December 5, 2023

The Ruthless mafia🗡
And his crazy maid🦸🏼‍♀

{ Smelting with him
Lemme go mr mafia }


Genre : Action✨

Tags : Romance ,S£X,betrayal ,love triangle, Hatred ,love ,possession,Enemy to lover and suspense.

Meet Alexander Louis who is know as the Ruthless mafia in California

His handsomeness is incomparable

he is tall ,round mouth ,broad chest with pink lips

there is nothing you are looking for in man that he doesn’t have

No one has ever seen his face ,he covered his face with face mask

He doesn’t ware any other colour of clothes apart from black

He has rules which everyone must follow if you don’t want to die

Don’t look into his eye ,don’t enter his room without knocking and Never enter the forbidden room

Those were his rules ,he has a past which keeps hunting him

He doesn’t believe in love to him ,he always said can someone without heart fall in love ?

He has a right hand man, Lucas that was his name he was the only one he trusted

And the only person who knows a lot about Alexander he has never seen his face also

No one know how he look like ,Alexander has one aim that was to Revenge .

Meet Emily the crazy maid of Alexander , her beauty is beyond word

She has pointed nose ,round lips with pink colour ,she is tall with straight leg , brown eye ball and her baby face which Alex always avoid

She was one of Alexander maids who was captured

she was the only one that doesn’t fear Alex

She live for one thing “to find her parent’s murderer ”

No one can take my life until ,I want to,

It doesn’t take me a minute to destroy you be careful of me that what she always said

She like to challenge Alexander which makes him hate her a lot .

Do you think Emily can follow Alexander’ s rule ;and do you think this two can be together

what happened when she entered the forbidden room ,will she survive or die ?

What will happen when Alex turned out to be the murderer ?

Let find out ,grab your popcorn 🍿🍿🍿 and your chill drink 🍷🍷
Don’t miss out of it

🥷The Ruthless mafia 🛠
And his crazy maid

{Smelting with him ❤
Lemme go mr mafia }

🖊 written by Teesha 🖊

Chapter 1

Alexander POV

I was in my sturdy room , going through some document

when that annoying maid barged inside without knocking.

I raised my head and saw her standing like a statue.

Breaking my rules won’t do you good

How many times have I warned you not to enter my room without knocking

The other time you do that did you remember what happened to you ?

Emily pov

You didn’t put it in front of the door that knock before enter And

I don’t know how to knock, I wasn’t taught

since you called for me why do I need to knock?

Why did you always have to be wicked cat ? I whispered to his hearing

Alexander POV

Wicked cat ? Huh

You need to be taught some lessons ,I smirked

I called Dave one of my guards

He ran inside and went on his knee with his head bowed

Take her to the torture room and wait for me there ; I said

He grabbed her hand ,he was about to drag her out when she kicked him on his Ďïčk

Dave fell on the floor in pain ,he held his Ďïčk rolling on the floor

Writer POV

Alexander stood up and point his gun on her forehead

but she didn’ t flinched

Calm down my lord put the gun down is not up to that

She lower the gun down and was about to leave

But the sound of cracking of gun make her stopped walking

Alexander pov

Take a single step there and consider your self dead ; I said walking to her

By this time Dave has already stood up

because he knew that if he stayed there any moment from that he will be dead ..

Take her to the ice- room nothing must be giving to her

What ? Are you planning to get me killed ? I am still young ,

i have many things to do on earth ; she said already scared

She knew that no one go there and survive

Because of the coldness , Are you planning to freeze me to death ?

She asked Alexander still facing him

Take her away i said angrily,She kept quiet and follow Dave …

Writer POV

On there way , they came across Lucas who was chewing gum

What have you done this time around babe ? Lucas said

That none of your business cat eye Emily said and walk away .

Lucas smiled and started walking to Alexander room he knocked on the door

Come in ! Alexander said

Lucas walked in and bowed his head with his hand on his chest ..

Alexander nodded his head what brought you here ; he asked

I have got those men they are in torture room ; Lucas said .

okay that’s good ; Alexander said

and stood up he picked gun and put it inside his pocket

he walked out with Lucas walking behind him .

