast,

“he was stopped by a man in Black, his face was covered,

“he was the man from earlier,

“who are you?,a guard asked and in few seconds the ten gaurds were down,

“he took Minister bong and left afterwards,

“Jin Mu was seen smirking dangerously, loving the sight in front of him,

“Dea Soe was there too,

“open his face,he ordered

“the man in black, removed the piece of cloth he used in blind folding his eyes,

“Hello, Minister bong, Jin Mu said and minister bong shievred,as sweat rain down his body,

“his hands was trembling as words refuse to come out from his mouth,

“Am sorry!!, forgive me,he finally found his voice,

“relax, what makes you think am killing you, Jin Mu asked with a smirk,

“Am sorry!!, forgive me!!,he said again bowing consistently, rubbing his palm against each other,

“Am not killing you, I have something to tell you, Jin Mu said, this makes minister bong stopped bowing bowing like he f**l he was,

“was is it,he swallowed nothing down his throat, before uttering that sentence,

“Work with me,Jin Mu said and minister Bong raised his brows,

“what?,he gasp

“Jin Mu sipped from his tea cup,in front of him..




TB Continued….

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