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šŸ’  Chapter 38 šŸ’ 

Brianna’s POV

*Two weeks later*

It’s been two weeks since Oscar and I started dating. Our relationship started off well but lately, I’ve noticed something is wrong with him.

There’s something going on but no matter how many times I ask, he’s not willing to say a word to me. I’ve thought hard about what the problem could be but nothing is coming forth.

“Oscar, what is going on?” I asked for the umpteenth time

“It’s nothing Brianna. Work has been stressful lately so I don’t have much time to myself” he said

He was obviously lying because he couldn’t look me in the face and say it. What exactly is he trying to hide?

“Should I leave?” I asked with a sigh

“No Brianna, it’s not like that” he said

“Then it’s like how? Can you please tell me what exactly is going on?” I requested frustratedly

“I’m sorry, let’s just talk some other time” he said with his head bowed

I picked up my bag and left the restaurant without saying a word to him. The only reason why I’m angry at him is because he’s keeping something from me.

I expected him to come after me and try to explain himself at least but he didn’t. After waiting for a few minutes, I decided to return home.

When I got to the mansion, I met Ryan seated in the sitting room with his phone in his hands.

“You’re back?” he asked softly

“Yes” I mumbled

Lately, he has begun to treat me differently. He doesn’t let me do the house chores anymore and he speaks gently to me.

I still haven’t gotten used to his new behavior so I’m always uncomfortable around him.

“Are you okay?” he asked

“I’m fine” I answered with my head bowed

“I don’t think so. Your eyes are saying something else. Did you perhaps cry?” he asked

“No, I’m fine” I said and quickly wiped my tears

I hurried to my room and shut the door as soon as I got inside. Why is my heart beating so far? Even when I’m with Oscar, I don’t get this weird feeling. Why is everything different when it comes to Ryan?

I’m supposed to hate him for taking away my freedom but instead, I find myself getting drawn to him with each passing day. What exactly is wrong with me?

Ryan’s POV

I really don’t understand myself anymore. I think I’m in love with Brianna but how is that possible? I’m a cassanova and I can never fall in love with any woman. How did Brianna manage to have me wrapped around her fingers?

Lately, I always want to be by her side. I want to protect her and do everything for her but it doesn’t make any sense.

I even went to the extent of threatening Oscar to break up with her because she can never belong to him. If he doesn’t heed to my warning, I’ve decided on the next step I’m going to take. But all this for Brianna? I don’t know what has gotten over me. I probably should see a doctor soon.

I don’t understand why Mia has refused to let me sleep with her. She’s always coming up with different excuses and I’m beginning to get frustrated.

I can’t even have SĀ£x the way I please because I already promised her to mend my ways. Anytime I feel h**ny, I just ask Brianna to get a call girl for me.

I wanted to go to her this evening but she’s busy with so many shoots so I had to stay back at home. My phone rang and I picked it up without checking the caller ID.

“Good evening boss” Justin’s voice spoke into the phone

I hurriedly raised my head and looked around to be sure Brianna was nowhere around me at the moment.

“Evening! To what do I owe this call?” I asked

“I just wanted to inform you that we have a deal with Cali Cartel for three days. You told me to inform you whenever we have a deal with them” he explained

“That’s true! Is it huge this time?” I asked

“It’s huge. Our deals with them are always huge” he said

“Okay! Forward the exact date and details to me” I ordered

“Yes boss” he answered and I ended the call

Now I have to be at the cartel for three consecutive days because I like handling the deals with Cali Cartel myself.

They are very cunning and there’s nothing they can’t do. My presence is needed to instill fear in them and also so I can handle the situation personally.

Oscar’s POV

I chugged down the third bottle of wine that night and looked around me with my dizzy eyes. The club seemed like it was three and I needed no one to tell me that I was drunk.

How can I not drink anyway? For the first time in my life, I love someone so much that I will gladly lay down mg life for her.

Fortunately, she even agreed to date me and tried to develop feelings for me. The day she agreed to be my girlfriend was the happiest day of my life and I can never forget that scene for even a minute.

After all my hardwork and success in making her mine, Ryan Santiago had the guts to step into the picture. He has threatened me to break up with her very soon unless I want him to do something unexpected.

But how can I break up with her? How can I break up with someone that trusts me and treat me like family?

Why is Ryan concerned about my relationship with Brianna? It’s not like he has feelings for her or they’re in any kind of relationship. Is that possible?

Brianna doesn’t seem to like Ryan that much that she would share an intimate relationship with him. I think I need to ask her. I should ask her if there’s anything going on between Ryan and her but I can’t ask her in this condition. I have to wait until tomorrow at least.

*Next morning*

I woke up with a hangover and the first thing that came to my mind was Brianna. It seems to me that I love her more than I love myself.

I picked up my phone and dialed her contact which she answered on the second ring.

“Good morning” she greeted

“Morning! How was your night?” I asked calmly

“It was fine I guess. How was yours?” she asked back

“It was well…. I can’t really say for sure. I want to ask you something though. I shouldn’t be asking you this so early in the morning but I can’t seem to wait any longer.

Is there any sort of relationship between you and Ryan? Maybe you love each other or something like that?” I asked

“What are you talking about? Ryan and I in a relationship? Who told you that?” she asked

“That’s not the most important thing right now. I asked you a simple question so just answer me” I said

“There’s nothing of such between us. He’s merely my employer while I’m his employee” she answered

“Then why are you staying at his mansion? You only share a professional relationship so why do you have to share a roof with him?” I asked the question I should have asked long ago


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