December 5, 2023



💠 Chapter 45 💠

Ryan’s POV

I woke up with something I’ll refer to as a migraine and I held my hand in my palms. I blearily opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was the ceiling.

This place isn’t my mansion so where can it be? I’m the mafia boss of the biggest cartel around here and I’m lying helplessly in some place I don’t know. What exactly is wrong with me these days? It can’t possibly be because of Brianna right?

I managed to sit up and everything started getting clear. This is Mia’s mansion but how did I fall asleep? I remember I couldn’t control myself so I had a quickie with her but that’s the last think I remember.

Also, it’s supposed to be night time since I came here in the afternoon but why is it still afternoon? Something doesn’t feel right.

I opened the door and went downstairs. There, I met Mia staring into space and she seemed lost. What happened to her?

“Hey Mia!”I called and sat beside her

She stared at me with a face void of emotions and I could see sadness in her eyes. Why is she acting this way? If not for the fact that I’m a Mafia boss, I would have said I’m scared.

“What happened?” I finally asked

“You’re asking me what happened? I begged you not to touch me, that I wasn’t ready for this yet but you didn’t listen to me. How could you do something like that to me in my mansion? Is it because I live alone?” she asked sadly

“What are you talking about? Are you trying to say I R@P£D you?” I asked angrily

“If it’s not Ř@pê, what should I call it? I told you to stop, didn’t I? Even though you’re my boyfriend, you have no right to touch me when I say no” she said

“Oh really? You said no? How come I don’t remember that?” I asked

“How can you remember? You’ve been sleeping since yesterday evening after the S£x and you’re just waking up now. I don’t know what you took that made you sleep that much but if you could sleep for so long, how could you have remembered what happened yesterday?” I asked

“What are you talking about? Are you saying I came here yesterday and slept over? I didn’t go home?” I sprang up

“What? Do you think I’ll lie about something like that too? You should check your date then” she scoffed

I hurriedly picked my phone which was on the table and checked the date. She’s right! I really slept over, but how is that possible?

I never took anything before coming to her house yesterday so how come I slept for so many hours? What exactly is going on with me?

I didn’t go home yesterday so did Brianna try to call me? I checked my call log and I saw tons of missed calls from her.

Wow! I must be really important to her. I guess she has feelings for me after all. She probably doesn’t want to admit it because of what I made her go through and I’ll try my best to make her confess her feelings for me soon.

“How did I sleep for so long? I didn’t take any alcoholic drink or something and it’s not the first time I’ll be having S£x so how could I have slept for so many hours?” I asked staring at her suspiciously

“So what are you trying to say? You think I drugged you?” she scoffed

“You didn’t even give me a breathing space when you arrived so how could I have done that?” she asked further

“So you’re saying I just slept for that long? Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I need to leave now” I said and picked my car keys

“I told you we should get to know more about each other before getting intimate but you broke that rule remember? Are you ready to take up responsibility if anything happens?” she asked raising her brows

“R.. responsibility? What are you talking about?” I stuttered

“You don’t need to know the meaning now and I hope you don’t get to know the meaning later on. Just start praying that nothing of such happens” she shrugged

I don’t understand why I’m suddenly acting like a weakling, it looks like everything started after Brianna came into my life.

I shouldn’t be stuttering when talking to anyone, especially not just a female model. I should be the one threatening her and making her shiver in fear instead.

Taking one last glance at her, I turned around and walked out of the mansion to the parking lot where I got into my car and drove out.

I thought of stopping by at the company but then I decided against it. They are going to be closing soon so there’s no point stopping by. Besides, I need to rest and clear my head a bit.

The first thing I did when I get home was to wash myself. Once I was done with that, I got into my bed and slept until late in the evening.

I must have slept for hours seeing how it’s so dark already. Brianna is supposed to be back by this time so how come she didn’t check up on me? If she had opened the door, I definitely would have woken up.

I got down from my bed and opened the door, gently descending the stairs. When I finally got to the sitting room, Brianna was already setting the dishes on the table and she had an apron around her.

She looked hot with the beads of sweat that were forming on her forehead and I was beginning to get hard by just watching her like that.

What the hell is wrong with me? Even if I’m in love with her, I shouldn’t be so weak when I’m around her right?

She dropped the last dish on the table and that was when our eyes locked. She was a bit surprised to see me but the surprised look on her face disappeared as quickly as it came. It was replaced by a straight look and I wondered why she did that.

I finally walked up to the table where she was standing and I took a sit. She turned around to leave but I held her hand, preventing her from going.

“Let go of my hand” she said in a stern voice

Her voice was so stern that it sent shivers down my spine and I got scared for a few seconds.

“What’s wrong Bri?” I asked calmly

“Nothing is wrong. Just don’t touch me please” she said

“Why can’t I touch you? Did I do something wrong?” I asked

“I don’t understand. You have a girlfriend and you’re still thinking of touching me?” she scoffed

“Wait! Are you jealous? I could make you my girlfriend instead” I said with a smirk

“I’m not in for your jokes” she finally said and pulled her hand from mine before walking away


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