December 2, 2023

🎩🔥 THE
(The chosen one…)


by Manuel .A.


“What?,Dad am not going anywhere, I don’t belong to hwarang, I don’t love Yul, Bona half yelled

“you are going there weather you like it or not,Jin Mu yelled,

“immdiately,Mo ri flashed Bona’s head and she smiled inwardly,

“I might go there but am not seducing the crown prince, that’s not normal, she said again in the same tone,

“A slap landed on her right cheeks, she plamed her cheeks as tears slipped down her eyes,

“Are you trying to say am not normal,are you going crazy,Jin Mu yelled,

“Am not marrying the crown prince no matter what you say,Bona said

“Can’t you see am only trying to help you, can’t you see?,Jin Mu yelled,

“and I never plead for your help,i own my life,why do you like controlling some else life,

“She said and couldn’t bear it anymore she ran out of the room, slamming the door hardly in the process,

“She ran few distance, and squatted before she started sobbing, hugging her knees in the process,

“Hey, Teasan called as he caught a glimpse of the maid,

“the maid turned and saw Teasan and a smile played on her lips,

“How are you doing?, Teasan asked closer to her already,

“Am fine, she muttered

“How about your neck?,he asked and she kept quiet,

“he turned his gaze to her neck,there were still burises and red marks, he sighed

“he leaned closer to her and palmed her neck blue flames erupted from his hand and the bruises disappeared,

“what did you do?,am feeling much better, it’s no more painful the maid rushed her words,

“I healed it up,hr said and the maid happily jumped on him,

“Thank you very much, I owe you one, I will never forget you, she said

“the only thing you can do for me now is to never do anything Teayung asked you to do, Teasan paused

“I shouldn’t be saying this but he doesn’t like you isn’t it obvious,his only using you,

I don’t want you to get hurt, I can’t bear to see you hurt,he said and she sighed,

“there eyes suddenly went to each others lips and they kept staring at each others lips,

“Teasan leaned closer and slowly their lips met,he dived his tongue into her mouth,

“their tongues collided with each other as she Mõ@ɲed into his mouth,

“the maids hands was wrapped around Teasan neck,as the K!SS went even more deeper,

“their lips went swollen but they were not ready to stop,

“what’s your name?,he asked breaking the K!SS,

“Bo Bea, she replied before pulling him into the K!SS it went More deeper and deeper,

“Teasan hands slided into her P@ŋties and he traced her G-spot,he deepened his two fingers inside her,

“Awwn!!ouch!!, she Mõ@ɲed

“Som ri was sleeping soundly on the bed but her eyes blinked open after some minutes,

“you are awake?, I was worried?, what happened?,Go eun rushed her question,

“Nothing, just a slight headache,Som ri said and she sighed palming her chest,

“Som ri tried forcing the vision and she passed out immediately she finds out it’s was hwal and Mo ri,

“Where you that worried?,Som ri asked with a smile, changing her position on the bed,

“she was sitting on it now not laying on it,

“of course, I will die if anything happens to you, Go eun said

“Something thing flashed her mind and she smiled,

“Thank God they are safe, she said and Go eun faced her with a confused look,

“Who are you talking about?, she asked still confused,

“Som ri told her everything without leaving any behind even about her powers,

“So you see vision she asked and Som ri nodded,

“Cool,My vision girl, she said and hugged Som ri,

“Mo ri was eating alone as always, hwal was eating with his friends,

“Hwal got a glimpse of Mo ri eating alone he stood up and went to him,

“thought we were friends, you should have called me to eat with you, hwal said sitting down,

“you were with your original friends,he said and took another spoonful into his mouth,

“what do you mean?, original?,then you are fake?, stop spilling trash, hwal said and Mo ri smiled

“Yul and hyeon walked up to them and sat down they smiled at each other,

“In a secret room where Jin Mu always have the meeting with his comrades or rather call them allies,

