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๐Ÿ’  Chapter 8 ๐Ÿ’ 

Oscar’s POV

I opened the door to Brianna’s ward and slowly walked in after which I shut the door behind me. Her eyes were open but she still looked pale and weak.

She wanted to sit up but I hurriedly covered the distance between us and stopped her.

“You are still very weak so you should just rest” I said and sat beside her

“I’m sorry to have caused you so much trouble, I really didn’t mean to” she said sadly

“It’s okay! But you should learn to take care of your health properly. When you noticed you weren’t feeling too well, you should have just called me and stayed back at home. Don’t do it again please” I said a bit sternly

“I won’t” she mumbled

“So, how are you feeling now? The doctor said you can’t get discharged until tomorrow evening depending on how fast your condition improves” I said

“But I’m perfectly fine! I just need enough rest and that’s all, I don’t want to spend the night in the hospital” she whined

“I’m not the doctor so there’s nothing I can do about it” I shrugged

“It’s really not fair! My temperature is just a bit high and I have to spend the night here” she complained

“You will get discharged before you know it! Just be good and have enough rest” I advised

“Thank you! I don’t know how I will ever be able to repay your kindness” she said

I gulped down nothing as I thought hard about how to start the conversation with her.

“Hmm! Brianna” I called gently


“Do you….. I mean, are you single?” I asked dumbly

“Single? Yes, I’m single for now” she answered simply

“O..Kay! I actually want to tell you something” I said and paused

“Sure, go on!” she urged

“I…I know it’s too sudden but I can’t keep it to myself anymore. Ever since the first day you came to apply for a job in the company, I’ve been smitten by you.

I tried so hard to control my feelings and restrain myself but you know love can’t be controlled. No matter how hard I try to, it won’t go away.

I’m not asking for an answer now, I just want you to know how I feel” I concluded and lowered my gaze

“Uhhm! I appreciate you for loving me honestly, but the truth is, I don’t see you that way. No, let me put it this way! I can never love you back so it’ll be best for both of us if you try to get rid of your feelings for me.

Relationship is not among my priorities for now and I definitely don’t want to date an handsome CEO. It will cause so many problems for me.

I don’t mean to make you feel bad but I have to tell you the truth now. I’m sorry” she concluded weakly

“So… there’s no hope for us?” I asked sadly

“I guess so” she answered

“I….I will get some clothes for you at home. Do you have your key with you?” I asked trying to clear the atmosphere

“You don’t need to do that! I just need my phone, I’ll ask my friend to come over” she said

“Okay then, I will be back in a jiffy” I said and left to get her phone

Brianna’s POV

I sighed tiredly after Oscar left the ward and a part of me felt bad for the way I treated him, but I just didn’t know what to do.

He likes me but I’m not interested in dating for now and I don’t want to keep him hanging. What if I ask him to give me time and in the end, I turn him down? That will be worse than this.

He brought my phone sooner than I expected and I collected it after which I mumbled a “thanks”. I dialed Helen’s number and she answered on the first ring.

“Were you expecting my call? Let me guess! You were expecting someone else’s call?” I asked teasingly

“Don’t you dare make fun of me! A guy told me he likes me and he collected my contact. I’ve been expecting his call since but he didn’t call, I’m so sad! By the way, why does your voice sound kind of….. different?” she asked suspiciously

“I’m sick okay? I don’t have time to get intimate with anyone for now so get those silly ideas off your head”

“Yes Your Highness! But how come you’re sick? Are you still at work? You should tell your boss to let you rest at home” she said at once

“Okay, which one am I supposed to answer now?” I asked calmly

“Answer everything” she said nonchalantly

“You’ve really gone crazy. I’m in the hospital so bring my clothes for me and get ready to spend the night here, no excuses” I said firmly

“What?!! Is it that serious that you had to go to the hospital?” she said gently

“I actually fainted so I’ll suggest you come here quickly, I feel so lonely” I said with a pout

“I will be there right away! What’s the name of the hospital?” she asked hurriedly

“I don’t know, I will ask and text you the name so go home and pack my clothes” I said and hanged up

I asked Oscar the name of the hospital and he left my ward immediately he told me. He must be feeling so bad and I don’t even know what to do.

I แนขลซรงฦ™ at things like this, I just wish Helen was here. She would have taken control of the whole situation and tell me what to do.

*Few minutes later*

“Ohh! See my baby!” Helen said as she entered into my ward

“Why did you take so long? I was bored and lonely here” I said like a baby

“You missed me right? Just admit it!” she said as she brought out a cooler of food

“Now I’m sure you’ve really gone crazy! Just bring the food already, I want to eat” I said and slowly sat up

“You want to eat? What did you ask me to bring again?” she said snapping her fingers

“I don’t remember, just give me food!” I said

“I’m not giving you food because I brought it personally for myself. You never told me to bring food so find something else to eat” she said and turned around

“Helen, you can’t do this to me. I’m sick so you should treat me like an egg and I’ll be able to reward you when I wake up”

“Reward me with what? Beatings and slaps? Keep your reward to yourself, I don’t need it” she said

“Please Helen, I won’t beat you when I get better okay?” I said hoping to convince her

“And you think I will believe you? No, I won’t! Just watch me eat until I’m done” she said now facing me

“Fine then! I will just call Oscar to get me food. Where is my phone?” I mumbled searching for it on the bed

“Looking for this?” Helen asked raising my phone up

“Give me back my phone. I bought it with my money so give it back” I said stretching my hand

“I don’t want to! Now that you’re sick, it’s the only time I can get to do what I want. I know you’re going to beat me to a pulp when you finally get better but I’ll still enjoy this moment” she said making funny faces

“Fine then, do whatever you want! Once I get better, I will beat you to a pulp like you said” I threatened and lay on the bed pretending to be angry

“Oh my sweet Brianna! Don’t be mad at mummy okay? You’re hungry right, come and eat” she said and I instantly sprang up

“I knew you were just putting up an act, come and eat my foot!” she said sticking out her tongue at me

“Helen!” I called and pretended to burst into tears

“B… Brianna! I really didn’t mean it, you know I was joking right? Take the food, I don’t want anymore” she said feeling guilty

I took the food from her and ate it in tears for a while before finally wiping my face clean.

“You….you weren’t crying?” she stuttered

“Yeah, I wasn’t! Why will I cry because of food? I’m not two years old” I muttered rolling my eyes

“Really? You just scared me like that so I could give you the food? Wait until you get better, I’m going to beat you black and blue” she threatened

“Oh really? Are you sure you can do that?” I asked raising my brows at her

“You think I can’t beat you? Don’t be too anxious. You will get better soon and we will see who the boss is” she boasted

“That’s true anyway! I will be fit again soon and we can see who will beat who then” I shrugged


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