December 2, 2023



💠 Chapter 32 💠

Mia’s POV

The chance I’ve been waiting for is finally here before me. Donna pleaded with me to help her get revenge on Ryan for breaking up with her for a random girl and I agreed to it.

I heard that Ryan always goes down with any model he has a shoot with but I’ll be an exception. The plan is to make him want me so badly and then, pin a fake pregnancy on him after we get intimate.

I got ready for the shoot and got into my car after which my driver took me to the venue.

Ryan wasn’t there yet so I had to wait until he arrived. Donna already told me that he likes making people wait and everyone has gotten used to that already.

“Shouldn’t you at least be punctual? The agency is the one paying you, not the other way around” I said when he was about walking past me

“I tried to be punctual but being a businessman, you know? I have to sign so many new contracts because they just won’t stop coming in” he said proudly

I heard someone sigh and when I turned to look, I saw a lady. She was holding his suit which means she’s probably his P.A or secretary. I must admit she’s very beautiful.

Why is she sighing though? And why isn’t Ryan saying anything about it? He’s known to be very strict with his employees.

“Whatever” I shrugged and left

After changing my dress, the shoot started and we were soon done in no time.

“It was nice having a shoot with you. You’re really beautiful by the way, can we meet up tonight?” he asked when I was about to leave

“Why would I want to meet up with you? I have so many shoot to attend to that I don’t even think I will have time for myself” I said with an eyeroll

“How about your contact then? I should have it so I can call you and we’ll go out whenever you’re free” he said still with his seductive smile

“I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in going out with a total stranger. Excuse me” I said and walked away

One thing Donna told me about him is that, he hates someone saying no to him. Now that I refused to give him my contact, he will definitely get it by all means and that’s when the real game begins.

Ryan’s POV

I gritted my teeth in anger as I reflected on what happened a few minutes ago. Did that tiny model just dare to reject me? She must really have a death wish.

Who does she think she is? I requested for her contact but she just walked away from me. I’m Ryan Santiago and I get anything I want with just a snap of my fingers.

Just wait and see Mia Zachary. I will lay my hands on your contact in no time and show you that I’m not Ryan Santiago for nothing.

“Why is your face so red and full of anger? I can feel the flames already. Let me guess! You’re angry because a lady turned you down for the first time” Brianna said with a smirk

“Mind your own business or you won’t like what I will do to you next” I warned

“I want to mind my business but a larger part of me doesn’t want to. What should I do now?” she whined mockingly

“Should I throw you out of my car?” I asked angrily

“I’m not Mia Zachary so don’t take out your anger on me. Mia Zachary just became my role model because of what she did. Other ladies will fall at your feet but she stood her ground and talked back at you. A strong and fearless woman indeed! Just like me” she said proudly

“Take me home now and make sure the drive doesn’t exceed fifteen minutes” he screamed at the driver

“Stop screaming at the poor man. Even the fastest driver on earth can’t arrive at your mansion in fifteen minutes? Why don’t you drive yourself?

Besides, the reason why you want him to drive so fast is because you can’t put up with my attitude right? But have you forgotten that we live in the same house?” she asked tauntingly

“Don’t get on my nerves Brianna or you won’t like what I will do to you” I warned again

“Fine, my lips are sealed” she said and faced the other side of the car

All this is happening because of Mia Zachary. No lady had ever turned me down but for the first time, someone did and that’s why Brianna is making fun of me. I will definitely make Mia pay for this.

As soon as the driver parked the car in the garage, I got down swiftly and went inside the house. I’m just going to stay locked up in my room so I don’t have to see that girl’s face.

After a few minutes, a knock sounded on my door and I almost bursted put of anger. Why won’t she let me be?

“What do you want?” I asked angrily

Instead of answering me, she opened the door and entered my room.

“What would you like to eat for dinner?” she asked

Since when did she start asking me what I would eat for dinner? She doesn’t even like cooking for me because she hates me so much and now, she’s asking me this question? She must be here to mock me.

“I don’t want to eat anything. Can you please leave?” I asked calmly this time

“But it’s really not good for your health if you don’t eat dinner. Just eat something okay?” she said

“Brianna, do you really want to see the other side of me?” I asked

“Well, it’s fine then. You don’t need to eat if you don’t want to. I’m leaving” she said softly and left

Why did I even bring her to my mansion in the first place? I could have just ignored the fact that she was duping men but I choose to invite problem to myself. Who will get me out of this trouble now?

“Ryan, dinner is ready” she said to me in my room after a few minutes

“I will just leave the house for you since you won’t let me be” I said and stood up

“No! It’s fine, you don’t need to eat” she said with a sad look and left

I tiptoed to the diningroom and saw her picking on her food with a sad look on her face. What is wrong with her all of a sudden?

She was making mockery of me a few minutes ago because I got turned down but now, she’s sad?

I descended the stairs slowly and sat at the dining table with her.

“Why are you here? You said you won’t eat” she said

“I was only joking. Who wouldn’t want to eat the food of the best cook in the world?” I asked and began to eat while she stared at me nonstop


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