“it’s was near the library,

“they were having their usual meeting, they were six this time,

“Minister Bong was added to the number,

“we have Change of plan,we are not putting a puppet king, Jin Mu said,

“what?, I thought that was what we agreed on,why this now?,a minister spoke up,

“Jin Mu smirked

“Who seduce you or make you do what you don’t want, Jin Mu asked

“Only my wife can do that,the minister from earlier spoke again,

“Sure, only my wife can do that, another minister said,

“We are putting my daughter on that throne to become the queen, Jin Mu said,

“but why is there a change plans, The minister who hasn’t say anything yet spoke up,

“Yul after coming back from hwarang to succeed the throne, will be very smart when the times comes,

“Don’t you get?,are you that dumb or did you cheat your way into office,Dea Soe yelled

“hey, watch your mouth, the minister spoke up,

“Keep your mouth shut,Jin Mu yelled hitting his two hands on the table,


“kang han gyul who was at the library heard Jin Mu’s voice and moved to the direction the voice was coming from,

“he pushed the door open and he saw Jin Mu with his Allies plus Minister Bong,

“he was shocked when he saw minister Bong,but controlled it,

“she slammed the door closed before leaving, he didn’t say a word to them they didn’t either,

“unfortunately, He didn’t hear anything of what they were planning,

“This what happens when there’s misunderstanding between us,Jin Mu said sighed

“Aviod misunderstanding, that’s the fourth rule of this organization, he said and left,

“others sighed and Dea Soe followed him,

“they were actually given three rules before they were member of the organization,

“One, they were not allowed to say anything concerning what they discuss in the room to anybody,

“Two,the day you betrayed them you are dead,

“three,never challenge him or judge his decision,

“What are you saying?, Teayung asked Teasan again,

“they were all present I mean the triplets,

“let’s go and asked for forgiveness,we did wrong, Teasan said again,

“Never, it not all over yet I will surely make them pay, Teasul yelled

“I know you are still a kid but I thought you manned up, Teayung said

“what?, for their forgiveness?, never they are the ones to go on their knees and plead for my forgiveness, Teayung said,

“stop trying to act like you can ever be strong like them, Teasan said and a slap landed on his cheeks,

“he was about to talk when Teasul gave him another slap, Teayung was the first person to slap him,

“he stormed out of the room without saying anything,

“f**l,they both said at the same time,


“Teasan was walking to nowhere with his reddish cheeks,

“luckily for him he found bo Bea he went to her,

“what happened?,why is your Cheeks so red?, she said worriedly,

“he didn’t say anything before hugging her resting his head on her Ɓø0ɓs,

“it’s okay, it’s okay it’s will be fine, he said patting on his back,

“after few minutes they broke hug and faced each other,

“Mind telling me what made you cry, she said and he looked at her,

“He explained everything to her and she could only boil with anger,

“I don’t know what made me fall in love with that f**l, she said

“it’s okay, Teasan said

“I will just add poison to his meal so he will eat and die, she yelled

“Ahhh!!!, it’s hasn’t reach like that, Teasan said trying to calm her down,

“And they just added one rule,

“the ministers started leaving one by one till there was no else remaining in the room,

“Hwal and Mo ri was on top of the same tree, smiling and chat with each other,

“what made you addicted in climbing trees,Mo ri asked Hwal,

“My crush, I always climb a tree every night just to stare at her when she comes out, hwal said

“Mo ri couldn’t control but laughing hard,

“What is funny?, hwal said and pouted sadly,

“Minding telling the girl who made you climb tree every night, Mo ri said

“Bona, hwal said Mo ri could swear his heart skipped,

“Don’t think about it too much,am over her I know you are interested in her, hwal said as if he could read his mind,

“Mo ri hits his arm and hwal returned it, they didn’t for few minutes before they stopped,

“I love someone else, though am not sure weather it’s love,but I can’t bear seeing her cry, hwal said

“Who?,Mo ri asked

“we have talked about me too much let’s talk about you,


“what made you addicted in climbing trees, hwal asked,

“I was lonely from childhood and I always climb a tree to stare at the beds, slowly I became addicted to it, Mo ri said

