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💠 Chapter 49 💠

Ryan’s POV

Never in my life did I imagine I would be in this kind of situation. I always never thought I would have a problem with any lady since I had the money and looks but right now, I feel like my looks and money are nothing when it comes to going into a serious relationship.

It took so long for Brianna and I to get this far and when she asked to meet with me at a restaurant, I was very happy that she was going to tell me how she felt at last. Unfortunately, Mia had to step into the picture and ruin things.

I still don’t believe what she said about carrying my child but if it’s true, then I’m really going to be in a state of dilemma because that will happen to be my first child so I can’t ask her to terminate it.

Could she be lying or could she really mean it? But what would she stand to gain from lying to me about something like this? She might not be as rich as I am but she’s one of the top models and she lives a really comfortable life. I don’t think someone like her would lie about something so important but why did it have to be now?

If Brianna and I were in a relationship already, it would have been slightly different but she didn’t even get to tell me how she feels. I was lost thinking deeply that I didn’t realize Brianna was in the middle of the road already.

Fortunately, I noticed it on time and pulled her away. I know I saw her crying a few minutes ago but this is different. The way she stared at me innocently with her face filled with tears made me start to think if I really was a monster like she said.

The Brianna I know has always been a strong lady but for the first time since we met, she looks so helpless and broken and I can’t believe it happened because of me. Can I ever make Brianna happy? Letting go of her should be the best thing to do right now but she’s a member of the gang and there are steps to follow before leaving the group. If I make an exception for her, the other members might disturb her and I don’t want that.

I carried her in my arms and waited for my driver to arrive before entering the car with her. By the time we got home, she was already asleep so I carried her to her room and lay her gently on the bed.

After covering her with the duvet, I turned around to leave but she held me back. She was definitely asleep but her grip on my clothes was too tight that I couldn’t leave. I sat beside her on the bed and noticed as a tear slowly dropped from her eyes.

So I’m even making her cry in her sleep? Great Ryan Santiago! I must have been a certified monster but I had no idea about it until now that Brianna made me realize it.
I stayed by her side until I was sure she was tightly asleep before leaving for my room. Somehow, I had a feeling that things were going to be different starting tomorrow.

*Next morning*

I woke up with a loud yawn and tried standing up from my bed. As soon as I remembered what happened the previous night, my face fell and I lay back in bed.

I don’t even know how Brianna is going to act towards me this morning. Just the thought of that makes me really scared.

I slowly got down from my bed and took my bath. I got ready for work but I was really slow because of how unsure I felt about today. I walked out of my room and slowly descended the stairs.

As expected, Brianna didn’t prepare breakfast. She seemed to have returned to her old ways and I have a feeling that she hates me more this time. I sat down quietly and waited for her arrival and she soon walked down the stairs.

“Good morning” she greeted politely and walked out after I responded.

I sighed in frustration and picked my car keys, heading to the parking lot. Today is going to be a really long day.

“How was your night?” I asked trying to strike a conversation with her as I drove us to work but she kept quiet and refused to say a word

“For how long are you going to be upset with me?” I asked calmly

She still kept quiet and didn’t say a word. Instead, she plugged in her earphones and stared outside the car, completely ignoring me.

“Can you at least answer that one question? Even if it’s only the one you are going to answer” I pleaded after removing the earphone from her left ear

“Forever” she said simply

“You are going to be mad at me forever? What about what you wanted saying to me last night?” I asked as gentle as I could

Somehow, I couldn’t get the scene of her crying in my arms out of my head. I feel like it’s my duty to protect her and make sure she’s always happy from now on but she won’t even talk to me and I feel I won’t be okay until she starts talking to me again.

“Brianna. For the first time in my life, I feel like I must really protect someone. The only time I fell in love was when I was in high school but my girlfriend left me for a richer guy.

It turns out she didn’t even love me from the start and was only after my money. It was there and then that I made up my mind to never date anyone seriously. I became a playboy that slept with ladies for fun because there was no other way to heal the wound in my heart.

I know that you might not believe what I just said. No, I don’t even want you to believe me. Just know that you’re the only girl that has been able to move my heart after all these years.

I might have made a mistake with Mia but I will never get married to someone I feel nothing for. If you’re by my side, then I can overcome the difficulty with Mia but if you continue to treat me this way, I might just give up and wait for whatever happens” I concluded and continued driving without looking at her

“R…Ryan” she stuttered

“You don’t have to talk to me because of what I said. I just want you to tell me truthfully if you also feel the same way I do about you. That’s all I ask for” I said

“Of course I feel the same way about you. I was going to tell you how I felt last night but hearing what Mia said, I felt I didn’t stand a chance anymore. Besides, I’m way out of your league. Even if you love me, what will people say about our relationship? You are a public figure while I’m just a nobody” she said

“If you really love me, you won’t care about what others say. As long as we have each other, shouldn’t we be able to overcome any hardship?” I asked

“I guess you are right but still, we can’t be in a relationship anymore. Mia is carrying your child and I can’t come in between you two. A child needs to get both his father and mother’s love and support. I will never wish for my child to be born out of wedlock and I also don’t wish the same for Mia” she concluded

“Like seriously, why did I have to make that mistake? If I had just held myself back that night, will Brianna be my girlfriend now?” I thought to myself as we arrived at the company


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