December 5, 2023

The mystery of sorceries👽

Season 1. 🔞🔞

By: Styve nicko

Ep 2 _*blood and love*

_Street_901……. 11pm:

Alison says to the agents

«it’s a young girl approximately 18 years old; she looks drunk even death and we have to understand the motive of her murder”

Lanslo; one police officers says

“Lieutenant Alison there at the corner there is another death body this time around a young boy maximum 19years”

Alison replied

“for sure they were going back home after a feast please Lanslo make a report of that guy”

Agatha says

“Lieutenant Alison it seems as there is another death body that way let me go and look”

Agatha went and she saw someone by his back bend on the ground full of blood with another one lying death on the floor. The man was like eating something.Agata with fear said

“hey you! Stand up slowly with your hands up and turn yourself face to me”

The man stood up very gently without saying anything. On his left hand, Agatha could see what the man was eating, that was a human heart. Then the man turn and Agatha was shocked. The man had a face of an animal with long teethes and cones on his head that was a demon. Agatha shouting started shooting again and again the demon but, that seems doing anything to him. With the speed of light the demon came near Agatha and with his hand, perforated Agatha’s chest, remove her heart and left her on the floor death.The other FBI officials came because they head many sounds of a gun fire but that was too late since they saw Agatha lying on the floor surrounded by blood. Alison had no words to express what she was feeling at the time seeing Agatha emerged in her own blood.

**Old Ebbitt Grill (Downtown)….”.Washington restaurants” 1am:

Liza and Jason sited on a nice table in the restaurant.
Liza said…..

“Jason it’s already too late I’ve to go back home thank you so much for the dinar”

Jason replied…..

”Alright Liza it’s with great pleasure. Liza I really love you so much and I want to pass the rest of my life with you”

Liza makes a little smile and bound down her head. After she said…

“Jason I really like all the moments we pass together but I am very afraid of engaging in a relationship I don’t want to get my heart broken later on”

Jason replied…..

”I understand you but that’s okay take your time Liza, just permit me leave you home with my car”

”alright Jason” said Liza.

**** Liza’s house ****

At the door of Liza’s house Jason said

“very nice moment with you Liza have a nice night”

Jason was about to go when Liza called him and said
“Wait! Please wait! Can you stay with me this night?”

At the moment Jason wanted to reply Liza K!SSed him. Jason carried her; entered in the house and put her gently on the bed. He removed her dresses slowly leaving only her P@ŋt. He K!SSed each area of her body with passion starting from the legs to the Břě@šť to the mouth. With his tongue, he touches all the corners of her Pů$$¥ until she got wet with her clear fluid; he diffused in her slowly. Liza could not describe the pleasure she was getting at that moment, she was just Mõ@ɲing gently with tears coming out gently from her eyes. Jason was drilling her very gently while looking at her deep in her eyes.

***Howard University ‘Washington’ 7am:

Liza sited with Maya in class says very happily…

“How are you Maya?”

Maya responded: “Good! And just by the way you are so happy I’m sure that your rendezvous of yesterday was very good! You haven’t answered any of my texts yesterday!”
Maya makes a little smile and says
“don’t leave me in doubt and narrates to me what happened”

Liza replied very anxiously

“you are right Maya it was so good the moment we’ve pass him and me. Can you imagine that we made love after the dinar??!”

Maya says “nooooohh!! I can’t believe that!”

She embraces Liza and said
“I’m so! So! So! Happy for you Liza”

Suddenly, a man entered saying that he is the new teacher of alchemy. When Maya lifted her head, she saw the man was the same she met in the sport red car the day before. He looked at her and made a little smile and said to the class

“Hello guys I hope you all well!!!”

***Official FBI station in Washington 7am:

Alison says “where were you yesterday Jason??”

Jason replied “sorry Alison but I had a little setback with my family!”

Alison says “I hope you’re not trying to play with me! Anyway, that’s not too important. I just wanted to tell you that Agatha is death. She have been killed yesterday during our service”

Jason very shocked by the news replied“That’s not possible I can believe! Who is the psychopath that did that??”

Alison replied ” we don’t yet know, other agents are still investigating on that. But, let me tell you what I thing Jason; for me we’re not dealing with a human been.”

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