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💠 Chapter 37 💠

Brianna’s POV

I opened the bag that Ryan gave me and took out the gown. It looks so beautiful and classy that one would tell how expensive it is, right away.

A small smile crept on my lips as I stared at the gown. Did Ryan really get this for me or am I dreaming? If Ryan can continue to be like this throughout my time here, I probably wouldn’t want to leave anymore.

I took out the necklace and wore it around my neck. It fitted me perfectly and it makes me wonder if Ryan has watched me for so long before getting it for me.

I took a quick shower and called Oscar. He has been the only one calling all this while and I don’t think it’s fair. I might not have feelings for him now but at least, I agreed to be his girlfriend so I need to act like one.

After speaking with him for a while, I ended the call and slept.

*Next morning*

I hurriedly dressed up after sweeping the house and descended the stairs. Since I need to go with Ryan from now on, I can’t be late.

His actions are unpredictable and I don’t want to fall victim anytime.

“I will be going out for a while so you can go to the office in a taxi today” he said as soon as I arrived downstairs

Has he been waiting for me before? After buying a dress for me yesterday, he’s back to his cold self.

“Good morning! Thank you for yesterday, I really appreciate it” I said sincerely

“Alright, I’ll leave now. Help me with those” he said and pointed at the shopping bags on the chair

I know the clothes belong to his girlfriend but I don’t know why I felt sad that he was going to see her. He wants me to take a taxi just because of Mia. Is she that beautiful?

I took the bags to his car withy gloomy face and dropped them at the back seat. I returned to the mansion and picked up my bag after which I left for work.

Ryan’s POV

I got into my car and drove to Mia’s mansion. After taking a shower last night, I called her and asked her when she would be free.

She told me she’ll be free from morning till around 11am before going for her shoot.

Within a few minutes, I arrived at her house and parked my car in the garage. I took the bags with me and rang the doorbell.

“Who is there?” her charming voice said

I think she looked through the door-cam because she opened the door before I could say a word.

“Come in” she said and paved way for me

She couldn’t even take one of the bags from me, what a mean girlfriend I have. It’s not like I even have feelings for her, I only want to get laid with her once and that will be the end of our relationship.

“Did you go shopping so early in the morning?” she asked staring at the bags I was holding

“No! I got them for you yesterday but it was late when I finished shopping. Besides, you said you were busy when I called in the evening so I decided to wait until this morning” I explained

“Wow! That’s so kind of you! Thanks for the gift, I really appreciate it” she said with a smile

Yes, that’s it! Once I get clothes and jewelries for them, they melt in my arms and I have the chance to do whatever I want.

“I know you’ve not eaten breakfast, will you like to eat something?” she asked as she took some of the bags

“No, I’m fine. It’s too early for me to eat now. Let me help you with some of the bags” I said

“Thank you” she smiled and led me to her room

This is my opportunity to get in bed with her. Once we drop the clothes, I’ll make my move. She definitely won’t be able to resist Ryan Santiago.

“Should I just put them on the bed?” I asked as she drop the bags with her on the bed

“Let’s put them on the couch instead” she said and took them to the couch

After dropping the bags with me, I pulled her to myself and ran my lips on her neck.

“Stop it please” she said gently and pushed me away

“What’s wrong?” I asked as I slowly pulled back a little

“We can’t be doing this now. We just started dating and we don’t know much about each other yet” she said

“That’s not a problem. We can get to know each other as time passes by. I haven’t gotten laid for about five days now and it’s not something I’m used to. If my girlfriend can’t satisfy my needs, should I get laid in an hotel or at a club?” I asked hoping she changes her mind

Of course she will definitely change her mind. No woman in this world is able to resist Ryan Santiago. I give kudos to Brianna though for being able to resist me.

We’ve been together for a while now but she has never tried to seduce me or something. Why am I even thinking about her now of all times? I’m with my girlfriend and I’m busy thinking about someone else.

“If that’s the case, then I don’t think we can be together. If you can’t control yourself for even a short while until I’m ready, then I don’t think we’re compatible. I want a patient guy that will get to know almost everything about me first before thinking of getting intimate with me” she said

“Fine then. We should get to know each other more like you said. What do you think? Should we go out on a date?” I asked

“No! I can’t go out on a date when I have to prepare for a shoot very soon, it will be too tiring for me” she said

“Alright then. Let’s go downstairs first” I said and left the room

How can a lady be so cold? She didn’t even move when I pulled her close to me. If it was Donna, she would have gotten wet from just my touch. I really miss her so much and I finally realize that the adage “you don’t know the value of what you have until you loose it” is real.

Donna made me feel like a teenager in love but I pushed her away and made her a laughing stock. I’m also planning to do the same with Mia Zachary.

If it continues this way, I wonder when it will ever stop.


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