December 5, 2023



💠 Chapter 9 💠

Brianna’s POV

*A month later*

After getting discharged from the hospital the other day, Oscar has been avoiding him. I can’t blame him though!

I rejected him as soon as he confessed his feelings so he must definitely be hurt. I also feel bad but there’s little to nothing I can do.

“Brianna! What were you saying just now?” Helen asked sitting on my couch breathing heavily

“Did you run all the way here?” I asked raising my brows

“Of course I did! I couldn’t believe what you said so I had to run here. Get me water” she said still breathing hard

“Don’t order me around just because you ran all the way here, I’m not your maid” I said with an eyeroll

“Brianna!” she screamed a little

I sluggishly stood up and got a glass of water for her. She gulped everything as soon as I gave it to her and I just shook my head.

“So… Repeat yourself! You want to do what?” she asked

“I want to become a VIP stripper, is that it?” I asked simply

“Are you being serious right now?” she asked almost squealing

“Well, my job doesn’t pay too well and now that I’ve gotten on Oscar’s bad side, I doubt if my salary will ever increase” I said sadly

“Ohh my baby! Sorry” she cooed patting my back

“So, when will I start?” I asked anxiously

“I will talk to the manager about it first and then I’ll get back to you. It won’t take long so you don’t need to be so anxious. Just start getting prepared!” she said with a wink

“Do I need to prepare anything?”

“Not really! But you’ll be needing clothes for stripping, we can go to the mall next weekend” she suggested

“Alright then, thanks” I smiled at her

“I’m still surprised that you decided to become a VIP stripper and not just an ordinary stripper. Anyway, your pay will be higher so I guess it’s worth trying” she shrugged

“Yeah, it is! I need to leave this embarrassing house very soon and I don’t see myself doing that in Oscar’s company in the next three years. I have to do what’s best for me!

After six months of working in the club, I will quit and try applying for jobs in other companies.If they still reject me, I will work in Oscar’s company then and live a carefree and comfortable life.” I concluded

“That’s great! I will also quit after working for a year and then I will live a comfortable life” Helen also said

“I want to take a short nap. What about you?” I asked going into my room

“I guess I will do the same, I’ll just lock the door first” she said and locked it, after which she came to join me in bed

*Two days later*

“I spoke to the manager and she wants to meet with you first. Do you have time this evening?” Helen asked after I got back from work

“I’m tired but I’ll go. Lemme just take a quick bath” I said and dashed into the bathroom

After wearing my clothes, both of us left the house heading to the club. We arrived there in no time and I could see the strippers dancing on the poles while the men fed their eyes with their sexy bodies.

Helen pulled me along with her to a separate room where we were to meet the manager.

“Good evening ma” we both greeted the manager

She wasn’t looking so chubby and she’s beautiful too except that are curves aren’t so great.

“Excuse me, I will call for you later” she said dismissing everyone else in the room

“Evening! So, this is the girl you were talking about?” she asked referring to Helen

“Yes ma! She’s my friend that wants to be a VIP stripper

“Well, her curves are okay and she has a beautiful face so she’s fit for the job. She will have to undergo training for a week or two since she hasn’t had any experience.

Her training period depends on how fast she’s able to learn. She might even have to spend over a month on training if she doesn’t catch up quickly” the woman explained

“She’s a fast learner so I believe she’ll be good to go in a week’s time. When should she resume training ma?” Helen asked

“Next week! This week is gone already so she can start training next week” the woman said

“Alright ma! Thanks ma! I guess you will discuss the payment and other things after her training right?” Helen asked

“Yes, that’s the rule!”

“Okay ma! We will take our leave now” Helen said and dragged me out of the club

“Why were you completely quiet?” she asked folding her arms

“What should I have said? You know this whole stuff is new to me so I didn’t know what to say. You’re my friend and you’re always needed in times like this. Stop complaining and let’s go home” I said and turned around

“Ohh…. So you now know we are friends right? I haven’t even beaten you ever since you got back from the hospital. Let’s just return home first” she bragged

“Really? You want to beat me? My goodness! You’re getting bolder with each passing day and I must admit I’m wowed. Like seriously? You want to beat me?

Even before I started training, I always beat you to a pulp not to talk of now that I’ve gotten stronger. I pity your hands because I’m going to break every single one of your fingers if you dare try to touch me” I said proudly

“Because you’ve learnt some skills, you think you can do whatever you want? I’m also going to learn some fighting skills so I can beat you to a pulp” she said

“We should wait until then! You won’t even be able to spend a week there before you run away” I shrugged

“Is it that hard?” she mumbled to herself

“You will see for yourself when you start, don’t be too anxious baby” I said patting her back

“No matter what, I won’t run away. If you were able to endure it, why can’t I do same?”

“We are completely different set of people. I’m strong while you are feeble and that’s why we are best friends. Can’t you see we are compatible?

If we encounter gangsters, I can fight on our behalf and if a situation arises where we need to act emotional, then you can be there for us. We’re just like the two sides of a coin, what could be better than this?” I asked dreamily

“So I’m feeble? I’m so going to beat the hell out of you today, just wait for me!” she said and started chasing me around with her slippers


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