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šŸ’  Chapter 40 šŸ’ 

Ryan’s POV

I stared at the moving cars from the rooftop I was standing, heaving a soft sigh.

Asking Brianna to go into a contract with me from the start doesn’t make any sense. I think I was just drawn to her at first sight but I didn’t understand my feelings clearly.

Now that we’ve lived together for a while, I’m beginning to understand my feelings for her and I think I’m in love with her. There’s no other word to explain my feelings so yeah, I’m in love with her.

But that love is dangerous for both of us. I’m a Mafia boss and if I fall in love with someone, it will only become my weakness.

I need to get rid of that love before it grows into something uncontrollable.

My phone rang and I checked the caller. Realizing it was Oscar, I began to have second thoughts on whether I should pick it or not.

I already took his mom and sister into custody and threatened him to break up with Brianna if he still wants to see them. I don’t need to do that again, I’ll just let them be together.

“I’ve made a decision. I will break up with Brianna in a week’s time so please let my mom and sister go now” he said before I could say a word

A part of me wanted to tell him that there’s no need for that but the other part that was head over heels for Brianna just wanted to play along.

In the end, I decided to just agree to his decision and I was kind of happy that Brianna will be single.

“It’s not like she’s going to be mine just because she’s single” I thought to myself

I ordered my men to release his mom and sister because I believe he would keep his promise. He’s not stubborn hearted like me.

I still have two more nights to spend at the cartel because of this important deal. Once it’s over, I’ll travel out of the country to clear my head. A lot has happened in such a short while and I don’t even understand myself anymore.

Mia is my girlfriend but she won’t even let me K!SS her not to talk of doing more and if I try making out with a call girl, Brianna’s face pops up and I’m unable to do it.

I was a SĀ£X freak but after meeting Brianna, things started to change. Should I be happy that she succeeded in making me realize I’m not a SĀ£X addict? Or should I be angry that she made me fall in love? Something I never knew could happen to me.

Brianna’s POV

I thought hard if I should follow Ryan to where he usually goea or not. He already promised to let me go very soon so I don’t want to ruin it, but a part of me is really curious.

Where does he go every night? Who does he meet with and what does he do? Those questions keep popping up in my mind and I can’t help it.

I will follow him tonight but I won’t return with him to the mansion so I don’t get caught. I will just lie that I spent the night at Oscar’s place.

I changed my clothes after taking a shower and got into his car booth. I already silenced my phone and I made sure to lay low in the car so he doesn’t notice or suspect anything.

Just like I thought, he came out a few minutes later and got into the car. Wow! I’m really doing this.

We drove for a while until we finally arrived at our destination. I think it’s our destination because the car halted and Ryan got out of it.

I slowly raised my head and saw that the place looked really big. Is this what they call cartel in those movies I watch? It looks just like it. What is Ryan doing here?

After a few minutes, he returned to the car and drove somewhere else again. Why is he going to so many places this late at night? He can’t possibly be a thief right? Brianna, think straight! How can he be a thief when he has so much money in his company?

I stayed quiet until the car came to a stop again. Where are we this time? I raised my head and saw that there were other cars before us and I quickly lowered my head.

What is this? Are they here to hurt Ryan or what? I can’t just conclude on anything yet. I need to wait and see what happens next.

The men that came along with Ryan got down from their car and went to meet the other guys. They exchanged something I don’t know and finally returned to the first place that Ryan stopped at first.

What is going on with this people and what exactly are they doing? After they all went inside, I got down from the car and tiptoed to the window side so I could hear their conversation.

“We’ve successfully delivered the goods safely today so we just have one more day left” someone said

The goods? What does he mean by that? The only thing I saw them exchanging was a briefcase so why did he say goods and what is this place?

“The last day might be dangerous so you should be on your guard. I’m surprised that those men haven’t made any move since we started this deal and it seems fishy. I believe they’re trying to reserve the fight for the last time.

Think about it carefully! They could have exchanged the plentiest drugs on the first day and just exchange the remaining little on the last day but they choose that last day to exchange the largest quantity. Don’t you find it fishy?” Ryan asked

Drugs? Did he just say drugs? When he said drug, was he talking about….? Oh my goodness!

I couldn’t hide my shock so I let out a loud gasp making everyone of them turn to my direction. I’m finished!

They started walking towards where I was hiding while I closed my eyes with my heart literally in my mouth. The moment I felt a hand on mine, my heart stopped beating and I knew it was over for me.

I was brought before Ryan and I didn’t miss the shocking expression he had on his face.

“Brittany, you?” he said while I took my eyes to the ground, unable to look at him


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