December 2, 2023


💠 Chapter 56 💠

Ryan’s POV

After I told Mia about our engagement that night, she informed the paparazzi about it and Friday was scheduled for our interview since the engagement will be happening on Saturday.

I know I have no choice considering the fact that she’s a model and I’m also a wealthy businessman.
I got dressed that morning and changed my hairstyle. I descended the stairs and saw Brianna walking towards the door. She stopped as soon as she saw me and stared at me for a while.

I don’t know why but after that night, we haven’t really spoken to each other. It’s just like we’re strangers living in the same house. After staring at me, she turned around and left without saying a word as usual.

I also got into my car and drove to the venue where the interview was taking place.

Mia was dressed beautifully and one would acknowledge that she really is a beauty. But no matter how beautiful she is, I can’t get Brianna out of my head. The paparazzi soon arrived and started with their series of question.

Mia sent the answers to me the previous night so we wouldn’t give contradictory answers during the interviews and I managed to go through a little.

“It’s so surprising that you guys are planning to take your relationship to the next level. We heard rumors that you guys were dating but you never confirmed it and considering the fact that Mr. Ryan has never been in a relationship, it’s too surprising. What do you have to say to that Mr. Ryan?” the first person asked me

I almost told him to mind his business but considering the fact that it was a live show, I tried to control my temper.

“Well, I also never imagined this day but I guess Mia changed my mind. She’s just too beautiful and it was love at first sight” I said with a fake smile

“Wow! That’s so romantic. How does it feel to win the heart of one of the wealthiest men in the world Ms. Mia?” another person asked
“It’s an honour actually and I feel like the luckiest woman in the world” she said

Different questions were being asked and the interview finally came to an end. Mia and I left in the same car just to show them we were really in love but I dropped her along the way and she got into her car.

I headed straight to the company just so I could see Brianna for the rest of the day. She was the first person I saw when I got out of the elevator and her face looked gloomy. Don’t tell me she watched the live show.

She turned around as soon as she saw me and I couldn’t go after her because the workers all surrounded me with gift and I didn’t want to complicate things for her by going after her.

I managed to go to my office after taking all the gifts and I sat down, staring at nothing in particular. She asked me to get engaged to Mia so why is she avoiding me now?

Till the end of the day, I didn’t see her and I avoided going into her office so as not to make things awkward for her. Now that I’m going to get engaged, I have to avoid been seen with her too frequently so she won’t be involved in any scandal.

By the time I came out of my office, she had gone home already in a taxi. That will make things easy for me but it also hurt my feelings. Why will she be avoiding me when I need her the most?

I got into my car and soon arrived at my mansion within a few minutes. I couldn’t even park the car properly because I wanted to see her and just like I expected, she had locked the door to her room and she refused to open it.

I had the master key with me but I wanted to respect her decision and privacy at least.

“I know you’re really hurt right now but can you please open the door? You are hurting but it can’t be up to how much I’m hurting.

I had to put on a fake smile throughout the interview and sit really close to someone I hate for about two hours. I came back to the company when I was supposed to rest at home just so I could see you but you’ve been avoiding me. Can’t you just consider how I feel for once and treat me like a human being?

You always treat me like I’m some kind of monster and I understand you because of the way we met. But I’ve been trying my best ever since I started liking you and you’re not even acknowledging it. I never imagined myself doing this for any lady ever again but you changed my mindset about that. How can you treat me like this after making me fall crazily in love with you?” I asked

“Just leave for tonight please. Your engagement is tomorrow and you have to prepare for a lot of things, I can’t be the reason why things will go wrong” she said

I’m talking about us and the only thing she could say is bring up my engagement? If she had kept quiet and not said anything, it would have been better but what she just said makes me look like a fool and I think I will stop trying so hard from now on.

I mumbled an okay and stood up from the floor where I was seated. I returned to my room and locked the door after which I slept immediately. I’m not going to care about her anymore. I will just focus on getting married to Mia in order to get my son.

The next morning came really earlier than usual and I woke up late. Brianna already left for work by the time I woke up and I tried so hard not to think about it.

My engagement in starting by 11am and this is past eight already. The stylist is going to be here anytime soon so I should take my bath. I was done bathing within a few minutes and it was at that same moment that I heard the doorbell ring. Just the perfect timing!

I opened the door and let them in. They started dressing for me and doing everything they were supposed to do while I just stared at the mirror thinking about how the engagement would go.

They were soon done and I looked kind of different but I couldn’t care about my looks. I just wanted to finish with the engagement as soon as possible and return home.

When I arrived at the venue, Mia was also just arriving and she looked so beautiful. In fact, it’s like she keeps getting more beautiful with each passing day. I hated her because I felt she was an obstacle to my relationship with Brianna but I realize how beautiful she is now so I will cherish every moment with her and try to like her at least.

I smiled at her when our eyes met and I didn’t miss the surprised look on her face before she quickly covered it with a forced smile. She will get used to the new me soon.


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