December 2, 2023

💀 The mystery
Of sorceries☠️

Season 1

EP 5 ⭐ light and darkness 🌚

Part 2…..

Maya sad down and smiled.

Tony said ” I hope you like the house and I hope the personnel treated you well!”

Maya responded ” it wasn’t easy for me to found your house and I could not imagine it was so big. You’re living here alone tony??”

Tony responded “yes off course. The house looks abit old because it has first belong to my great grand parents and was transmitted from génération to générations”

Maya smiled and Jason said ” you’ve a wonderful smile! I love it so much”

Maya smiled again saying “you’re jocking!”

She said again ” can I taste the meat you’re eating?? It looks different from mine”

Tony replied ” I’m not sure you’ll like it!”

Maya took her Fůçƙ and took one spice of Tony’s meat without knowing that’s was some one’s heart.

Jason said ” how does that taste??”

Maya said ” it’s so delicious which type of meat is that??”

Jason replied ” a certain meat I don’t think that you can know the animal. Can we continue with our dinar??

Maya smiled again and continue to eat her food.

***Maya’s house, 7am:

Someone knocked at the door. Maya stood up from her bed and came to open the door. That was liza,
Some minutes of silence took place

“How are you Maya?? I hope you’re well! I have thing about what I’ve discovered on you two weeks already and I came in the conclusion that you will stay my best friend what so ever happens ” said Liza

Maya without saying anything just took liza in her arms
“I’m so happy to feel you again Liza! Please enter”

Liza entered and they went in Maya’s bed room and sad on the bed

” While have you not told me your secret ever since Maya?? I think we’re true friend that shares all!” Said Liza

Maya answered ” do you remember what I told you on the dead of my parents??”

Liza responded “yeah! I remember you told me they died in a wildfire ”

Maya said ” yes but what I didn’t told you is that the fire was cause by me ”

“What???!!!” Said liza very chocked
Maya started flowing tears and said

“When you’re parents are just from discovering that their unique girl is a witch it is not very easy to accept it. My mother was not a witch but was having the genes but she new in her that the possibility to have a child that is a witch was very high. My father, him was a normal human being. I was having 8years when my father discovered that I was a witch and that my mother was from a witch family. I still remember that day when I came back from school and I saw my mother lying on her blood and my father was the one responsible. He came near me and said “you are not my child but the one of that witch, I will kill you and you will go to hell where you and your mother came from” ‘ he was holding a knife on his hand and at the moment he wanted to kill me, I was so afraid until the house took fire and I was the only survival. And that’s when my grand mum decided to adopt me and teach me how to control my power. But since that time I have always hade who I am.”

Liza’s said “I don’t know what to say Maya, I’m so sorry you live all that and I’m so sorry of judging you without trying to understand. Please forgive me Maya ”

Maya replied “don’t wory Lisa you could not know. I forgive you ”

She took Lisa in her arms. When Liza went, Maya took a book in her cupboard it was looking old and on it was written ‘ the mystery of sorceries ‘ and she said
” As from now I will not betray the fact that I’m a witch”

Liza reach her house and was feeling a type. After few minutes she was seeing red all around her and she fented.

During the night, Maya invited liza and tony for a diner.

Liza said ” I love the food Maya you’re the best”

Maya replied “thanks liza”

Tony was not removing his eyes from Liza. Maya said
“Tony you don’t like the food? You look lose! ”

Tony came back in him and said ” no it’s delicious most especially because it is done by you”

After the dinar Liza wanted to go but Maya said

” Liza it’s to late you can not go back alone many murders are happening during the night this time around ”

Tony said ” don’t worry Maya I can go with her if she wants”

Liza replied “yes off course! Chaos Maya I love you so much have a nice night”

Liza went in Tony’s car and when he reached in a certain Park he stopped the car

“What’s wrong Tony? The car is bad??” Asked Liza

Tony said “you’re exactly as her and no doubt that you’ve her blood”

Liza said wondering ” what are you talking about??”

Tony looked at her deeply and liza was frightened. Liza went out from the car saying
“I think that I have to take another car”

Tony came out of his car and said

“I feel on you that you’re exactly as me”

“Stop! I don’t know what you mean” said Liza

“You’re appetite is very high and at the end you don’t know what will satisfy you, you are seeing red some times, your head is turning I’m sure”

Liza was crying saying “stoppp!!”

“You’re a demon Liza” said tony

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