December 5, 2023



💠 Chapter 57 💠

Brianna’s POV

Ryan has refused to talk to me since I ignored him yesterday and I can’t explain the kind of hurt I’m feeling. It’s my fault actually for asking him to leave but I honestly never knew he was going to leave that night.

He will probably be getting engaged already by now and the thought of that alone breaks my heart. When I watched the live show of his interview with Mia yesterday, I thought I was going to die and that was why I couldn’t talk to him.

I regret everything now but how am I supposed to tell him that when he’s going to get engaged today? I feel he will even ask me to move out of his house soon because if the paparazzi gets wind of me living in his mansion, it’s going to be a different topic entirely.

My mind drifted back to when I saw him this morning. He changed his hairstyle and he was looking really hot in the shirt and trousers he wore.

Unfortunately, we could only stare at each other without saying a word because none of us was willing to talk. He didn’t talk to me because of what I did and I don’t know how to talk to him too.

Work ended for the day and I boarded a taxi home. Ryan didn’t come to the office today so I’m guessing he went straight home after the engagement.

I was hoping to see him downstairs pressing his phone but surprisingly, he wasn’t in the sitting room. I decided to check his room even though I didn’t have any specific thing to say to him but I was shocked to see Mia with him in his room.

“Don’t you know how to knock?” Mia asked

“S…sorry” I stuttered and closed the door

I hurriedly ran into my room and shut the door tight after which I sat on my bed. Even when Donna was with him, he hardly allows her into his room but I guess Mia Zachary is really special to him.

Has he fallen out of love with me just because I ignored him for a day? Then that means he never loved me from the start. Thank goodness I didn’t fall for his trick.

And what was that Ɓîtçh going on about earlier? Don’t I know how to knock? She should just be thankful that I was shocked at that moment, else I would have given her a reply that befits her.

I didn’t go out of my room after what happened earlier. I was just curled up in my bed with different thoughts running through my mind even though I was really hungry.

When it was exactly 8:00pm, I heard a knock on my door and instantly sat up. Who could that be? It can’t be Ryan right? We are just three in this mansion so if it isn’t Ryan, then it has to be Mia. Why would she even be here?

“Who is there?” I asked when the knock came again

“Open the door” Mia said

“Is she kidding me?” I thought with a scoff and opened the door

“Yes? What do you want?” I asked

The look on her face shows she was taken aback but I didn’t give a damn about that. She must be surprised to hear me speak this way when I just apologized some minutes ago.

“How dare you talk to me in that manner? I’m going to be Ryan’s wife soon and who are you? Just his secretary and nothing more” she scowled

“Just his secretary?” I chuckled

“That secretary is the reason why you are even standing here at all? And what? Who am I? Let’s say I’m someone that has been living here since how many months ago? Is it three months or is it six?” I said with a smirk

“Even though you were here for six months, Ryan still got engaged to me instead, didn’t he?” she mocked

“Whatever! I don’t have time to exchange words with you so just tell me why you are here because my legs are aching already” I said

“My baby and I want to eat so get something for us or you can as well cook for us” she said nonchalantly

“You and your baby want to eat? So how does that have anything to do with me? Let me make one thing very clear to you. I’m living in this house not as Ryan’s maid but as his secretary so I will advise you to mind the way you talk to me or I will make you regret it.

The next time you knock on my door, I will make sure you can’t use that hand again. If you think I’m bluffing, you can ask Ryan. Goodnight Mrs. Ryan Santiago” I said and shut the door aggressively

I was boiling in rage and I felt like I would explode. She has the guts to come and tell me to cook for her? Do I look like her slave? Just because she got engaged to Ryan, she thinks she has the whole world wrapped around her fingers?

Everything is my fault though. If only I hadn’t pressured Ryan to get engaged to her because of her pregnancy, I wouldn’t have had to take her nonsense right now.

I heard a knock on the door again and I almost screamed at whoever was there. I stared at the door like I was going to break it and after consistent knocking, I finally decided to speak up.

“Who is there?” I asked

“It’s me” I heard Ryan say and I felt my heart in my mouth

Ryan? Why is Ryan here? He knows how awkward things are between us right now so why did he have to come here? I sluggishly stood up and went to open the door.

“I’m hungry, prepare something for me” he said

“Is it just you or you and Mia?” I asked

“I only asked you to prepare something for me to eat so don’t ask me any question” he said and walked away

That means he’s not asking me to prepare sometjing for Mia right? I wish she was here so she would have heard what Ryan said herself.

A smile crept to my face but it disappeared as soon as it came. Ryan only came to me because he wants me to cook for him, it’s not like he misses me or anything. I guess I’m not so different from Mia, I feel like she’s even better.

With a gloomy face, I went downstairs to cook and I saw Mia and Ryan sitting together. For how long is she going to stay here and is this how they are going to act clingy all through? I don’t think I will be able to survive this.


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