December 5, 2023



💠Chapter 4💠

Brianna’s POV

It was time to go home after working for the day. I arranged the files neatly on my desk and picked up my bag to leave.

When I got outside the main office into the compound, I saw a car driving out of the parking lot.

“If only this car could drop me off at my house, it will reduce my stress a lot” I mumbled to myself and started walking towards the gate dejectedly

Just when I had almost gotten to the gate, the car stopped beside me and the person in it wind down the window of the car.

A “wow” escaped my lips as I beheld the most handsome guy I’ve ever come across. How can someone be so gorgeous?

“Get in the car” he said with a warm smile snapping me out of my thoughts

“Uhhm…..I…I will take a taxi instead” I stuttered nervously

“No, I insist! I’m the boss here so just get in, I don’t bite” he said again

“You’re the CEO?” I asked in surprise

“Yes, you don’t know? Don’t you work here?” he asked making me embarrassed

“Well, I just resumed work today and I haven’t seen the CEO yet” I said gently

“I understand! Get in, it’s getting late” he urged

I thought about it for a while and then decided to go with him. He won’t try to harm me so there’s nothing to be scared of. Besides, I’m not a fragile lady.

“So tell me about yourself” he said trying to strike a conversation

“There’s nothing to say about me. I’m an orphan and I only have one friend so…. I don’t think there’s anything interesting about me” I shrugged

“I’m sorry about that!” he said apologetically

“It’s fine sir! What about you? Are you married? What about your parents and siblings?” I asked him

“My Dad is late but my mom is still alive and I have a younger sister. I’m not in a relationship for now but I hope to go into one very soon now that I’ve seen someone I like” he said with a smile

“Have you told her about it? You know you should tell her quickly before someone else beats you to it, especially if she’s a beautiful lady” I advised

“You’re right. I will make sure I ask her out very soon, thank you so much” he said happily

“You’re welcome sir! Uhhm! That’s my house over there, you can drop me here and I’ll walk there” I suggested

“We are here already so why can’t I just drop you there? Are you scared of me?” he asked glancing at me

“Scared of you? I’m not scared of anyone and I don’t think I will ever be. We are all humans, the only thing different about us is our status and gender so why do I have to be scared of anyone?” I scoffed

“Wow! This is a first! I like your straightforwardness honestly. You’re not like other girls who pretend to be what they’re not just so I can like them” he admitted

“I’m flattered” I said sarcastically and that made him giggle

“I just love your personality. What’s your name?” he asked with that cute smile on his face

“Brianna” I answered

“A beautiful name for a beautiful lady! Can we be friends?” he asked stretching out his hand for a handshake

“Friends? But you’re my boss” I said feeling reluctant to accept his friendship

“I know but I just want us to be friends, please don’t say no” he said making cute faces that I couldn’t resist

“Fine then, we can be friends” I said accepting his hand

“Thank you so much! We will talk better tomorrow, it’s getting late already” he said gesturing to the darkness that was fast approaching

“Alright sir, thanks for the ride” I said and closed the door

He waved at me and I returned it with a smile. I watched him till he was completely out of sight before going in.

I think my work will be interesting from now on since the CEO has noticed me, I just hope he increases my salary very soon.

I opened the door to my room and saw everywhere was dark. I turned off the lights before leaving so I’ll just turn it on.

When I turned it on, I saw someone seated on one of my chairs with her back facing me. I became scared and my bag dropped from my hand.

“W…who are you?” I asked shakily

“Me? I’m Helen!” she screamed and turned around

My eyes widened in shock as I saw it was really Helen. How dare her tryto play a prank on me?

“I’m so going to kill you today, just wait and see” I said and took off my shoes chasing her around the room

“Brianna, I’m really sorry okay? Drop the shoe and let’s talk” she said breathing as she continued running

“No! I don’t want to talk until I deal with you. Why did you scare me like that?” I asked now stopping

“I’m sorry okay? I won’t do it again, I promise” she said raising her pinky finger while I rolled my eyes

“Alright then! But if you do it again, I’ll cut that finger you used to make a promise” I said pretending to be scary

“Yes boss” she mocked

“So tell me, how was your first day at work?” she asked anxiously

I don’t know why she likes talking so much to be honest. She always wants to know what happens every single time.

“It was fine” I answered simply

“You know that’s not what I want to hear. Did you make new friends? Did you start crushing in someone? Did someone ask you out? Things like that!” she said while I just scoffed

“Well, none of that happened” I said

“Really? A car dropped you off just now, is he your friend?” she asked suspiciously

“No, he’s the CEO of the company I work in” I answered frustrated

“Wow! Your CEO? Is this the kind of story where the CEO falls in love with one of his pretty employees and they have a happy ever after?” she said dreamily

“Can’t you just stop dreaming for once? You’ve read to many books that you can’t different between reality and fantasy anymore” I scowled

“Is he handsome? Do you have a crush on him?”

“You know me Helen. I don’t crush on anyone and I’m not interested in love either” I said gently

“I already told you to forget….” she was saying but I cut her off

“Please Helen, I told you not to mention it again. All men are the same so don’t try to paint some as good. I need to take a shower” I said and left her alone

I don’t know why she has to bring up that hurtful memory. I’ve tried so hard to erase it for years but it seems completely impossible. I will just wash the thought away beneath this shower.


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