December 5, 2023



💠 Chapter 51 💠

Brianna’s POV

It was time to go to the cartel with Ryan again as usual and I couldn’t explain the rage I was feeling. I don’t know why but I always feel enraged whenever we are headed to the cartel and I think I’m feeling more enraged because of Justin.

We arrived at the cartel in a few minutes and proceeded to the main room where we were to discuss pending issues.

“Is Troy Cartel still getting on our bad side?” Ryan asked as they went deeper into the conversation

“No, they seem to have stopped for now” Justin answered

For a reason I don’t know, I felt Justin was lying. I don’t know if it’s the way he bowed his head or something else but I just had a feeling he was lying. He can’t possibly think of betraying Ryan right? He’s Ryan’s most trusted man and if he betrays him, Ryan will be shattered.

The meeting came to an end and everyone left for their homes. I decided to confront Justin and see if he remembers me.

“It’s good to see you again” I said with a smirk

“What? Don’t tell me you finally recognize me” he smirked back

I was right! He was a jerk, he’s still a jerk and he will keep being a jerk. I hate him with everything in me.

“I recognized you all along, I was just trying to see if you also did” I lied

“Whatever! I still hate you passionately so you had better not cross path with me. And a quick advice for you! Enjoy your relationship with Ryan while it lasts, you never know what might happen tomorrow” he said and left

What does he mean by that? He’s just making me more suspicious of him with his strange behavior. A part of me thinks he has betrayed Ryan but I can’t just tell Ryan without providing solid evidence. He might claim to love me but Justin has been with him before he met me and I don’t want to get on his bad side.

“You were here? I looked for you everywhere” I heard Ryan’s voice behind me and turned around

“Yes” I mumbled and walked up to him

“Is something wrong?” he asked the moment I looked at him

“Nothing is wrong. Can we return home now?” I asked instead

“Sure!” he said and headed to the parking lot

“I’m sorry that I’m unable to do anything about your being in the gang but I promise to do something about it as soon as possible. Just give me a little more time” he said when we got home

“And how will you do that? I heard a person can’t leave a mafia group unless he or she is dead. If someone leaves, he will be killed” I said with a scoff

“That’s not true! Some people have left successfully without encountering any problems at all” he argued

“That’s because they were lucky. As long as Justin is in the gang, I can’t leave the group successfully but you can try it if you don’t believe me” I concluded and walked away

It’s left for him to dwell on the reason why I said that about Justin. I just wish he would be able to see who Justin really is because he seem to trust him a lot.

Ryan’s POV

I stared at Brianna as she walked up the stairs until I couldn’t see her anymore. What she said about Justin just now is what I can’t comprehend. Was it because of what Justin did to her or is it something else that I don’t know of?

I couldn’t think about it for long because Mia’s call came in. Right! She only gave me two weeks and it’s remaining just three days to the two weeks.

“What is it?” I asked with a sigh as soon as I picked the call

“What do you think it is? I called to remind you that you have three days left and mind you, I won’t give you extra time. I only want a father for my unborn child so don’t think I’m interested in any of your properties, I don’t want what belongs to a mafia boss. Anyway, make your decision soonest” she said and hanged up

Did she just say mafia boss or did I not hear her clearly? There has to be a mistake somewhere. Either she said the wrong thing or I heard the wrong thing.

I’m supposed to go to Brianna right now and ask her about Justin but on a second thought, I should ask Justin instead. I picked my car keys and headed to the parking lot in a hurry. I have to confirm from Mia whether there was a mistake or not.

I arrived at Mia’s mansion in less than ten minutes and parked my car recklessly in the parking lot. It looks like she was expecting me because she had a smile on her lips.

“I don’t have much time to spend here so I’ll appreciate it if you can answer my questions honestly and simply” I said and sat down

“Is that how you to greet your girlfriend whom you haven’t seen for days?” she asked still smiling

“Do you seriously still consider yourself to be my girlfriend?” I scoffed

“Wow! Did we break up already? I guess you lied about everything you said to me then. I really thought you had changed and wanted to be devoted in our relationship” she said

“Well, you were wrong. I had no feelings whatsoever for you. I only approached you for the same reason I’ve been approaching other ladies” I smirked

“Awwn! That’s so sad though. But at least, I had a feeling that you weren’t being sincere from the start. The problem is that you have no idea why I approached you in the first place, I bet you had no idea I approached you first. Anyway, that’s not the main issue now. You haven’t change from your playboy ways so I guess it’s the same with Brianna?” she smirked back

“Don’t you dare mention her name” I said through gritted teeth

“Wow! Lover boy! I guess she’s different considering the way you just reacted when I only mentioned her name” she giggled

“Go straight to the point because I don’t have the patience I’m exercising right now. What do you have against me that you’re threatening me with?” I asked and stared at her daringly


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