December 5, 2023



šŸ’  Chapter 29 šŸ’ 

Brianna’s POV

I held my phone in my hand while staring at the ceiling as different thoughts flooded my mind.

Oscar loves me so much from what he says and how he treats me but I really don’t think I feel the same way. I feel I should stop him from showering so much love on me but how can I do that?

It’s the first time since my parents died that an opposite SĀ£X will claim to love me. The only person that has ever truly loved me before now is Helen but we got separated by a crazy @$$h0le.

The more I think about Ryan Santiago, the more I want to crush him so badly with my bare hands. Is it a crime to work as a stripper just to meet ends meet?

“You were duping men” my subconscious told me

But still! He has no right to use it against me like this. How can he keep me locked in here just because of that? There are people who commit murder everyday and are roaming freely out there.

Instead of him to catch those kind of people and make sure they can never harm anyone again, he’s busy threatening an innocent girl like me.

I stood up from my bed and went downstairs. Surprisingly, the door wasn’t locked like it was supposed to be. It was closed instead just like it was when Ryan left the house last night. Does this mean he’s not home right now?

I ran up the stairs and went to open his room at once. To my greatest surprise, the room was empty and I had to hold the wall for support.

I really don’t understand what is going on here? Did he use to leave the house like this when Jessica was here or did he just start after she left? I really can’t wrap my head around it.

Why would someone leave his house in the middle of the night? What could be so important that made him leave at night?

I’m going to stay up all night and wait for his return. Unless he returns, I won’t even think of going to my room, not to talk of closing my eyes.

After waiting till around past one in the midnight, I finally heard his car drive in. I hid myself properly in the sitting room so I could see him when he comes in.

A few minutes later, he came inside the house but my eyes almost pooped out if it’s socket in shock. His arm was bleeding and he was groaning in pain as he ascended the stairs.

I was tempted to come out of my hiding place and help him up to his room but I quickly shrugged the thought off. Who knows what he will do to me?

The wound on his hand was definitely a gunshot would, I’m sure of it. How can he have a gunshot wound unless he got involved with guns?

The guy I’m living with is someone I know nothing about and that is very dangerous. I need to find out where he goes to at night and I also need to find out how and why he got involved with guns.

After I was sure he had gotten to his room, I came out of my hiding place and tiptoed to my room, careful not to make a sound.

I shut the door behind me and heaved a sigh of relief with my eyes closed. I should get some sleep since I will be meeting with Oscar tomorrow, it’s just so hard to get that image off my head.

Morning came earlier than usual probably because I couldn’t sleep properly and it’s all thanks to Ryan.

I got down from my bed and went down the stairs to quickly sweep the sitting room and dining room after which I returned to my room.

I was done bathing in no time and I wore my clothes. I tried to look my best so as to impress Oscar and also convince him that I’m okay at the company I work even though it’s a lie.

When I descended the stairs again, I met Ryan in the sitting room this time. He looked perfectly fine and no one will be able to know that he has a gunshot wound.

“Is that how you greet your boss in the morning?” he asked jolting me out of my thoughts

“Good morning” I said after glaring at him

“If you glare at me again, your salary will be deducted. I suggest you think twice before doing anything from now on. Why are you wearing makeup?” he asked

“Why? I’m a lady so I can wear makeup whenever I like” I shrugged

“Really? Do you think you are looking pretty because of the makeup?” he asked

“I never said I was looking pretty, unless someone thinks I look more beautiful with makeup on” I said with a smirk

“Stop fooling yourself. The makeup looks so ugly on you so it will be better if you just clean it off” he said and hurriedly went out

He’s acting a bit weird, what’s wrong with him? Could it be that the gunshot is affecting his head?

Ryan’s POV

I placed my hand over my heart to stop it from beating rapidly but it seems like it just increased.

When I saw Brianna wearing makeup, I gulped hard and it felt like I was staring at an angel. She looks so beautiful that any guy will definitely look at her twice.

When she first came into this mansion, I didn’t see any beauty in her. I just saw her as a random girl. Besides, I didn’t want to have anything to do with her because she claimed to be a virgin.

But looking at her now, she’s even more beautiful than Mia Zachary. She said it yesterday that she was more beautiful than Mia but I didn’t believe her. Now, I can finally see that she was right.

I really don’t know what is wrong with me lately. Why did she suddenly become so beautiful in my eyes? Anytime I’m around her, my heartbeat just increases rapidly and it makes me think I’m in love with her.

How can I ever fall in love with someone like Brianna? She’s not even up to half my status and she doesn’t meet my standard in anyway. The only thing about her is that she’s beautiful which I just found out.

Why is it taking so long for her to come out anyway? I have to go early to work today and she’s just delaying me.

“I’m sure you kept me waiting on purpose. Just get in the car and let’s go” I said and turned to leave

“I should get in the car? Did you forget what you said yesterday? I’m not interested in going to work with you so you can go alone. Also, I need to meet with someone first” she said with an eyeroll and walked away

What the heck! Why does this girl always make me look like a fool? It’s not her fault anyway, it’s my stupid heart that doesn’t listen to me.

“Follow Brianna discreetly and find out who she’s meeting” I said to one of my men as I drove to the company


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