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💠 Chapter 26 💠

Brianna’s POV

After cooking dinner like Ryan ordered, I returned to my room and called Helen.

“Hello girlfriend! How have you been?” I said after she picked the call

“How have I been? You ignored my calls for days now” she said angrily

“Oh my! Is my baby upset? I’m sorry okay? You know how this place is, I’m really sorry” I pleaded

“I’ll forgive you on a condition that you will visit me soon” she said

“Fine, I promise you” I said

“Alright. I’ve missed you so much, when are you going to leave that place?” she whined

“I don’t know too, I just want to leave here and spend all day with you” I said with a sigh

“Are you sure you are okay? Is Ryan treating you well?” she asked

“We hardly talk to each other. I do the house chores assigned to me and stay in my room, that’s all” I shrugged

“I really don’t know when all this will end, you must be going through a lot. But I believe in you, you are strong and will definitely overcome this” she said

“Thanks girlfriend, you’re the best” I said

“Alright, I need to prepare for the club now, talk to you later” she said and ended the call after we bade each other farewell

I dropped my phone and stared at the ceiling with so much running through my mind. A few minutes later, my phone rang and I sighed frustratedly.

I just want to sleep with the hope that after waking up, I will be better but someone just had to ruin it all. If it’s Helen, she’s going to hear it from me.

I picked up my phone and checked the caller ID which surprisingly turned out to be a strange number. Wow! A strange number is calling me? I must have gotten popular since I started working with Ryan.

“Hello” I said calmly after answering the call

“Brianna?” a voice called

The voice sounds familiar, who does it belong to? Could it be…… Oscar?!!

“Good evening sir” I greeted politely

“When will you ever listen to me? Just speak casually to me please” he said

“Fine, if that’s what you want” I mumbled

“So how have you been? Sorry I didn’t contact you for so long, I travelled and just returned recently. Your friend told me you now work in Ryan’s company” he said

“Yes, I’m his P.A” I said

“Being his P.A doesn’t mean you have to stay at his home, can’t you quit and return to my company? I will increase your pay just like you requested” he said

“No, it’s fine. I like this company and the people in it. The pay is also great and the job isn’t so stressful. Thanks for your concern” I smiled

“Alright then, it’s your choice to make. Brianna, haven’t you ever developed any sort of feeling for me? I mean, I want to forget about you but I’m unable to.

You keep popping up in my head everytime. I know you clearly told me that you’re not interested in a relationship but I will wait until you’re ready. Before then, can we be close friends? We should get to know more about each other and then you’ll also see if you like me or not. What do you say?” he asked

“I will think about it” I said after a while of silence

“Thank you so much. Take care of yourself and don’t overwork okay? If the job becomes unbearable, you can always quit and return to my company” he said

“Alright, thanks too”

“Goodnight, I love you” he said and blew me K!SSes

“Goodnight” I simply said and quickly ended the call

Someone is here confessing his feelings to me while I’m stuck with a heartless billionaire. Right now, I’m a bit scared because I don’t know what happened to Jessica.

What if I end up like her and just suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth someday? Oh my goodness! I just want to finish this work and leave here already, I’m so scared.

Ryan’s POV

I stared at the ceiling in my room for a long time with thoughts running through my mind. If I wasn’t the son of a billionaire and Mafia boss, would my life have been different?

I always ask myself this question over and over again but there’s no answer to it. I never even wanted to take over the gang but my Dad threatened me and I had no choice.

Becoming a Mafia boss has changed so many things about me. I wasn’t a playboy in highschool and college but after becoming a Mafia boss, I became one.

It room a while to adjust to the system and when I finally adjusted to it, I felt like I was above everyone and always did whatever I want until now.

My men really did get rid of Jessica like I ordered but I’ve been restless since then and it has never happened before. It became even worse after Brianna asked after her.

Normally, I don’t feel this way after asking my men to get rid of someone but I feel somehow this time. I think it’s because Jessica pleaded with me, or maybe it’s because of what she told me. Who knows if she was even lying just like before? (915)

I need to go to the cartel tonight to see how things are going there. I will just wait until it gets darker and I’m sure Brianna is asleep.

That girl is to curious and her curiosity will definitely land her in trouble one day. She can’t just stay calm and not cause trouble.

After exactly an hour, I changed my clothes and took my mask and phone with me. I drive out of the car and wore my mask on the way so no one will recognize me.

The members were all waiting for me when I arrived and they stood on their feet, paving way for me as I walked in.

“Did you dispose her body properly?” I asked taking my seat

“Yes boss!” the people involved answered with their heads bowed

“You guys have really been slacking off in your duties. What is your job as members of this cartel? If it weren’t for Justin who quickly took note, who knows what would have happened?” I scolded

“We are sorry boss, it won’t repeat itself” they said

“It had better not! I want the security around my mansion tightened from now onward. Are the drugs for tonight ready?” I asked turning to Justin

“Yes boss! I have everything prepared already but it’s not yet time to meet them” he answered

“Good! Make sure nothing goes wrong and give me feedback tomorrow morning” I said

“Yes boss!” he answered

I stood up and left the cartel, heading back to the mansion. I can’t let Brianna find out about my identity as a Mafia boss.


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