December 2, 2023



๐Ÿ’  Chapter 30 ๐Ÿ’ 

Brianna’s POV

I smirked triumphantly after speaking to Ryan in that manner. What does he think of me? After asking me to start taking taxis, he’s now telling me to get into his car? Get into his car my foot.

Oscar texted the address to me already so I just need to take a taxi to the restaurant. I will be spending just twenty minutes with him so I can return to the company quickly.

If I go late, Ryan will definitely have something to talk about and might threaten to deduct my salary. I quickly boarded a cab and in no time, I was at the address Oscar sent to me.

I went into the restaurant and saw him seated at a far end. He was looking graceful just like before but he can’t be compared to Ryan. Ryan is way more handsome than he is.

Oh snap out of it Brianna! Why am I comparing Oscar to Ryan? Ryan might be handsome but he’s a jerk. He can never be compared to Oscar who is reserved and treats ladies with respect.

“Good morning” I greeted and sat before him

He seemed to be lost in thought that he didn’t even know I was standing before him until I spoke up.

“Morning Anna! I’m sorry I didn’t notice you walk in” he apologized quickly

“No, it’s fine. I’m honored to know that you still remember me even though I was disrespectful to you” I said softly

“You weren’t disrespectful, you had only spoken your mind back then. How is work?” he asked

“Work is fine. How is the company doing?” I asked him too

“It’s doing fine. What would you like to take? Please don’t say nothing, take a drink at least” he said

“Fine then. I’m okay with any juice” I said

He signalled to a waiter and placed our order which was soon brought to us.

“Are you sure you are comfortable living with Ryan Santiago? I heard he Fลฏรงฦ™s everything in skirt, isn’t he disturbing you?” he asked

“He Fลฏรงฦ™s everything in skirt but there’s an exception and luckily, I’m among the exception. He hasn’t given be any trouble so far so I don’t have a problem with him” I explained

“That’s good to hear. Have you been hearing from your friend?” he asked

“Yes, we speak to each other frequently” I answered

“I’m relieved then. Please always take care of yourself and don’t forget that your health comes first before work” he said

“I won’t forget, thank you” I smiled at him

“You still don’t have feelings for me right?” he asked after a few minutes of silence

“To be honest, I don’t. I don’t think I can like you in that aspect you want me to because I only see you as a big brother that keeps me safe” I said sincerely

“You might just see me in that manner for now but if we go out frequently and get to know each other better, I’m sure you will gradually develop feelings for me” he said

“I don’t want to raise your hopes but we can try that out if it’s what you want. I want to repay your kindness towards me and if I can repay it this way, I definitely will” I said

“Thank you so much Brittany” he said with a gentle smile

“You’re welcome! I should take my leave now, I’m running late” I said and stood up to leave

“Let me drop you off at your company” he suggested and stood up after me

“No, I’m fine. I’ll take a cab and arrive at the company in no time” I said with a smile

“You always turn me down” he said sadly

“No, that’s… Okay, you can take me to the company then” I said

“Really?! Let’s go then, you can’t be late” he said happily and hurried to the parking lot so he could open the door for me

I got in and the drive to Ryan’s company soon started. I wasn’t late from the look of things but knowing Ryan, he might try to create problem for me because I turned him down this morning.

“Thank you so much, I really appreciate it” I said after getting down from the car

“You’re welcome! Take care of yourself” he smiled at me and left

Phew! Now I have to deal with Ryan and his troubles, how hard can it be anyway?

I went to my office and started by checking his schedule. Fortunately for me, he doesn’t have a tight schedule today and I’ll only be with him a few times.

The land phone in my office rang and when I found out he was the one calling, my heart almost flew out of my chest.

“Come to my office” he said and dropped the call

Like seriously? He can’t ever stop being rude, I’m sure arrogance and rudeness came into this world on the day he was born.

“You called for me” I said as I lowered my head

“Didn’t you know you were supposed to bring coffee for me first thing in the morning?” he asked

“Coffee? Since when did I start bringing you coffee in the morning? I only bring it to you whenever you request for it” I said with a scoff

“So you now talk back at your boss right? 2% of your pay for this month has been deducted” he said

“You’re more than welcome to deduct 50% of my pay, I don’t give a damn. It’s not like you even wanted to pay me before so you’re looking for excuses not to pay me at all. Can I take my leave now?” I asked rolling my eyes

“Are you going to keep speaking rudely to your boss like that?” he asked standing up

“Yes, I’m going to continue that way until my boss realizes that being arrogant is not a good thing” I snapped

“Oh really? I guess I’ll just keep deducting your pay for every offence. That’ll be faster and less stressful” he said

“I already said you can do whatever you want” I said and purposely made my shoulder hit his arm that was bleeding last night

He groaned in pain and I smirked before turning to him with a fake look of concern on my face.

“What did you do that for?” he asked angrily

“It was just a mistake, I’m sorry. But why are you in so much pain? I didn’t even apply so much force, does this mean you’re so weak?” I asked tauntingly

“What?! How dare you!!” he screamed and raised his hand against me but the pain couldn’t let him do a thing so he lowered it back

“I’m going to make you pay for what you did today, get lost!” he screamed at me and I hurriedly ran out

So I was right about the gunshot? I’m going to keep a close watch on him and find out where he goes to at night. Who knows if he’s keeping Jessica captive there.

If he lives for that place tonight, it will mean he goes there everyday so I’ll find a way to sneak into his car tomorrow night and discover his secret.


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