December 5, 2023

🔞🎬The mystery of sorceries👽

Season 1

Created By: Styve Nicko

EP 1…*demons back in the town*

__02 February 2012……”Washington” __

4th year university students out with their teacher for exclusion…..

One guy Alex told his friend Tony

“Hey tony let us go in that side of the forest”

Tony replied…..

“No……the teacher has been clear when he said we should not go to that side of the forest”

Alex said with a little smile……… “We are already adults don’t border it will be cool”.

The two guys went to that side of the forest and saw a cave, curiously, the guys entered. Everything was okay when suddenly, rocks felt on them and while the rocks was falling, Alex pushed Tony in the other side so that stones should not fall on him. On the other side of the cave, Tony saw a dagger on a stone which seems very old and suddenly they was an angel that appeared and shouted……

‘Don’t touch the dagger!!!!!’

But, tony could neither see her nor listen to her and he took the dagger. Suddenly, the dagger took control of him and some few seconds, he killed his self with the dagger. After that, a demon came out from the dagger and took control of his body the angel could do nothing.

Alex was outside holding his head and very afraid repeating that «I’ve killed my best friend”. Soon, he saw tony out of the cave moving slowly very loss minded. Alex shouted very happily……

“Hey Tony I’m here!!!! I don’t believe you are still alive!”

Without knowing that the person he is seeing is not more Tony but the demon and that tony his friend is dead .Tony looked at him very slowly and was getting his heart beat to that distance. With the speed of light he came beside Alex and with his hands he remove Alex’s heart and ate it and with the same spit of light the demon went.

The demon in Tony’s body went in a place that was almost out of the town and there was a very big manor looking very old and he said to himself while taking a slow breath

“Ahh!!!! Finally back to home!”

*Pack hill cemetery (Washington graveyard) 8pm…*

In the graveyard, other demons started going out from the ground and that was due to the coming back of the demon found in Tony’s body.

__18th February 2012…. (Official FBI station in Washington) 7:45am…*__

Colonel Jeffrey says

“I am just from receiving another call. Someone have been killed again and the heart was removed….it is already making 2 weeks that all those murders are going on, for sure that it is a serial killer coz he always make sure of removing the hearts of his victims. Lieutenant Alison and Jason you guys will be in charge of this investigation.”

Alison and Jason replied simultaneously….

“Yeah colonel is understood!!!!!!”


*Howard university ‘Washington’ 5pm*

Liza and Maya are just at the gate of their school ready to go back home in opposite directions

** “Hi Maya, I which we could stay together again but I have to attend that rendezvous with Jason as I told you ever since”

Maya replies…..

“No problem Liz I just hope that this time around you will formalize things with him. I’m sure Jason is the best for you!”

Both of them laugh and took opposite directions. Since their discussion, tony was in a sport red car observing them and he talk to his self saying….

“Ouhh… I was very sure that a whizzer smelled here. That’s very cool! For sure I will put here on my back and she will help me to realize all my plans”.

He came beside her with his car and says with a very romantic and sympatric voice

“Hey! Can I transport you to your house??”

Maya replied

“It’s quiet kind of your own sir but it okay I prefer to take a taxi”.

He looked at her deep in her eyes and tried to bewitch her
** “you love me and you don’t want anything now than entering my car!” tony said with a very slow voice.
Maya then replied
**“but what is going on in your head? Kind of pervert….” with anger and went away.
Tony then told his self

** “for sure she is a whizzer that’s surely while my bewitched has not work on her….but don’t worry my cute whizzer you will be mine very soon”**

He made a little smile and went with his car.

hope you like this episode; if yes tell me in the comments🙏❤️

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