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💠Chapter 3💠

Donna’s POV

I licked my lips I’m excitement after ending the call with Ryan. I can’t believe I’m dating the most handsome and powerful person in America.

I’m currently one of the top models so dating him is not strange. Other models are jealous of me and they’ve tried harming me countless times, but my prince charming is always there to save me.

If only they knew what I had to agree to. I mean, I can’t even get intimate with my boyfriend. What kind of relationship should I call that?

He asked me to close my eyes and open them, I won’t be doing it anyway since it will take time before he arrives here. I’ll just wait patiently for his arrival.

It wasn’t up to ten minutes later when I heard the sound of a car drive in. Wow! He arrived her in such a short while? He’s so sweet!

“Baby!” I exclaimed welcoming him at the doorway

“Darling!” he beamed with a smile

“I’ve missed you so much, you know that right?” I asked pulling him into a hug

“Yeah, I know! Can you now release me?” he asked calmly

“Sorry” I mumbled with a small smile

“Let’s get down to business?” he said more like a question

“Yes, let’s do that” I agreed and immediately locked the door

He grabbed my waist roughly and trailed K!SSes from my neck downwards. One thing about Ryan is that he doesn’t K!SS the ladies he sleeps with.

He said he doesn’t like the idea of swallowing someone’s saliva and I find it strange.

He’s a badass in bed so he must definitely be a good K!SSer. Why is he punishing me this way? I really want to taste those beautiful pink lips, they seem very soft just by staring at it. I wonder how it’ll taste.

He laid me gently on the couch and took off the short gown I was wearing. My Ɲīpplës were already hard by doing just that which made his lips curve into a smile.

He grabbed one and Ṣūçƙed it hungrily like a child Ṣūçƙing his mother’s B@@bs while he fondled with the other one. He exchanged it like that for a while before putting his fingers deep into my p***y.

I Mõ@ɲed very loudly as I felt myself in cloud nine already. The pleasure was just too much that I couldn’t hold it in.

His fingers went in and out of me until I reached climax and cummed. Wow! That was one hell of romance!

“I need you to give me a bl0w-j0b, I’m so hard right now” he groaned and sat on another couch

“Can’t we just have S£x instead?” I asked poutingly but he just glared at me and I gave up

He already loosened his belt so I just pulled his boxers down a bit and his rod came bouncing out. I’m missing a lot honestly!

He’s Ďïčk is so huge but I know it’s just the best for me. My p***y will probably have gotten too wide if we had S£x ever since we started dating but I don’t care.

This Ďïčk is too big to be shared by so many people and it feels like it keeps getting bigger with each passing day.

I rubbed the tip gently before shoving it right into my mouth. I almost choked on it but I managed to continue Ṣūçƙing it until he wanted to Cvm.

He pulled out of me and released the Cvm on the floor while I licked every single bit of it as I winked seductively at him.

“Let’s take a shower together!” I said and dragged him upstairs with me without waiting for his response

I decided to make use of the showers instead of the bath tub so I will be able to see his well built packs properly.

I turned on the shower and after making sure my body was all wet, I turned off the shower and took my soap. Ryan was also picking up his soap then so I walked up to him.

“Wash my body and I’ll wash yours” I said and stretched my soap out to him

“What the…..? Are you kidding me?” he asked in disbelief

“No I’m not! Please sweetheart” I said making a cute face

“Fine then, do as you please” he said and exchanged the soap with me

I smiled happily and started washing his body. When I got to his Ďïčk, I started caressing it instead of washing it.

“Fůçƙ Donna! What are you doing? We’re supposed to be bathing but ….” the rest of the words got stuck in his throat and he groaned in pleasure

“Let’s enjoy our time together okay? You won’t even get intimate with me so this is the only thing I can do” I said and continued

The rest of the story is a discussion for another day.

Brianna’s POV

*A week later*

I will be resuming work today and I’m just so excited. The pay isn’t even close to being great but at least, I’m glad I now have a job.

I will keep applying for jobs in other companies and hopefully, I will get employed in one of them and quit working here.

After wearing my clothes, I applied light make up and picked up my bag. I know I’m beautiful but I look awesome this morning. Now I’m good to go!

I made sure to lock my door properly before boarding a taxi that took me to work. I greeted the workers and went straight into my office which was assigned to me as the sales manager.

I already got a cup of coffee on my way in so I just opened my laptop and began working in earnest. It wasn’t so hard for me since I love business so much.

Everything was just going smooth and it seemed so easy for me. I drank my coffee slowly and worked at the same time until the coffee finished.

“Should I get another one so I won’t get tired?” I asked myself as I stared at the laptop

“I think I should just continue working. I shouldn’t get addicted to working only if there’s coffee. What if a day comes that there’s no coffee? Does that mean I won’t be able to do a thing?” I asked myself and resumed working again

After few hours of working non-stop, it was time for lunch. I heaved a sigh of relief and closed my laptop before going to the cafeteria.

I bought a plate of food with a bottle of water and sat at an empty table. After I was done, I returned back to my office and worked for a while before sleeping.

I’ve worked a lot today so it’s time to relax, it’s not like that pay is even great anyway so I don’t need to stress myself.

A loud knock on my door woke me up from my sweet sleep and I hurriedly sprang up to my feet. I opened my laptop first and cleaned my eyes with a napkin after which I mumbled a “come in” tiredly. I have to make it look like I’m tired from overworking

“Ma’am, the CEO asked you to check this files” a girl of about nineteen years said and dropped the files on my table

“Alright, I will review it. Thanks” I said with a smile

Can my first day at work get any worse? Oh goodness! This is crazy!


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