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💠 Chapter 54 💠

Ryan’s POV

I’ve finally decided to get engaged to Mia considering the fact that I have no choice. She doesn’t want the public to know about her pregnancy yet and I guess that’s a good idea.

Within the period of time we will be engaged, I probably would have found a way out so I can be with Brianna, the person my heart beats for.

I descended the stairs and found Brianna waiting for me already. It was a Monday morning and I had a busy schedule that day.

“Brianna!” I called just as she was about opening the door

“Yes?” she answered and turned around

“What I’m about telling you is not going to be a good news for you but I still wanted you to be the first person to know. I will be getting engaged to Mia in a few days” I paused and waited to see her reaction

“That’s good news! Congratulations” she said with a smile

Congratulations? I can swear that it’s not from her heart and even her smile is fake. She must be hurting deep down but she’s trying to act strong.

“Are you going to wait for me? I’m only going to get engaged to her if you promise to wait for me. Will you give me a little bit of time to sort things out?” I asked

“What are you talking about? You are getting engaged and I’m happy for you so why are you asking me to wait?” she asked

“You know what I mean Brianna. I have no feelings for Mia whatsoever and I regret getting involved with her. You are the one I love so please just bear with me for now until I come up with a solution” I said

“I can’t do that. Focus on getting married to Mia and build a happy home with her. We have a meeting to attend in the next thirty minutes” she concluded and walked out

I honestly don’t understand why Brianna is acting this way. I get that I didn’t let her live the life she wanted and made her go through so much but why won’t she forgive me?

Humans tend to make mistakes but the most important thing is accepting one’s mistake and trying to correct it in every possible way. I already got the harshest punishment by falling in love with her and I’m trying so hard not to do anything that will hurt her feeling. I don’t know what else to do besides that.

Brianna’s POV

I tried my best to hold back my tears during the drive to the company. As soon as Ryan turned off the ignition, I hurriedly got out of the car and went to my office, locking the door immediately.

The tears kept streaming down my face uncontrollably while I covered my mouth with my palm so as not to make any noise.

When Ryan said he was getting engaged to Mia, I felt my heart sink but there was nothing I could say or do. When he asked me to wait for him, I couldn’t promise him because a part of him wanted to cancel the engagement since he said he won’t go ahead with it unless I promised him first.

I know I’m acting selfish right now but what can I do? I love him so much that I feel like I’m going crazy. I was barely able to stop him that night and I regret it a lot. I should have just let him have his way so I can also claim to be pregnant for him.

Now that I thing about it, what if Mia’s pregnancy is not true? It happens in movies that ladies will claim to be pregnant just so they can get married to a guy of their choice but what I don’t understand is, why would Mia lie about it?

Being pregnant will only put her in a difficult situation because she won’t be able to model for a while and if the public finds out about her not being pregnant, it would affect her career in a negative way.

She’s already very rich as she is and she’s also very beautiful so why would she be after Ryan? For what reason exactly?

I must have been crazy to even think about something like that. Which lady in her right senses would lie to Ryan Santiago about being pregnant? And a top model like Mia at that. It doesn’t make any sense.

“Brianna, are you in there?” I heard Ryan’s voice outside the door

“If you are in there, can you please say something and let me know you are okay?” he said again

What is Ryan doing? Everyone in the company would think something is going on between us. Does he not care about my reputation at all?

“Please Brianna, just say something” he pleaded

If I don’t say anything, he won’t stop and I won’t be able to leave my office today out of embarrassment.

“I’m fine” I finally said after taking a deep breath

“Can you open the door for me? I promise not to take much of your time”

“I want to be alone for now so please leave” I said with a sigh

“Alright. Please don’t try to hurt yourself or do anything stupid” he concluded and left

It seems like Ryan is going to be the death of me. Can’t he just ignore me for a few seconds? I kind of feel guilty though because it seems like I’m treating him badly but what am I supposed to do?

Mia, a top model is pregnant for him while a nobody like me is not even in a relationship with him yet. I don’t want to start dreaming of something that might be impossible so I won’t get hurt later on.

We soon closed for the day after attending different business meetings and the like. I can say it’s the most hectic day since I started working at Ryan’s company and I wonder if he’s as tired as I am too.

“Brianna!” he stopped me from ascending the stairs when we got into the mansion

“What is it?” I asked calmly

“Do you still hate me?” he asked softly

I’ve never seen this look on his face since I met him. A feeling of guilt washed over me and I bowed my head in embarrassment before responding.

“I don’t hate you and I’m really sorry if I made you feel that way” I sincerely apologized

“It’s not about being sorry. The way you treat me makes me feel like committing suicide sometimes and I mean it” he said

I immediately raised my head and stared at him, trying to see if he really meant it and the look on his face showed how serious he was.

“What are you talking about?” I stuttered

“Isn’t it obvious? I love you so much and the way you’re treating me is really hurting my feelings” he said

“I’m really sorry” I said and pulled him in a tight hug

Even if it’s just for tonight, I want to accept his feelings for me and pretend like we are the only ones in this world.


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