“promise me, you’ll always do anything with me hwal said and Mo ri nodded,

“I will always, Mo ri said

“aside from climbing trees,am also addicted in training martial arts over and over again,

“even though am so good at it, I always practice,Mo ri added,

“Hwal made to talk but Teasan voice stopped him,

“please forgive me, Teasan said again and both looked down and saw him on his knees,

“forgive you already,if you will behave yourself, hwal said

“Teasan went closer to the tree and sat down leaning his back on the tree,

“he narrated all that happened between him and his brothers to hwal and Mo ri,

“he stayed for few minutes before he finally left,

“few minutes after Teasan left, Yul and hyeon showed up,

“that dude is becoming closer to that guy, hyeon said, his gaze on hwal and Mo ri,

“Yul only nodded,they went closer to them,

“Come down from there you two, you are making us jealous, hyeon shouted,

“Never,we are not coming down, they both said,

“let’s watch and see, hyeon said before throwing Stones at them,


“after few minutes they couldn’t bear anymore they jumped down,

“Yuna showed up in front of hwarang entrance, she removed the plague her father gave to her,

“she face it to the door of hwarang and it’s opened she went in,

“in search of Master Gil dong, that who her father told her to meet,

“in few minutes she was totally in hwarang as she stared at the countless people walking up and down,

“woah,never knew hwarang was this beautiful, she said

“out of the countless people she met she spotted Bo Bea,

“Dear, please can you take me to master Gil dong she asked and Bo Bea nodded,

“they started walking together,they passed Som ri and immediately they did,

“Something fell off from one of their hands,Som ri picked up the bracelet on the ground,

“she recognized it, it’s was Mudeok bracelet,

“Memories of Mudeok kept flashing her head, she managed to look back but she didn’t find them anymore,

” Mudeok is alive?,I need to find the owner of this bracelet, she is Mudeok, and it’s one of those too,

“she said and folded her fist,

“Who is Mudeok between?, Bo Bea or the other girl?,




“Som ri entered the garden and the first thing she saw was hwal’s back,

“A smiled played on her lips and she started moving closer to him,

“she hugged him from the behind and he smiled,

“you where late, hwal said

“she broke the hug and hwal faced her turning her gaze towards her,

“you said you wanted to tell me something, hwal said

“yes, stay away from those triplets,Som ri said, Teayung, Teasan and Teasul, she added,

“I know, Hwal said and she gasp,

“you know?,

yes I know, come to think of it how did you know?,he asked

“you know little about me,Som ri said and hwal nodded,

“Maybe you are a warlock? hwal said

“Nope, she replied

“okay, though Teasan asked for forgiveness,he said changing the topic,

“Maybe he is pretending,Som ri said,

“he is not, I can sense sincerer he was, hwal said and she nodded,

“You are dumb,Som ri said

“How?,he said

“Do warlock has the ability to see vision, she said

“No, he shrugged,

“So how could you suggest am a warlock, she said

“Nothing he replied, just saying he added,

“you are dumb, she said again

“what’s wrong with you?, how am I dumb,he replied

“Not telling you this time around, she said,

“he is so dumb, how could he not notice I see vision,

🗣️ we have new physician

🗣️ who?

🗣️ you don’t know?, they are female

🗣️ they are so hot, and sexy

🗣️ finally,they decided in bringing in female physicians,

🗣️ am still asking who are they?

🗣️ Yuna, minister Kang han gyul daughter and Bona minister Jin Mu’s daughter

🗣️ woah!

“I need to go, hwal said immediately something flashed his mind,

“Hwal made to go but Som ri hugged him from behind,

“Don’t go to her,am here for you, why do you always think about her?, huh?,am I not pretty?, why is it always her?, I might die if you leave, not even might, I will die if you leave me,so don’t leave, just for today, I want to slike this for enternity, Please don’t go to her, Please,Som ri said

“Hwal sighed and smiled at the same time,

“Som ri!!,he called

“please don’t go, I want to stay like this forever, she said and rest her head on her back, before closing her eyes,




TB Continued.

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