Flashback how Emily got to the
mafia clan

Two years ago

Two cars drove roughly to a club ,they all got down from the

car and walked in with there gun in there hands they actually went there to kill a rebel

but she was present that day with her friends

Alexander walked to an empty
chair and sat on It with his two leg crossed

he allowed them to enjoyed before he makes his present know ,he bought out his

gun and shot the bottle of the wine on the table

Everybody screamed out in fears

he laugh like a lunatic all of you your head down he said withhis cold voice

Everyone kneeled down with there face facing the floor ..

He sighted the man he came for hiding in a corner and signal Lucas to go and get him

,Lucas walked toward the man and dragged him out from his hidding

The man started begging Alexander to spare his life

You make a mistake by running away from me have you forgotten

that no matter where you run to i will always get you : Alexander said

Please spare my life and i promise it won’ t happen next time the man begged him

You know that there is no next time Alexander said and bought

out his gun he shot his leg the man screamed out in pain

He stood up and shot his forehead the man fell on the ground dead

By now everyone was shaking while some where peeing on there body

Everyone should move he shouted from today on world you all belong to me ; Alexander said

All his men surround them ,they pushed them out roughly but none of them see Emily because she was

hiding under the table where Alexander was seated

Alexander stood up ready to go out

he looked around the club to see if there anyone hidding

that was when he saw Emily shoe Alexander smirked and bend down

Hello! Alexander said

Emily got scared and close her eye not wanting to come out

Get out from that place now before i blow your head off ; Alexander said

Emily stood up and use her hand to cover her face ,i don’ t want to see your face she said shaking

Then let me help you :Alexander said

and brought out his gun he pulled the drigger ready to shoot

Wait what are you trying to do ? Emily asked and took her hands away

Since you don’ t want to see my face

i wanted to help you by removing your two eye ; Alexander said

Emily was about to talk when Lucas entered ,he bow his head, it time boss ; he said

Take her out Alexander said to Lucas pointing at Emily

The three of them walked out from the club and got inside the car

The club explode as soon as they went out from the club

Emily sat beside Alexander since there was no seat for her in the other car

She place her head on his shoulder

he was shocked this was the first time someone will do that without getting scared of him

This same behaviour ,this same eyeball ; Alexander thought

Did you have a death wish ? He asked with his cold voice

No ! Why will i want that ?

I only wanted to sleep before gotten to where you are taking us

who knows whether you wanted to kill us just like you did earlier ;
Smiling which review her gap tooth

End of flashback

Alexander pov

I walked to the torture room and got a chair i sat infront of those men

There body and face has been disfigure with torture

Who sent you here ? I asked playing with my gun

They kept mute giving there self signal not to talk

Since none of you is ready to talk you are of no use to me

I pointed my gun on there forehead and shot them twice

I hate silence and I don’t like repeating words

Dispose there body i said to one of the guard and walked

Heading to my room i need to cool my head

Bluey pov

Is this how am going to die ? Even if i have to i have to complete my mission

I have to look for my parent killer and this dog was planning to freeze me to death

Not only freeze but no food and water as well. he is really wicked

I need to be strong am already weak i can’ t even move my leg anymore

He doesn’t have any mercy ,he was heartless just like people said

It been five hours already and i don’ t think i can make it out of here a live

At Least i should say goodbye to Erica she was my only friend here and i will really miss her

I said in tears rolling down my cheeks

I picked up a mental i saw beside me and throw it at the door

So that i can get the attention of the guard and thank God he heard me

I heard the cracking of door ,i can’ t see him due to the darkness inside the room

But i can hear the sound of foot step ,i started talking

I need help from you and i will really appreciate it if you can do it

What did you want ? The guard asked

Do you know Erica ? I asked

No how will i know that when you know that ; he said

Okay ! You can asked around she was the only one that has that name

just help me to pass this message to her

Tell her that i love her and am sorry i couldn’t see her before i die

I will still continue to be her best friend even when am dead

And she should be careful of that heartless master

I will always be by her side and tell that master of yours that i will hunt him to death

I will come back and take him with me that is all thank you

Bye.i said and fell into darkness

To be continue

How is the start and did you enjoy how long the chapter is 😂

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