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💠 Chapter 42 💠

Brianna’s POV

I couldn’t control the tears that rolled down my cheeks as soon as I got into my room and shut the door. I’ve been holding myself back since but I really can’t take it anymore.

How did my life suddenly go beserk in just a few months? I curse the day I met Ryan. If I hadn’t come across him that night, will I still be living happily and carefreely right now?

I took out my phone and put a call across Helen. I couldn’t even say anything to her, all I did was cry and she was utterly confused. Who wouldn’t be?

“Brianna, what’s wrong? Where are you now? I will come over right now” she said

“You don’t have to come over, I just want someone to hear my cry at least. If you were here, I would have leaned on your shoulder and cried. Do you think I’m cursed? Why do terrible things always happen to me?” I asked and cried harder

She said all sort of soothing words but none of them seemed to calm me down as the tears kept increasing. After a while, I ended the call and soon fell asleep.

*A week later*

I woke up that morning, determined to put the past behind me. I’ve been going to the cartel with Ryan for the past one week and I must admit that the training is not so easy.

Ryan’s underboss hates me so much and I don’t know why. I don’t know any of their names because I haven’t been introduced yet. I will only be introduced after I become a full member.

As I applied powder on my face, I hummed a song and smiled at my beautiful self in the mirror. The ringing of my phone made me stop humming and when I checked the caller, I realized it was Oscar.

Poor Oscar! He has been calling me quite often but I didn’t pick his call because I wasn’t myself. I’m trying to get used to the mafia world already so I guess I can talk to him now.

“Good morning Oscar” I greeted after answering his cal

“Morning! Why haven’t you been answering my calls for a while?” he asked

“I’m sorry about that. It’s complicated so I can’t really explain, but I promise to make time for you from now on” I said with a smile

“That won’t be necessary” he said and paused

“Why?” I asked slowly

“Let’s break up” he said

“Let’s break up? What are you saying?” I stuttered

“I don’t love you anymore so let’s just break up. I’m sure you’ll find someone better, that’s if you haven’t already. Thanks for agreeing to date me for some time. Bye” he concluded and ended the call

What is going on? Oscar didn’t just break up with me now, did he? I can’t believe this! I called him several times but he refused to answer my call. I have to see him in person and hear it from him again.

As soon as it was lunch time, I left the company and went to Oscar’s company. Fortunately, he was just going to the parking lot so I went there to meet him.

“Good afternoon” I greeted with a straight face

“Afternoon” he mumbled

“We need to talk. Should we talk here?” I asked

“Get in the car” he finally said with a sigh and drove us to a restaurant

“So, can you tell me why you ended our relationship?” I asked again

“It’s like I said! I don’t love you anymore so it’s better for us to go our separate ways before things get complicated” he said

“You and I know that’s not true. You’ve been acting strange lately and I was suspicious but this? How can you just break up with someone you just started dating?” I asked hurtfully

“I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. Like I said, you will find a better and more responsible guy out there. Besides, your boyfriend will take good care of you so just continue to live with him and have a good life” he said

“My boyfriend? What are you talking about?” I asked confusedly

“I have an appointment to catch up with, see you some other time” he said and stood up

“You can’t just leave when we’re talking about something important” I raised my voice a little

“I’m sorry” he muttered and left

What exactly is going on and what did he mean when he said I should continue living with my boyfriend? I don’t have any boyfriend so who could he be talking about?

Until I finished at Ryan’s company, that question remained unsolved in my head. Throughout the drive in Ryan’s car, I didn’t say a word until we got home.

“What’s wrong?” Ryan asked as I walked towards the stairs

“Nothing, I just want to rest early” I said without turning around

“Are you sure?” he asked again

“I’m….” I suddenly stopped abruptly as something clicked

When Oscar said I should continue living with my boyfriend, he couldn’t have been referring to Ryan right? That doesn’t make any sense!

I turned around swiftly and stared at Ryan’s eyes. I don’t understand the look I saw there but I think Ryan knows about what happened between Oscar and I.

“Did you say something to Oscar?” I asked softly

“S… something? What do you mean by that?” he stuttered

The great mafia boss is stuttering? This is incredible and it only means my suspicions are probably correct.

“What did you say to Oscar to make him break up with me?” I asked directly

“W..why would I make Oscar break up with you?” he scoffed and looked away

“You didn’t make him break up with me but you’re avoiding my gaze?” I asked

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” he said, feigning ignorance

“What did you do? What did you say to him? Can’t you stand my happiness for even a minute?” I asked hitting his chest

“Fine! I told him to break up with you because you belong to me. I love you so much that I can feel myself going crazy with each passing day so what will you advise I do? I can’t think straight knowing you’re with another guy doing what I don’t know. Are you satisfied?” he screamed

My hands slowly dropped from his chest as I stared at him wide eyed. I couldn’t even comprehend what he just said and for a moment, I stood still, unable to say anything.

Did he just say he loves me? He’s going crazy over me? Really? The almighty Ryan Santiago is in love with me and I want to believe that? How can Ryan love me?

I guess he just said that because he thinks my heart is something he can you with. After all, he made me sign a stupid contract with him and even forced me to join his mafia group.

I glared at him hatefully for a long time and finally left for my room. I’m going to make him pay for daring to play with my heart.


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