December 5, 2023



💠 Chapter 36 💠

Brianna’s POV

I got down from the car and stared confusedly at the door which was wide open. What has gotten over Ryan all of a sudden?

First, he stopped the car abruptly just because I mentioned having a fiance and now, he’s extremely angry.

I didn’t even mean it when I said I have a fiance because I don’t have one, but how does that have anything to do with him?

Could it be that something else happened to him? Why do I even care anyway? If something happens to him, it shouldn’t matter to me.

He’s a jerk that is doing something as petty as making me stuck at his mansion just because I decided to live a two-faced life.

I shut the car door and also went into the house angrily. Since he’s so angry and I’m also angry, I don’t think I need to cook any food. Our anger should be more than enough to fill our stomachs.

Oscar called before I slept that night and we talked for close to thirty minutes before I finally went to bed.

I woke up early the next morning and got dressed for work after which I left my room and headed downstairs.

Surprisingly, Ryan was already waiting for me downstairs so I just greeted him and proceeded to walk past him but he stopped me.

“You will be going to work with me starting from today” he said coldly

“Why should I go to work with you? I prefer taking a cab so I’ll take one like I’ve been doing” I said

“I’m the boss here and you will do as I say” he said and walked away

He’s the boss? Really? I wonder what exactly his problem is. Can’t he just leave me to myself?

He personally told me not to go to work with him again, and now he’s saying something else. I wonder why he’s so flexible in his decisions.

“Let’s go then” I said angrily and left

We got into the car and the drive to work soon began, with total silence between both of us. I looked out of the window because seeing his face alone annoys me a lot.

“Where are you going? Shouldn’t you be holding my car keys?” he asked

Really? I have to hold his car keys? As his slave or what? I thought of protesting but then, I decided against it.

I snatched the keys from him agressively and went into the company. I went to my office and after arranging my files, I took coffee to him.

“You will go with me to the mall during lunch, I want to get clothes for my girlfriend” he said as I was about walking out

I don’t know why, but I was kind of hurt hearing that from him. Why should I be feeling this way? It’s not like he’s my boyfriend and it’s not like I have feelings for him. To hell with whatever he does!

“And….your supposed fiance is Oscar? You just recently started dating him and now he’s your fiancé? You really need to improve on your lies” he scoffed

“Are you stalking me now? If I say he’s my fiancé, then he is. Why are you interferring in my personal matters?” I fired at him

“Chill okay? Oscar is not even good for you. I’m handsome and rich, why can’t you just come to me instead?” he mumbled

“What did you say?” I asked confusedly

“Nothing. You can leave now” he said sternly

“What was that? I should come for him? Is he kidding me? Why would I want to date a womanizer?”

Ryan’s POV

I released a deep breath as soon as Brianna shut the door behind her. What the hell is wrong with me?

Did I just ask her to date me? I think I’ve finally gone crazy. Why would I want to date someone like Brianna?

She’s not up to my standard and she doesn’t miss any opportunity to piss me off so how can I be with someone like her?

Mia Zachary is the perfect lady for me. She’s a beautiful lady with a sexy figure but I’ll definitely get tired of her after sleeping with her once.

I will cross that bridge when I get there I guess. I will have to break up with her sooner or later anyway. I only want to have a taste of that beautiful and sexy body.

Soon, it was lunch time and I went to the mall with Brianna like I said earlier.

“Do you think this will look good on her?” I asked staring at a gown

“Yes” she said without even looking at it

“You didn’t even look at it” I said with a sigh

“She’s the most beautiful model on earth so anything will look good on her. Why do I need to look at it?” she asked mockingly

Somehow, a part of me felt like it wasn’t right to bring her here. She must be feeling bad that she can’t even spend this much time with her boyfriend but she’s here with someone else instead.

I bought lots of clothes for Mia and was about leaving the clothing section when I sighted a gown. It looked so beautiful and was exactly Brianna’s size.

What am I thinking? I’m here to get clothes for Mia, not Brianna. But then again, she came all the way here with me and I’m feeling guilty so I guess I should at least get this for her.

I took the gown but I never told her it belonged to her. I also bought jewelries for Mia and got one necklace for Brianna.

Now that I bought two things for her already, her coming with me won’t be in vain then and she will definitely feel on top of the world that Ryan Santiago bought something for her.

We returned home instead of the company because I wanted to visit Mia and give her the clothes.

“This is for you” I said to Brianna before she could reach the stairs

“What is that?” she asked and slowly walked back to me

“Just take it. You can open it when you get to your room” I gestured

She took the bag while staring at me with mixed reactions before muttering a “thank you”.

“I can’t hear you” I lied

“Thanks for this” she said again and finally left

I prefer the fierce Brianna to this soft one. The way she stared at me with those beautiful innocent eyes made me feel something I don’t know.

Lately, I find myself getting drawn towards her and I don’t understand it. She should just go back to being fierce but how can I make that happen? This is driving me nuts!


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