December 5, 2023

💀The mystery of sorceries☠️

Season 1 🦋🌹

By: styve nicko

EP 3. ⭐ revealing the truth ⭐

Howard university ‘ Washington ‘ 3pm:

“Maya you don’t see how this teacher is teaching so well? Mean while he looks very young” say’s liza sitted in class with Maya.

Maya replied “yeah that’s true ”

Maya where going back from the school when tony came behind her and said….

“Hey! You a minute”
Maya turn and saw him but made like if she didn’t head anything and continue her road. Tony said again

“Please wait I’m very sorry for what happened the last time. I’m not like that be sure, I want to repair my error”

Maya looked at him and replied
“You’ve very impolite with me”
Tony said
“I’m so sorry and I want to do something for you so as to prove you that I’m very sympathic. In class today I have noticed that you have some difficulties with alchemy, if you want I can help you after classes with greate pleasure”
Maya replied
“Yes is true l don’t really understand it, your help is welcome thanks so much”
Tony said
“That’s with great pleasure!”
Maya said with a smile
” I’m Maya!”
Tony replied
” Nice to meet you Maya ”

Maya smile and left the place.


Maya found her self in a forest that is very dack she saw many Ɓụťťer flies that were going in a particular direction, she started following them and she arive close to a river and saw a mother sitted just beside when the mother turned she saw it was her grandma. Her grandma said….

” My marvelous girl take care of you. You are in danger. You should accept the power you have. Accept who you are, you are a witch and you can’t change that my daughter. ”

Maya stood up of her bed and saw that was a dream .

Suddenly, Liza called Maya on a her phone and said

“Maya, hope you’re not sleeping. It’s for long we have not made fiesta. Just put a dress now I will passe and take you now and there’s no way to say no”

Maya said “I don’t think it’s the appropriate moment for that liza. You don’t see the news?? Many people are now dying outside”

Liza said ” it’s too late maya I’m already at your door we are going in another friend car”

Maya had no choice than to go. The passed all the night dancing and drinking. The time to go back home reached and liza was too drunk. Maya and liza’s friend, yan carry her to the car.
On thier way, yan was not seeing well due to alcohol and just Infront of him was another car caming. Maya shouted “that’s a car caming on us!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

But that was too late and the two cars crached together. But just some few seconds before the crach, Maya holded Liza’s hand and disappeared.


In the morning Liza’s stood up on Maya’s bed
“How are you doing today” asked Maya while giving her hot tee.

Liza holds her head and says

“My head is ecking !”

Maya responded
“That’s normal with all the bottles of drinks you’ve taken. We were lucky that we came back home savely”

Liza looked at maya deep in her eyes and says

“Here that’s true I was very drunk yesterday but I don’t also think I’m mad. I remember we had an accident and I don’t understand how we dit to find our self here Maya ”

Maya turned and face the window. liza stood up and came besides Maya, hold her hands and said

“Tell me what happened Maya, I plead on you in the name of our friendship”

Maya made some few minutes of silence and said

” Sorry for what you will discover now liza but just note that you’re my best friend and my sister for ever. Now close your eyes!!”

Liza closed her eyes with fear but without saying anything. Maya with a hand made the bed and all what was found in the room to fly and said while crying

” Open your eyes Liza”

Liza opened her eyes and was chock
“Is it you that’s doing all this??????”

Maya replied ” yesterday in the car I’ve just hole your hand and we appeared here in my room. I could not also save your friend I’m sorry he’s dead”

Liza was very frustrated and maya added

“Yeah Liza I’m having super natural power, I’m a witch ”

Liza looked at her with fear and said

“Sorry! But I have to go. I have something very important to do in my house ”
Liza went without exitation…… Maya started crying alone in her room.

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