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💠 Chapter 35 💠

Ryan’s POV

I forced Brianna to leave with me in my car today after we closed from work. Ever since I called her Bree, she has been acting strange and I don’t understand the look on her face.

I kept stealing glances at her during the drive home but she just kept a straight face and faced the window. Why is she so mad at me just because I called her Bree?

Why do I even care anyway? I’m Ryan Santiago and girls always flock around me so why should I be concerned about just one girl that doesn’t even meet my standard?

But the thing is, my heart keeps getting drawn to her. I can’t ignore her no matter how hard I try to.

“Can you please focus on the road? You almost hit someone just now” she said snapping me out of my thoughts

“Sorry” I mumbled

Wait! Did I just say sorry? And to Brianna of all people? I must be going crazy.

“What are you thinking about and why are you staring at me? I’ll advise you to stop staring at me for no reason from now on because I have a fiance and he won’t like it if someone else stares at me” she said

“What did you say?” I asked stopping the car abruptly

“Are you trying to kill me?” she screamed at me instead

“Why did you stop the car abruptly like that? I could have died” she added

“But at least you didn’t die. Repeat what you just said” I said ignoring her complaints

“What did I say?” she asked confusedly

“You mentioned something about a fiance” I said

“Oh that! I have a fiance now and he’s not even okay with us living together. I told him I won’t be with you for too long so get ready to let go of me. Even if you won’t pay me, I don’t care” she said

I don’t know why but I suddenly became furious and jealous. She has a fiance and even has the guts to say it so boldly before me. Am I not handsome to her? Doesn’t she have even the slightest feelings for me?

Every other girl out there always get mesmerized by my good looks and they just want to be with me even if it’s once. Why is it always different with her?

I angrily drove to the mansion and went into my room without even sparing her a glance. Why am I even angry? It’s not like I have plans of dating her, not to talk of getting married to her. What exactly is wrong with me?

I took out my phone and dialed one of my men’s contact. He picked on the second ring.

“Find out who Brianna’s fiance is. Just find out who she’s in a relationship with right now and make sure you find out tonight” I said and ended the call

Mia’s POV

I texted the location and time we will be meeting to Ryan. I have no intention of going there early though, I’ll only go there after about thirty minutes so he can know I’m different from other ladies he’s been with.

When I finally arrived there in thirty minutes time, I could see the angry look on his face. I quickly changed my look into a tired one and sat down with a sigh.

“What took you so long?” he asked through gritted teeth

“I’m so sorry. I had finished my shoot for the day before my secretary told me that I still had one left. I couldn’t call you before starting the shoot. I drove as fast as I could and I’m so tired now” I said

“Are you okay?” he asked as his eyes softened

Donna said he’s a monster and someone that doesn’t deserve to live but seeing him like this makes me think there’s a misunderstanding somewhere.

The guy before me looks gentle with a soft heart but u think he’s covering his real identity he’s with a mask. He doesn’t want the world to find out how soft hearted he is.

Snap out of it Mia! I shouldn’t be thinking about this right now. Donna asked me to help her exact revenge and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

“I’m fine, thank you” I said with a short smile

We placed our orders and soon started eating while we fisted about our modelling work.

“Have you thought about it Mia? I want you to be my girlfriend. You will be special and different from other girls” he said

“Really? Didn’t you say the same thing to Donna Clinton?” I asked

“Donna’s case is different. She provoked me but this time, I sincerely mean it. I promise” he said

“I’ve heard you then. First of all, you need to send that girl away. I mean your P.A that is living with you”.I said

“How did you know about that?” he stuttered

“Who do you think I am? I’m Mia Zachary, not just anyone. After you’ve thrown her out of your mansion, you can ask me to be your girlfriend again” I said

“But why do you want her to leave? She’s just my P.A, there’s nothing between us” he said

“Really? How am I supposed to believe that? A man and woman are staying alone in a big mansion and nothing is going on between them?” I scoffed

“I mean it. She has a fiance and I’m not interested in someone like her” he shrugged

“You’re not interested in her? Is it because you’re of different statuses?” I asked with a smirk

“That’s not the only reason. Can we stop talking about her? Let’s talk about us instead” he said

“Okay. What do you want us to talk about?” I asked feigning ignorance

“I want you to be my girlfriend. Just say yes and you’ll see that I’ll treat you differently” he said

“Don’t try to force me into accepting your proposal. Fine then, I’ll be your girlfriend” I said

“Really? Oh my goodness! I’m the luckiest man on earth to have a beautiful lady like you as my girlfriend. I promise to love you with all my heart” he said

Any lady that is meeting him for the first time will definitely fall for his charms, but I’m not one of them.

I know the kind of person he is and besides, I’m here for Donna. I want to help her get revenge on him and she already told me how he treats ladies so I definitely won’t be a victim.

The reason why he’s saying those sweet words is because he wants to get down with me, but that will only happen in his wildest dreams.

I’m going to make him beg me to get intimate with him and in the end, he might not even be opportuned to. Just wait and see Ryan Santiago, how I turn the tables against you.


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