December 5, 2023



πŸ’  Chapter 46 πŸ’ 

Brianna’s POV

I shut the door behind me aggressively and sat on my bed as i felt anger surge through me.

He just confessed his feelings to me a few days ago and now, he went to another woman’s house and spent the night there. He must really think of me as a cheap $lΓΌt.

I also suspected that his feelings for me were not genuine but a part of me wished it was at least true. I don’t know for how long I will be able to put up with his ridiculous attitude.

“Brianna, please open the door” I heard him say

“I won’t be opening the door for you so it’s better you leave now” I scoffed

“I won’t move an inch until you open the door for me and I mean it” he said

“Fine then! Suit yourself” I shrugged and went to the bathroom

I returned to the room after I was done bathing and wore my night dress. I thought of going downstairs to eat but I decided against it. Ryan might be there and I really don’t think I want to see him right now.

I picked up my phone and lay in my bed, going through social media and chatting with some friends online. I couldn’t focus for long because I started to feel hungry.

“No matter how slow a person is at eating, he must be done after thirty minutes right?” I thought to myself

Looking back at the time since when I went to the bathroom until now, it’s already over forty-five minutes which means Ryan must be done eating now.

I opened the door with the intention of walking down the stairs but I was met with the shock of my life.

Ryan was seated by the door and that only means that he never left after I told him to. I honestly never imagined that he would still be here.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I asked

“What does it look like? I told you I won’t leave unless you open the door for me but you thought I was bluffing right?” he asked

“Fine then! The door is opened now so what do you want?” I sighed

“Can I at least come in?” he asked

“No! Say whatever you have to say right here and now”

“Okay then. Why are you upset with me? Let’s start with that” he said

“I never said I was upset with you. Do you have something else to say before I return to my room?” I asked angrily even though I was uncontrollably hungry

“You’re upset because I slept out last night right?” he asked softly this time

“And why would I be upset because of that? Do I look like your girlfriend?” I asked

“You’ve been saying that a lot. I told you already that I really love you. Just accept my feelings and you can take that spot” he said

“You love me? You passed the night at a woman’s house and you claim to love me? Can you please stop being ridiculous for once? How can you still say you love me?” my voice shook as I asked him

“I know it will be hard to believe me after what happened but I really do love you. I wasn’t myself after you left two nights ago. I confessed my feelings to you but you didn’t say a word about it. You just walked away and didn’t even try to talk about it later.

I was really hurt that I didn’t know what to do. I’ve refrained from sleeping around even though it’s something I’m not used to just so you can see that I’m a changed person and that I really love you a lot. I admit that I shouldn’t have gone to see Mia but if I had come to you instead, would you have let me even get close to you, talk more of touching you?” he asked

Why is he making me feel bad all of a sudden? It’s true that I wouldn’t have let him come close to me but that still isn’t enough reason to sleep over at her place.

“Why can’t you answer me?” he asked when I refused to say anything

“Why do I have to answer you? Just leave my room, I don’t even want to see your face” I said and turned around

“So you’re just going to leave like that? You don’t even care about how I feel right? I also hate the fact that I’m feeling this way but what can I do? This is why love is the worst feeling ever. You love someone but the person doesn’t care one bit about you” he shrugged

“What do you think love is? Do you think you will treat someone you love the way you’re treating me? First, you made me sign some stupid papers and then you made me join your gang. What absurd thing are you going to make me do next in the name of love?” I scoffed

“I know I might have hurt you in the past but I didn’t have feelings for you then. It’s hard to accept the fact that I love you now but it’s harder to confess to you and you’re just taking me as a joke. It’s really not fair” he concluded

“Whatever! I’m not interested in having this discussion with you so please leave now” I said

“I really should leave? Will you think about what I said then?” he asked looking hopeful

“And why should I think about something I’m not interested in doing?” I scoffed

“Can you at least speak softly to me? I can’t put up with the fact that you hate me” he pleaded

“You can’t put up with it? Sadly, you have no choice because the only thing I have towards you is hatred and it will remain that way for a really long period of time” I said

“I will give you space to think about what I said” he concluded and left

I watched him till he was out of sight and angrily shut the door to my room. That mean jerk! He couldn’t even try to convince me a little longer.

My stomach! I’m so hungry that I don’t know what to do. The last thing I want to do now is bump into Ryan again but I don’t even know where exactly he is. What am I supposed to do when I’m so hungry?


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