December 5, 2023



💠 Chapter 53 💠

Justin’s POV

I watched Ryan as he stared keenly at me. He even came all the way here just to ask about Brianna? He must be madly in love with her.

As long as his alive, I won’t be able to have Brianna to myself and that’s why I decided to get him out of my way. I even told Mia about him being a mafia boss but he wouldn’t dare suspect me and that’s one of his flaws.

He trusts easily and always gets his heart broken and that’s why he resort to being a playboy. I thought it was over but then, Brianna had to show up again. It seems like she’s hell bent on ruining my life.

Ryan can’t handle being a mafia boss because of his soft heart so I’m mainly the one that runs the cartel. After his father passed it on to him, he had no choice but to accept it.

With his soft heart, he wouldn’t have gotten this far. Now that Brianna is here to ruin things, I won’t just sit back and watch. I should pick a better side that will be suitable for me.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” he asked

“Brianna and I went to the same high school, that’s all. I was unable to recognize her but thankfully, she reminded me. I don’t really remember everything much about her though but since it’s all in the past, I decided to forget about it” I lied

“Alright, that’s good to hear. The cartel is doing just fine right?” he asked

“Yes! Other cartels still have a long way to go in order to meet up with us” I said

“It’s all thanks to you. Call me whenever you’re free, I will treat you to dinner” he said with a smile and stood up.

I knew he was here solely for Brianna, he just decided to cover it up by asking about the cartel. Not my business though!

Ryan’s POV

Justin’s behavior was strange earlier. I mean, he ended the call as soon as I spoke up which is totally unlike him. Could he be trying to betray me? No, that’s not possible. He has been with me for a long time now and I trust him.

But who told Mia about me being a mafia boss? Even if she hired the best investigation team, they wouldn’t have been able to find that out about me and why would she even do that?

It’s not possible for anyone to just wake up one day and start suspecting someone up to that extent. No matter what, I still think someone from my cartel told her about it but who could it be?

Could it be Brianna? I mean, Mia claims to be pregnant for me and I might have to marry her. Did she do that out of jealousy just so Mia won’t marry me? This is unbelievable.

But why would Brianna do that? I’ve been with her for a while now and I don’t think she would do something like that. I need to snap out of these silly thoughts.

Speaking of which…. I should go to Brianna right now. She needs to tell me the reason why she said that about Justin. Justin claims that they were just classmates in high school and I don’t think he will lie to me. What could Brianna possibly have against him to speak like that?

I arrived at my mansion within a few minutes and went straight to Brianna’s room. I knocked on the door and she opened almost immediately.

“What do you want?” she asked with a sigh

She’s obviously not pleased to see me, I must have done something to upset her. I guess it’s probably because of Mia’s pregnancy. We would have been in a relationship now if not for that.

“I asked Justin about you and he told me he didn’t remember clearly and that you reminded him about being classmates in high school.” I said

“Really? And you believed that or what?” she scoffed

“Justin is my friend so how can I not believe him? If you have something against him, why can’t you just say it to me directly?” I asked frustrated

“Forget it! Even if I tell you anything, you won’t believe me anyway so just forget it. If that’s all, can you please leave now?” she said

“I won’t leave until you tell me what happened between you and Justin” I insisted

“Oh really? Suit yourself then!” she said and tried to leave but I stopped her by pulling her back

“What do you….” she swallowed down the rest of the words after noticing how close our faces were

“Sorry about this” I said and K!SSed her without thinking twice

She responded to the K!SS instantly and before we knew it, we were in bed already. My shirt was gone and so was my trouser, I was left in just my boxers. Brianna on the other hand wasn’t fully clothed from the start so I was unhooking her ьѓä already before she came to her senses.

“I can’t do this” she stuttered and pushed me away

She hurriedly wore her clothes and stood up from the bed while avoiding my gaze and a feeling of guilt instantly washed over me.

“I’m really sorry Brianna, I didn’t mean to” I apologized

“It’s okay! We were caught up in the moment and it looked like I wanted it too, let’s just pretend like nothing happened” she shrugged

“It’s so easy for you to say since I’m the one that is madly in love with you” I mumbled

“What did you say?” she asked

“It’s nothing, never mind. So about Justin, you really won’t tell me what happened?” I asked

“I won’t. You are a mafia boss so finding out something as small as that shouldn’t be hard for you” she said

“I guess so, but Justin has been the one doing everything for me so it’s not going to be as easy as you think” I shrugged

“You sound like being a mafia boss is a burden to you” she said

“If I want to be sincere, then it really is a burden. I was never interested in becoming a mafia boss but it was my dad’s dying wish. He said he built the cartel with so much difficulty before it became as big as it was back then and he didn’t want it to just vanish because he was dying. He also didn’t want someone that didn’t know anything about his hardship to run the cartel so I couldn’t sell it too” I explained

“Wow! You sound like a filial son. How did you become a playboy then? Someone with a kind heart as you won’t be a playboy for no reason” she said

“I have something to do so I’ll leave first” I said and left without waiting for her response

I don’t like it when someone asks me that kind of question so I just left quietly. I don’t want to hurt her feelings when we are not even in good terms yet, she’s just going to hate me more.

I really don’t know what to do about Mia anymore. I have to calm her down and buy time for myself at least and that will only be possible with an engagement.

But I’m scared of getting her engaged. Even though I haven’t done that, I feel like I’m going to lose Brianna so if I do that right now, I probably won’t be sane anymore. I honestly am confused for the first time in a while.

Falling in love is actually the biggest sins of all. You get confused about your decisions all the time and your hands are mostly tied because you have to consider the feelings of the other party every time.


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