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πŸ’  Chapter 31 πŸ’ 

Ryan’s POV

That Brianna is definitely a witch. Did she hit my arm on purpose? I really don’t understand. If she hit it on purpose, then it means she knows that I got shot but how is that possible?

The ringing of my phone jolted me out of my thoughts and when I checked the caller, it was the man I asked to follow Brianna this morning.

“Speak!” I ordered even though I was in slight pains

“Sir! The man Brianna met was Mario Oscar, her former boss. I don’t know what they talked about but he dropped her off at the company before leaving to his” he said

“Alright, I understand” I said and ended the call

So she met with her former boss? What could they possibly be talking about? Does this mean he was the one that called Brianna yesterday? I’m going to have to warn him to stay away from Brianna because she belongs to me.

Wait! Why am I saying she belongs to me? Ryan, get a hold of yourself. Ever since this girl came, strange things have been happening to me. I will let her go very soon so I can lead my normal life. I hardly even sleep with ladies nowadays because I always see her face everywhere.

“Set up a meeting with Mario Oscar tonight” I said into the phone and hanged up

“I won’t be coming to the cartel tonight so proceed as planned” I said to Justin and ended the call

Evening soon came and I left my office to meet Oscar. I stopped by at Brianna’s office since she was also preparing to leave.

“Why are you standing here? Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten that we won’t be going home together anymore?” she scoffed

“And why would I forget? I only came to let you know that I will be going out for a while. I shouldn’t be telling you but knowing how scared you will be without me, I felt the need to tell you” I said

“You’re so full of yourself. You can go to wherever you want, I don’t care. You can even spend the night there, I still don’t care” she said and walked past me

Why is this girl becoming so bold and daring with each passing day?

I ignored her and went to the parking lot where my driver was waiting for me already and he drove to the restaurant where I was to meet Oscar.

“Mr. Mario Oscar” I called out and seated before him

“Good evening sir” he greeted politely

“I’ll get straight to the point so we don’t waste each other’s time. What’s your relationship with Brianna?” I asked

“She’s my wife to be” he said after some minutes of silence and I almost choked on the wine I was sipping

“Your what?!!” I asked

“My wife to be” he answered again

“Your wife to be? Well, she can only be your wife to be in your dreams. She belongs to me so I’ll just give you a clear warning to stay away from her” I said and stood up

“Do you think people are things that can belong to you just because you said so? Brianna is mine and I won’t be backing down for anyone” he said and also stood up

“Are you going against Ryan Santiago?” I smirked

“Ryan Santiago is a human being and a man just like me” he said boldly

I glared at him one last time and finally left the restaurant angrily. I can’t believe he will even stand up boldly against me just because of Brianna. How beautiful is she anyway?

Brianna’s POV

I haven’t been able to stop laughing since I hit Ryan hard on his injured arm, he was in so much pain but couldn’t even show it. I wonder where he’s going to this late though.

After making dinner, I retired to my room to freshen up. I’ll just eat after I’m done bathing and then go to bed, I’m so tired already.

But wait! I said I’d follow Ryan tomorrow night if he goes out this night. Oh goodness! So I have to stay awake until then? This is driving me nuts!

I ate my food quickly and returned to my room so Ryan will think I’m asleep. He has to think I’m asleep so he’ll be able to do whatever pleases him.

I soon heard the door open and I knew he was the one. I hurriedly pulled the duvet over my head in case he stopped by at my room and he really did stop.

He opened the door and I felt him take a step in but that was all. After a few minutes, he shut the door and left. That was close. Why would he even stop by?

I waited to hear any sound of him leaving the house but everywhere was dead silent. Should I just check his room? Who knows if he has jumped through the window already?

How can I check if he’s in his room without opening the door and without him finding out? This is insane!

I guess I just need to check the cars in the parking lot since he can’t go out without a car. I tiptoed out of my room and went to the sitting room where I could see the garage. I confirmed that the cars were complete which means he was still in.

Does this mean he won’t be going out today? That means he doesn’t always go out at night. I should forget about this already.

*Next morning*

After cleaning the house as usual, I took my bath and got ready for work. Ryan was already leaving the house when I got to the sitting room so I just locked the door and left.

“If you beg me to take you with me, then I will do it without thinking twice” he said as his car was almost driving past me by the roadside

“Thanks, but I don’t need your help. We will go to work separately like you wanted, until I leave” I said

“Fine then, you can continue to act stubborn” he shrugged and left

I soon took the bus and arrived at the company in no time. That jerk of a boss I have is so full of himself.

“Do I have a busy schedule today?” he asked as I served him coffee

“No sir. You only have a meeting and a shoot” I said

“Really? I have a shoot? Tell me, is she very beautiful?” he asked with a smile

“Yeah! You bragged about her beauty so much so she’s definitely beautiful to you” I said through gritted teeth

“Who is it?” he asked curiously

“It’s Mia Zachary” I said with a sigh

Goodness! Do I really have to go through this again? Because of his looks like they say, he’s not just a CEO but a model.

He hardly goes for the shoot though. He turns them down most of the time but he always makes sure he gets down with any model he has a shoot with. It’s definitely going to be the same with Mia Zachary.

“Yes, this is my chance. I have to get Mia Zachary no matter what. I’ve been wanting to get down with her for a while now” he said licking his lips

I wonder what kind of man he is though. Doesn’t he ever get tired of FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ing all day?

“Make sure you get the best makeup artist for me. I need to impress her with my looks” he said

Really? I should get the best makeup artist for him when I know nothing about them? He’s got to be kidding me.


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