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💠 Chapter 41 💠

Ryan’s POV

I opened my mouth in shock as I stared at Brittany who was before me. I’m unable to comprehend what is going on right now.

Why is Brittany here and how did she even get here? Since when has she found out about this? Different questions ran through my mind as I stared at her.

“What are you doing here?” I stuttered when I finally found my voice

“I didn’t see or hear anything, please let me go” she said

“Shut up! Who do you think you are to say whatever pleases you? Anyone that comes here unannounced never makes it back alive so save your pleas for yourself, it’s not useful to us” Justin said

“I know that I crossed my limit and I regret it but I swear it won’t happen again. What I saw today is going to follow me to the grave, I promise. Please Ryan, I’m begging you” she pleaded again

“Should I just….?” Justin said and walked towards her with the intention of hitting her

“Stop it! Leave the room everyone, I want to have a private talk with her” I said

“A private talk? Fine! But no matter what happens, she won’t go out of here alive today” Justin said more like a threat and walked out with the others

“Brittany, why did you come here? No, when did you find out about this?” I asked after they left

“I followed you in your car today” she answered

“You followed me? Then when we went for that exchange, you were in the car too?” I asked

“Y…yes” she stuttered

“What?!! Do you know it could have been dangerous? We just got lucky that things went smoothly today but it’s usually not like that always. How can you be so immature and put yourself at risk?” I raised my voice

Somehow, the fact that she might have gotten hurt today upsets me a lot and I can’t seem to control my emotions.

“I really didn’t know that it was something like this. I was just curious about where you usually go at night and I deeply regret it. Please let me go, I swear no soul will find out about this” she said

“There are rules in the mafia world and there’s something we call omerta. One of the rules we adhere strictly to is to kill anyone that finds out about us, unless the person belongs to a Mafia group” I explained

“T…then, I’m going to be killed?” she panicked

“If it wasn’t you, then I won’t have to bother. The person would have been long dead. The only way to save you now is if you join this group. You are a skilled fighter so you just need to undergo a little more training and you’re good to go” I said

“What are you saying? You want me to become a member of your gang? That’s absurd!” she screamed

“Then, do you want to get killed? My hands are ties in a situation like this and this is the only way I could think of. Can’t you at least be reasonable for once?” I asked

“Do you think I’m also happy to see you like this? But what can I do? I can’t just watch you die without trying to do anything” I added

“I won’t join your gang no matter what” she said stubbornly

“Fine then! Suit yourself” I said and turned around

The door creaked open and I’m sure it’s Justin that opened the door. I turned around and he was really the one.

“I never asked you to come in?” I said more like a question

“I know, but I needed to check what was going on since we couldn’t hear anything” he said

“You’re beginning to cross your line and I hope you know that’s what I hate the most” I said

“And you’re trying to bend the rules for someone that isn’t worth it, how can I just watch and do nothing as your underboss” he asked back

Wow! Justin now talks back at me? This is totally unbelievable! Since when did that start?

“Take her out and get rid of her” he ordered

I want to stop him but it’s a rule over here and I don’t want to be the one to violate the rule. If only Brittany could just change her mind… I can’t watch her die like this no matter what.

“I will do it! I will become a member!” Brittany said at the last minute

“You heard her! She’s going to become a member and she will do the omerta immediately” I said with a sigh of relief

“Can just anyone join the group now?” Justin scoffed

“She’s not just anyone, she’s someone I know like the back of my palm and it will be better if you stop questioning me. You know quite well that I’m not so patient” I said through gritted teeth

Justin walked out of the room angrily and the other men left too, leaving just Brittany and I.

“The omerta is going to be a bit painful and you’re going to have sleepless nights for the next few days. It’s the price to pay for staying alive” I said

“When can I do the omerta? I want to go home” she said

I called the men and they took her to the special room where the omerta takes place.

She went through all the procedure and repeated what was said to her. Within thirty minutes, we were done and I immediately drove home.

“Brittany?” I called when we got to the mansion

She was about descending the stairs when I called out to her. I don’t like the fact that she was quiet all through the way here and I’m worried.

“Are you okay?” I asked softly

“Do I look okay to you?” she asked with tears in her eyes

“Brittany….” I called

“You should have just turned a blind eye when you saw me at the club. Why did you have to make me go into a contract with you? Do you hate me that much?” she asked as the tears rolled down her cheeks

“It’s really not what you think. I never knew something like this would happen and I had to do something to save you. I couldn’t bear to watch you get killed in front of me” I said

“Then do you think I’m going to be happy with this kind of life? For how long do I have to continue working for a mafia gang?” she asked shakily

“Brittany, I” I said and tried walking towards her

“Please! Don’t take a step forward! Goodnight!” she angrily said and went upstairs

Gosh! Ryan Santiago, what have you gotten yourself into? I had no idea that Brittany will ever follow me so I wasn’t suspicious. Why did she have to put herself in such a huge mess just to satisfy her curiosity? This girl is seriously driving me crazy!


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